Nov. 27, 2013

Comment Reponse

by William Goehler (author's profile)
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Reply: K9ej
2 Nov. 13

Halo Bro 0:)

Hell yea! Is this the first message I've received from you on this site? I'm glad you've "finally figured out how this works", as you say. Thankfully, after a couple years of trying - you just never entirely gave up on it... and here you are on my site... angry as ever [angry face].

Sorry about your hand, bro. I'd rather you use your words to express your anger rather than inflict more pain on yourself, as you tend to do. I can take it, Mike... TELL ME how you feel, if and when I offend. Sometimes I do mean to start a fire under yer ass so you'll get motivated on something. How long have I been trying to get you to figure out how to do that deposit thing with Global Link so that I can talk with you on the phone again, for instance? Do you have any idea what those phone calls to you meant to me? The only time I'm genuinely myself is when I spend time writing letters to loved ones or when I spent time with you on the phone, bro... Packages and stamps be damned... As grateful as I am to be blessed with such, I told you that talking with you on the phone was more important to me than a 150$ care-package of vittles and such, didn't I? Doesn't that give you an idea how badly I want to have meaningful relationships with communication? "If you can't write me a letter, don't bother writing a check for a package", is what I said.

Two letters in May, and two in June, ya say? Let's say okay. Okay? Maybe I was feeling alone and needy when I wrote you my "quit ignoring me" letter. I kinda think I was grumbling about not being able to call you on the phone, though. Tell me why I still can't get through to you on the phone. What can I do to help with that?

As for my thank you letter to Merrly, yea, YaH provides - but your helpmate has taken the trouble to place orders promptly every time, hasn't she? Look, bro, however I'm able to express an attitude of gratitude, please don't try to invalidate it - in any way! Can you imagine any reason I would have in this cesspool to have an attitude of gratitude? Nevertheless I do praise the Eternal One for the experiences of living my own life, for the friends I've shared those moments of life with and for loving family members who've loved me - or are learning to love me despite my adventurous flaws, for being myself... flaws and all. I truly appreciate every opportunity to feel grateful to be alive, bro. Do you realize how many sperm cells were vying for this life? Don't we owe it to them to make the most of this opportunity? Indeed.

Starting over, ye say??? Don't ya know: Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul. Call it what you may, "starting over" or "moving on" - we take our past along with us, so it's a good idea to be on good terms with it. Moving on with resentments isn't moving on at all, don't you see? God's love covering a multitude of errors is the key, I think. And we ourselves are forgiven in the same measure we forgive others. Isn't that awesome, bro?

No, you never have "abandoned" me, Michael... that's a fact. Even when the Spirit moves me to piss you off, you still bear with me. Praise YaH. I wish you all the best, brother. Hopefully you'll stay in touch more often now that you know how this blog site operates - even though it took 3 weeks for me to receive your message. Much love. Be blessed.


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