July 23, 2017

Chapter 2: The Dispersion

by Chris Hall



Chapter 2: The Dispersion

When God began the separation and the dispersion of the post-Babylonian world, He did not go about it in a haphazard or careless manner. A God of unparalleled order still loving intimately a fallen and rebellious creation, He set about the task of implementing measures for their redemption with extreme foresight. Seeing the impact that the diabolical forces of devils loyal to the fallen Lucifer had upon the sons of men, new contingents of celestial beings still loyal to the Lord would soon be dispatched to wage spiritual warfare upon the earth. As their earthly counterparts struggled with the accursed line o fHam and other wicked men, the Holy Angels would engage their unseen enemies on another plane. While He would not deprive them of their gift of free will, and would continue to let them freely choose whom whey would serve, whether that choice be Him, themselves, or the very demonic forces that sought to influence them, He would send more benevolent spiritual forces to help make that choice more balanced.

In a creation filled with beings both visible and invisible exerting their respective influence upon mankind, He had to ensure that the many would not overpower the few, if the many were wicked and the few were loyal. in such a scenario, He had to ensure that those who were desirous of remaining faithful to Him still had the power to do so without being drowned out or killed by the godless. An infinite God thereby divided the resources of a finite enemy. He also had to ensure that He could supernaturally arm the power of goodness by setting millions upon millions of unseen causes into play that would aid and abet those whose hearts were true to Him. He had to separate them, so that, numbed though their minds were by sind, even they could, by the effects that their lives of Godliness or sinfulness produced, discern where the True Life lay, and where the sin and separation that leads to death lay. he separated the sons of men so that the consequences would be made apparent to all desiring to seek them.

Sin has so many more consequences than we can ever possibly imagine. It was remarked earlier about the individual genetic and psychological consequences that a man and his descendants suffer through sin. Another consequence is the cultural influence (known as „social sin“) that is exerted on everyone around us, and by everyone around us. We are innately social creatures created with a desire to interact with and mimic the behaviors arounds us.


Our very brains are configured in such a way that they become re-hardwired by merely observing the actions of those around us. Mirror neurons activate the same neurons in our brains when we are watching behavior as if we were performing a certain series of actions ourselves. Repeated exposure strengthens our ability to perform those actions. It’s called learning. We may even unconsciously act in such learned manners when not consciously fighting the urge to do so. It becomes instinctual at some point. We were warned by the Apostle Paul not to be "conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind...“ (Romans 12:2). Yet, if we don’t actively fight against this tendency to conform, this is exactly what we will do. It’s in our nature. We think about what we see and even when our imaginations replay events previously witnessed, our brains are further hardwired, dispositions are formed, and we are further influenced in certain directions.

Every word we utter and act that we perform helps shape the culture that has an impact on those around us. The children are especially malleable and susceptible to these influences. Our Lord condemned those who offered such scandals to them in the harshest of therms. "If any of you put a stumbling block before on of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea.“ (Matthew 18:6). Groups of men, and the effects of their actions, form traditions, customs, cultures and societal mores. These cultures, in turn, shape and form the very men who are born into and raised in them. We may not be a complete product of our environment, we do possess a power to resist, if we see the need to do so but it’s impossible for the environment to not at least leave some mark upon our characters. I am my brother’s keeper, and he is mine. Together, we play out the unfolding drama of a fallen humanity struggling for redemption in which we all help or harm both ourselves and all the others whom the Lord places in our paths as we interact with the world around us.

God had to erect barriers between us so that one segment of humanity’s corruption could no unduly influence the whole of humanity, the malleable children included, and so corrupt the entire race before the coming of Christ. He separated us with an eye to our preservation. In our own unique cultures, and guided by the benevolent hands of guardian Archangels, we developed environments that reflect the choices of individual communities. Some cultures corrupted with intensity, and were able to be effectively exterminated before their corruption infected the of the earth. Some cultures preserved a higher level of Godliness an dVirtue, and preserved their communities intact until the Light of Christ could shine over their dark populaces.


This separation ensured that populaces could experience the individual rewards or punishments that their members merited. The segregation divided the finite powers of darkness that were forced to divide their ranks and resources corrupting individual populations that would in turn be resisted by the neighboring populations that viewed their customs with abhorrence. The separation halted the spread of the corruption.

