Jan. 23, 2014

Blog Post (1-3-14)

by Michael Quinones (author's profile)


Quinones, Michael

Greetings! And thanks to all who take the time to read and comment on my blog posts.

There are a wide variety of challenges/struggles facing prisoners today. Besides my current incarceration (for murder) here in Washington, I have spent several months (for burglary) in the North Carolina Dept. of Corr.

Besides the induction of mainstream media/technology, which has enabled us to obtain digital cable T.V., email, and mp4 players through jpay.com (none of which is financially supported by WA DOC), the remaining living conditions do not seem to be improving.

For instance, food portions continue to decline in quality and quantity. Budgetary cutbacks have grossly affected the following areas: postage and handling for U.S. postal mail.

As of 12-1-13, the WA DOC no longer pays for indigent postage for religious (chapel) cards. Mailing expenses will no longer exceed $10 per month for indigent offenders (unless offender need to meet a verifiable court deadline).

Only two hot meals are served each day. Calories do not exceed 2,100 per day. Protein and carbohydrates are nutritionally important.

There are not enough jobs available for half the prison population. Waiting times vary from 2-6 months. Court ordered legal financial obligations are imposed during our incarceration. Restitution is expected to be paid by an #55 per month on average. My interest on just my restitution is over %100 per month. The amount I owe has only steadily increased since my arrival.

But legislation recently approved funding to build a brand new medium-security facility here in Walla Walla at WSP! Tens of millions of dollars went into that project! And correctional officers are paid twice the WA min. wage!

While we inmates all share the same underwear and sleep on a 2" thick foam mattress on top of concrete, steel, the government is spending untold millions in WA state alone on expanding the "accommodations" for criminals.

Without due process standards akin to a free world tribunal, us inmates/offenders are being placed in long-term segregation indefinitely! 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 months at a time. All the while the administration is reducing, preventing, free and low cost Bible study correspondence courses, educational programming, and self-help classes from taking place inside these intensive management units—where people need the most help!

Out of pure vindictiveness, contempt, and scorn do the staff who are in charge seek to prevent the social, emotional, and spiritual growth of its charges. We are unjustly denied the necessary faculties, tools needed to precipitate change and self-betterment.

None of these practices of worship, meditation, and learning interrupt/interfere with the safe and orderly operation of the prison(s).

There is no human contact in these IMUs. 5 hours per week out of cell time. And only a Bible, two novels, and a pen and paper to pass the time. After long-term, assignment radios/TVs may be earned.

If you have any questions/comments, please don't hesitate to reply to any/all of these posts. It may take a few weeks to respond to you because BTB has to notify me via snail mail, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. Upon my release from IMU, I will be able to receive email at www.jpay.com.

I look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to see more of any particular item of interest, please let me know. :D

Take care—peace,

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