April 24, 2014

Sons Of Japheth

by Chris Hall



'Sons of Japeth' is a private association authorized by the 1983 Code of Cannon Law, Cannons 298 and 299 and 1-2. It is a sub-group of a larger movement seeking to introduce and expand the sphere of influence of Christ the King in the temporal order or world politics. ~we seek to restore the Traditional Catholic Theocracies to serve and protect the spiritual and temporal interests of Catholic peoples throughout the world that were destroyed by the Masonic, secularist, revolutionary governments introduced onto the world stage with the French Revolution of 1789. While working closely with other peoples and nations around the globe to restore and create Catholic Theocratic governments of their own to govern and lead their respective citizens, 'Sons of Japeth' is specifically focused on the creation of a political movement for the institution of a 'Japhetic', ie: European Kingdom constituted exclusively of the descendants and bloodlines of Japeth as found in the Holy Bible (Gen 10:2). We firmly adhere to a Traditional Catholic Worldview, and, as much, reject any and all attempts to maintain a separation of Church and State, as expressed in the heretical council if Vatican II. We are registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for purposes of donation and taxation.


On December 11, 1925, Pope Pius XI wrote the encyclical, "Quas Primas", or 'On the Feast of Christ the King'. We refer our readers to it to understand the church's explicit dogmatic teaching that Christ is not only Lord of the Spiritual, religious realm, but over the Political, Temporal realm on earth as well. Many self professed Christians, especially Protestants in their thousands of denominations of varying doctrines, have fallen for the Masonic error of 'separation of Church and State', thinking that it is a good and beneficial policy. Most have heard it repeated so often for so long as a societal progress that they have never even bothered to take the time considering it's impact in the real world and instead inherently hold the belief as true without consideration.. Others have believed the myriad slanders against Holy Mother Church whereby they are taught that Her ministers have usurped a political authority that they were never meant to weild. We seek to expose toe falsity of such erroneous teachings and beliefs.

All throughout the Old Testament, the expected Messiah was taught to be a political ruler. (cf. Num24:9; Ps 44:7; 71:7-8). The Prophets even more explicitly state this expectation. (cf. Is 9:6-7; Jer 23:5; Dan 2:4; 7:13-14; Zach 9:9). The Archangel Gabriel announced to the Blessed Virgin Mary that "...the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of David, his father..." (Lk 1:32-33). Indeed, it is evident in the New Testament writings that it was a common belief among first century Jews that the Messiah was supposed to restore Israel when he came as a political ruler. (AC 2:30). Or also why would Herod have feared for his position of political authority had Christ only been expected to be a religious leader? (Mt 2:4). Nathanael the apostle called him the 'King of Israel' (Jn 1:49), the Israelites wanted to 'take him by force, to make him King', (Jn 6:15), Pilate noted him aa a king, and in fact, the Jews very reason for rejecting him in large part, was that they were expecting a strong political ruler, and reasoned that Jesus could not be such a one. He could not, therefore, according to them, be the Messiah. The Prophets proclaimed that Jesus would come 'meekly, sitting on a donkey' Matt 21:5, yet due to this meekness, they rejected him.

But oh how wrong the 1st century Jews were: 2,000 years of Christian History has showed Christ, living through his ministers, to have been the strongest ruler ever to have lived: The Byzantine Empire, The Holy Roman Empire, and the various Catholic Theocracies throughout the world have been then strongest kingdoms the world has ever witnessed, by Far: There was not a thing 'weak' about the King whom they rejected.

More evidence than that found in the Old and New testaments exists for the expectations of the Messiah to fulfil the role of an earthly King as well as a Heavenly Priest. A sidenote on the Jewish Talmud - Sukka 52a realtes "Both the Dead Sea scrolls and the Apocrypha speak of two Messiahs... a priest descended rom Aaron...and a 'lay' Messiah descended from David..." (The Talmud: a selection - Norman Solomon) Ondeed the apocryphal work The Testament of Levi written between 137-107BC, relates in 2:6 that "...until the Lord shall visit all the Gentiles in his tender mercies forever...."; also in 2:10, "...Levi, I have given the ethe blessings if the priesthood until I come and sojourn in the midst if Isreal..."; also in 3:26, "... because a king shall arise in Judah and shall establish a new priesthood...". The apocryphal Testament of Simeon relates similar claims, "For the Lord shall raise up from Levi, as it were, a High Priest, and from Judah, as it were, a king, God and Man, he shall save all Gentiles and the race of Israel". (3:11). In fact there are more such references in the apocrypha than we have space to enumerate them all.

But instead of the two Measles, priest and king, we got Jesus Christ, who coincidentally, was descended from Aaron/Levi through the Blessed Virgin Mary and through David/Judah through St Joseph the Just; both prophecies fulfilled in one. Christs Priestly role is mentioned specifically in the book of Hebrews extensively, but many take such passages of Jesus such as Jn 18:36 out of context where Jesus claims his kingdom is not of this world. His kingdom is not 'from' this world, it's 'from' on high and not national but supranational in nature, encompassing, potentially the whole world and beyond. Moreover, just as his priesthood was not institutes while alive, but after his death and resurrection, neither would his Kingship be. For it wasn't until after his resurrection that he claimed. "All authority in heaven (spiritual) and on earth (political) has been given to me." (Mt 28:18).