As a rule, the powers of darkness have sought to tear down these walls of separation. Historically, the powers of darkness, as a professed aim, have sought to rebuild the plans of Babylon, to re-create a one world social order, whereby they could concentrate their resources into creating a corrupting culture of lawlessness that would have potential to infect all of humanity. The diabolical powers of the Deceiver have sought, once again, as in the days before the flood, to lead the entire world into such depths of wickedness that God himself would be so grieved at heart as to say, again, that He was sorry to have made humankind. The Enemy of all creation seeks thereby to provoke God to again declare "I will blot out from the earth the human beings I have created...“ (Gen. 6:7).

When God chose to separate the sons of men into nations, He did so with specific regions appointed for each of them. He respected the earlier divisions and ratifications of the earth made by Shem, Ham and Japheth that were confirmed on earth by his Vicar, Noah, and bound by an oath. He responded by commissioning specially empowered and distinct angelic beings who would be tasked with their guardianship. When God formed the nations of mankind He set the number at seventy. "When the Most High appointed the nations, when He divided humankind, he fixed the boundaries of the peoples according to number of the gods, the Lord’s own portion was His people, Jacob His allotted share.“ (Deuteronomy 32:8-9).

The section of verse 8 translated 'as according to the number of the gods‘ differs from the Greek Septuagint version of the old Testament old the Hebrew text of the Masoretes. The Hebrew states "according to the number of Israelites“ or "according to the number of the sons of Israel“. This is a reference to Exodus 1:5, "The total number of people born to Jacob was seventy...“ It is also a reference to Genesis 46:8-29, which concludes "... all the persons of the house of Jacob who come into Egypt were seventy“ (Gen. 46:27). Even the learned Pope Benedict XVI, in his Jesus of Nazareth (p.178) noted this was "considered to be the number of nations of the world“.


This was the basis of the Sanhedrin of the Jews being numbered at 70, with a High Priest representing the God of the Nation of Israel presiding over all of them. In Numbers 11:16-30 after Moses complained to the Lord that the task of governing the Nation was too difficult for him, the Lord "took some of the spirit that was on him and put it on the seventy elders...“ (Numb. 11:25). This Sanhedrin was prophetic, and was supposed to be an international Jewish body capable of formulating and setting forth universal Judaic Law to be followed by Jews anywhere in the world. The 70 members represented the 70 nations throughout the world amongst whom the diasporic Jews would live. This is also why Christ, who was sent to gather disciples "from many peoples, nations, and tongues.“ (Rev. 10:11) would later appoint 70 disciples to go out into the world with His message. (LK 10:1,17)

Yet the alternate translation is also correct. For over each of these seventy nations, God did appoint gods, or angelic beings, to guard them "He appointed a ruler for every nation, but Israel is the Lord’s portion.“ (Sirach 17:17) "...there are many nations... all are His, and over all has He appointed spirits to rule... but over Israel.. He alone is their ruler“ (Jubilees 15:23). This is not a new understanding but an ancient one. It was remarked upon by the ancient rabbis who set the number of the Sanhedrin as seventy. It was commented on by the author of the book of Jasher who wrote "And God said to seventy angels who stood foremost before Him, saying "Come, let us... go down and confuse their language..“ (Jasher 9:32)

Even in the Christian era, the fourth Pope, St. Clement remarked, "When the Most High divided the nations, when he separated the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the nations, according to the number of His angels.“ (I clement 13:7). Even the Pagan philosopher, the Javanic Plato, who had no connection whatsoever with the Semites, related in his work Critias that "In the first ages the gods divided the earth among themselves, proportioning it according to their respective dignities...“ From these seventy, separated after the fall of Babel, all the nations of the world would originate.

In the book of Daniel, we see a glimpse of the ongoing struggle between these angelic forces of Light and darkness. Daniel 10:2-3. Relates how a malevolent angel, or Prince of Persia, struggled with another angel sent by God to the prophet. The Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, in its most sacred book, the Avesta, identifies this evil spirit as „Ahriman“, a self-existing evil spirit and Chief of the Cacodemons, or fallen angels.


