Jan. 14, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

by Gregory Barnes Watson


Thanksgiving 2013

Hello, World!

I had intended to write on the fallacy of a common prison saying, "It's just another day," but something wonderful happened tonight to change my topic. Something that had remained in darkness for too long found its way into the light.

The three-quarter mile wide comet Ison had been traveling for more than 4 1/2 billion years from the edge of our universe to find its way to the sun. Like many of men's hearts, Ison was frozen. It traveled alone and left only debris in its wake.

Astronomers said that the sun's gravity pulled Ison too close and it melted. That is why it did not emerge when it was supposed to slingshot around the sun. I have another theory. What happened to Ison happened to me. For many years, I traveled in darkness. I always felt alone and left debris in the form of drug users and shattered families.

However, unknown to me, I was being pulled by an invisible force toward the true light, the Son of God. And when I found myself in what I thought was the coldest, darkest, loneliest place (a jail cell), I gave up struggling against the Son's pull. My cold heart was melted and I have never emerged from the light. My theory on Ison is that God sent a comet as an illustration of his patient love. Because of today's technology, the illustration was visible for the world to see, but would we understand?

it took Ison 4 1/2 billion years to find the sun, to finally melt into the celestial glow. God waited half of my life for me to melt into His love, for me to accept salvation.

Ison is no more. I, too, am no more, meaning the man who entered the jail cell is dead. My crimes, my sins, have been burned away in the cleansing fire of God. The person who I am today is alive with love, filled with empathy and care for my fellow man. However, my transformation did not erase the suffering caused by the dead man. That is why I do not shy away from chastisement, whether imposed by men or divined by God. I am responsible, therefore, I joyfully make amends where possible.

Something wonderful happened tonight to Ison. Something wonderful happened to me many years ago. Ison will forever remain within the fire of the sun. I will forever be on fire because of the Son of God.

Hmm? In a way, my topic was on the fallacy of the saying, "It's just another day."

Thanks for checking in on me.


Gregory Barnes watson
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