Hebrews 5 and 7 speaks of Chris'ts role as the new, eternal High Priest, entering once and for all behind the heavenly 'Holy of Holies' that Moses witnessed, and of which the earthly was but a copy. Many misguided exist as Christ has become our permanent High Priest. But even under the old Mosaic law, though there could be one 'High' priest who entered once a year behind the veil to speak directly to God, there existed myriads of lesser priests, chief priests, and ranks of priest who offered incense, who offered burnt sacrifices, and manifold other priestly offices. So it is today with the Catholic Priesthood, the Bishops, and the Cardinals. Though Jesus Christ is the one and only High Priest, there exists a valid Priesthood under him.

So exists his kingship. He also occupies the throne of David, forever.

Yet the earthly kings must derive their power from and submit to his lordship. Christ is king of all, and temporal rulers must bend their wills to rule in conformity with his will. Even the Jewish apocryphal works above mentioned noticed this, such as the testament of Judah 4:2 2For to me the Lord gave the kingdom, and to him the priesthood, and he set the kingdom beneath the priesthood", also 4:4 "...so is the priesthood of God higher than the earthly kingdom, unless it falls away through sin...".

Only Catholics, and to a lesser extent, Eastern Orthodox schismatic Christians recognise the political power of Christ, which should be evident to all who have diligently searched the scriptures. Though there is some debate as to its authenticity, Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea, early in the 4th century produced a copy of the Epistles if Jesus Christ and Abgarus, king f Edessa' that he claims to have received out of the city's public records. Genuine or not, the kingdom of Armenia became a Christian kingdom shortly after the time of Christ and had remained so until recently in history.

The first purely catholic Monarch, approved by the Church, and sanctioned by God with inexplicable supernatural miracles was Constantine the Great, who, contending for the throne of the Roman Empire upon the death of the previous emporer, defeated his rival, Maxentius, at the battle of Milvian Bridge in 312 AD. Before the battle, he was converted with a mystical vision in the skies, not too unlike St Pauls conversion, in which he witnessed a cross with the words "By this sign you shall conquer." True to the vision, and in spite of the odds, he overcame his enemy, and, assuming the throne, proclaimed Christianity no longer illegal throughout the Roman Empire. He donated the Emporer's lateran Palace in Rome to the pope, Melchiades, which became the Ppe's residence and is now the site of the St John's lateran Basilica, the highest Church in all of Christendom, in the Vatican, Rome. His ascension ended the persecution of Christians throughout the Roman Empire and launched the beginning of the Christian Byzantine Empire, which was to exist, thoroughly Christian in nature, until it's overthrow and defeat in 1453 by the Ottoman (Islamic) Empire.

Charlemagne, king of the franks, who was later crowned as the 1st Holy Roman Emporer by the Pope on Christmas Day in 800 AD, established another Empire that made a state policy out of Catholic Christianity. The Holy Roman Empire, which he founded, was to last, in various forms, for over a thousand years, until it's dissolution shortly after ww1. Various other kingdoms throughout the world, in Europe and abroad, recognised Christ as the true, absolute sovereign of their peoples, and the rulers only valid as long as they submitted to the kingship of Christ.

For a true Christian, a separation of Religion from politics should be incomprehensible. Just as Religion imposes certain modes of behaviour and prohibitions of sinful behaviour on individual believers, it logically follows that it would impose similar duties and obligations on the collective actions of groups of believers as well. When Peter and the other Apostles, having been imprisoned for obeying the commands of Chriat, which were contrary to the commands of thr earthly rulers, were questioned for their actions and commanded to disobey Christ, they responded, "We ought to obey God rather than men." (Acts 5:29) Christ, in a Christian or even a non-Christian nation, was recognized as the higher authority since the very inception of Christianity. As long as murder, worship of idols, abortion---etc, they were to be obeyed (Rom 13:1) but anything that they commanded contrary to the will of God, they could not in obedience to Christ, obey. We have thousands upon thousands, of early 1st and 2nd century Christian martyrs who testified to this, having laid down their lives exactly for choosing to obey Christ rather than men.

Given the above tenets of the Christian Religion, it follows that the only government a Christian could be expected to at all times obey in perfect submission, would be a government that yielded to the influential shaping and molding influence of God through his church to be used by him as an instrument to rule his people and not vice-versa, attempting to 'use' God to advance the governemnts agenda. The Christian would recognise God as the highest authority, making an attempt to oppose God's will an occasion for revolts and a disobedient populace, who could not, in good conscience, obey. Such an ungodly government over Chritians would inevidentually lead to civil unrest and division, and eventually to dissolution, which is exactly what has historically happened to godless regimes as their polulaces converted to Christianity, "He has cast down the mighty from their thrones." (Lk 1:52.

This is why, 'Sons of Japeth' works toward the creation and implementation of a Godly government in the form of a Catholic Theocratic Monarchy, nationalistic in nature, to serve the interests of and safeguard the welfare of a Japhetic people who separate themselves from the Babylonian Masonic governments of the world today, by right of a 'law of return' extended to any and submit to the governance of Christ the King. Such is our mission. Such is our goal.


There are definite, identifiable forces at work today that seek to harm us and our children. Those forces have always been at work, expecially increasing their malevolent activities after our forbears discarded their pagan roots and embraced a faith in Christ. When we talked with God, k=he shielded us, in proportion to our faith and reliance on him, from both the spiritual and physical attacks of our enemies. Now that a large segment of Christendom has turned its back on our Lord, these deceptive powers have increased their attacks upon us.

No people has silently suffered as much as the Japhetic peoples of Europe. Nevertheless, with the rise of Liberalism, Communism, Socialism, and Zionism, significant effort has been expended in an attempt to call attention to the dark sides of our history, overlooking everything good, while at the same time doing the opposite with those who choose to be our enemies, calling to remembrance the good they've done, while completely eliminating any reference to their collective, crimes and abuses of their forbears. This is done in an attempt to demonize us, as a people, in the eyes of the world. The first step in genocide is to dehumanize an entire target people, implicitly acknowledging on the eyes of the many that we are evil and undeserving of life or liberty. Once their indoctrination is complete, it becomes easier for any pretext to be used as a justification to wage unprovoked attacks upon us, as the masses reason, 'They deserve what they get.'

The US Department of Education, the Hollywood entertainment establishment, and mainsteeam media outlets, among many other industries, have been infiltrated and dominated by men with such sinister intentions for some time. As a US child learns to read, he/she is also lambasted with a selective history that portrays white people a blights and locusts on the earth, who've raped pillaged, and slaughtered their way throughout history, perpetrating outrages and crimes against humanity amidst a peace loving and innocent world. The vast majority of people educated in the US have no idea that non-whites began slavery thousands of years before Europeans, have no idea of the multiple times white people have been subjected genocide and slavery, no idea at all of the myriad incidents of history in which white people have been driven off their land which was subsequently taken and held by non-Japhetic peoples.

In Matt 13:24-50, our Lord gives a parable of how the servants slept while an enemy came and sowed seed in the fields of the Lord, and the bad seed brought forth tares among the wheat...Today, as then, we as a people, entrusted with safeguarding the faith in the monds and hearts of our neighbors and children, have not been vigilant. While we have slept, slumbered and feasted on our materialistic culture seeking after pleasure and entertainment, our enemies have been hard at work, spreading slander and deceit in the minds of the most malleable among us. Now, as then, we are reaping the crop of weeds and tares, that strangle and choke the life out of the good crops that follow the Word. Will we again be the victims of genocide and slavery as our Christian Spaniard and Portuguese brethren were for over 700 years? Will we again bear the yoke of servitude against our wills that our Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian and Serbian Brothers did for well over 400 years? Will our wives and children once again be forced to bow before those who hate us our Christain Russian and Ukranian Neighbors have in the past? Or will we simply be wiped out completely and erased as our Christian Byzantine relations were?

Most people have no idea what I'm alluding to. And given that ignorance they absolutely refuse to make the very preparations necessary to defend themselves as our enemies continue to make preparations to atrack us. Hispanics, Asians, Africans, Indian, Arab, and Jewish peoples all have organizations and movements that propagate and protect their peoples, extole the virtues and histories of their peoples, and create a sense of solidarity. The Japhetic peoples alone, vilified and demoralized, seek no unity, fend off no insults, will not even publicly defend or intervene against an injustice committed against another of their members, afraid to even be accused of sympathizing with each other or harbouring a patriotic pride in who they are, where they have come from, or the trials they have endured and overcome.

Can we not see the destructive doctrines at work and the consequences not only in the actions of non- Japhetic peoples, but even in the attitudes and actions of our own people? Our own people, who have a glorious history, have been taught to hate themselves. Our own children have been raised to view their ancestors as criminals and tyrants and, subsequently, to look to other peoples for leadership, judging themselves entirely incapable and untrustworthy of controlling their own destinies. Such malevolent brainwashing is contrary to the education that would instill the patriotism and solidarity that would raise a people ready and willing to fight and die to defend their country and culture. Such education would have the adverse effect of turning people against their culture and heritage. These are the very problems we see today.


Identity is based primarily on memory. The farther back our memories go, the more rooted and connected a people will identify with its past. We must begin the tedious task to re-educate ourselves and the next generation with a true, restored history, rejecting the errors and lies of the revisionists that have been taught us as youths and that we now, unfortunately, hold as deep seated truths. We must teach our people, especially the children, the parts of our history where we have given to and improved the lot of the peoples of the world and thereby inspire them to a sense of emulation. We must teach our children about the multiple times in our history where we have been unjustly attacked and enslaved, and killed, and how, every time, the Grace of God, our One Sure hope; has brought us through. We must pass along to our descendants a history that we can feel proud of and wish to live up to and surpass, not a history that we are guilty if, ashamed of, and that causes us to wish to disappear as a people.


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