In Daniel it is explained how Michael, the mighty Archangel of the Lord and one of the chief Princes of Israel struggled with that oppositional power to bring about the will of God. Each of the seventy nations of mankind that God created was given an angelic guardian to struggle against the demon that waged a war for their very souls.

from the very beginning, a powerful seraphic archangel existed and walked among the newly created men, guiding and influencing their actions and deliberately leading them into rebellion against the Lord. The Scriptures attest to an order of „serpent“ angels known as "Seraphim“ (Isaiah 6:26) which in itself translates as a "burning“ or "poisonous“ serpent. The same word in Hebrew, denotes actual serpents in various Biblical passages, (ic. Num. 21:8; Isa. 14:28, 30:6). These were a powerful order of angels, surrounding the very throne of God Himself, whose very voices shook the threshold of the throne of God when they spoke! (Isaiah 6:1-6).

This fallen seraphic angel, identified as "Gadrel“ in the book Enoch (Enoch 68: 6-7) was part of an earlier rebellion in the celestial realms. His fall to earth, and subsequent temptation and seduction of Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden is only too well known. More obscure is the understanding that at the exile of Adam and Eve from Paradise, this seraphic Angel was also exiled into the earth. A close perusal of Ezekial 28:11-19 concerning a lamentation of the King of Tyre, reveals that the prophet was not speaking about a physical, mortal king, but a spiritual, angelic one. If when the Lord separated the sons of men and "Israel alone was his own portion.“ (Sirach 18:11), it follows from the passages above that Tyre became the portion of one of the satans under their fallen leader, Samyaz (Enoch 7:9, 642).

These passages reveal that this "King of Tyre“ also, along with Adam and Eve was „in Eden“ (Eze. 28:13) and was a "signet of perfection“, and was placed by God with a guardian cherubic angel on "the holy mountain of God“ (Eze. 28:12-14). In these passages are revealed that this angel, along with fallen man, was driven out by the "cherubic angel“ (Gen. 3:24, Eze. 28:16) Separated from God and unable to hear His voice, man, left alone with the fallen angeles, was in dire need of solid religious instruction from on high.

Falling prey to the devils deceptions, men began a slow, descent into their own created misery, further corrupting themselves and the whole world around them.


Many of the names of the Biblical Patriarchs have meanings in Hebrew that are lost in modern translations that often relay crucial parts of the biblical history that are all to often glossed over and unrecognized today. For example "Adam“ simply means "man“ in Hebrew, him being the first man created by God. "Abel“ (Strong’s #1893,1892) means "emptiness“, "vanity“, „transitory“ signifying the fleeting moments of his life before his murder at the hands of the wicked Cain. "Seth“ who was born of Adam and Eve after Abel’s death means literally „substituted“. (Strong's 8352).

In turn, his son "Enosh“ (Strong’s #583/582) means "mortal“ "man“ denoting frailty or feebleness, for as the book of Jasher (2:2) relates, it was in his generation that the errors of their lives began to multiply and call down curses upon their hearts and souls because of their transgressions against God. The very earth became more corrupted bringing forth briars and thistles, and with no one else to turn to, and seeing the ill will and powerlessness of the devils to help them „at that time, people began to invoke the name of the Lord“. (Gen. 4:26).

After three generations of Godliness and prayers before the throne of the Lord (Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel (Strong’s 4111 praise of God), Heaven decided to intervene. It was at this time that Mahalalel gave birth to a son named „Jared“. The meaning of his name in Hebrew, (Strong’s #3382) literally „to descend“, concerns the angelic human interaction which is the subject of this chapter. Unable to fully discern the truth amidst so much darkness of error and deception, angels were sent from Heaven to teach men the True and Righteous ways of worshipping the True God, their creator and Lord. Jubilees 4:15 relates that it was in the days of Jared that „the angels of the Lord descended upon the earth, those that are called watchmen, that they should teach the children of men to do judgement over the earth.“

The number of these watchers (200) who descended upon Mount Herman (Enoch 7:7-8) would also become tempted and corrupted and entered into the rebellion against the Lord by laying with the daughter of men (Jubilees 4:23, Genesis 6:1-4). Their angelic human intercourses would spawn a host of hybrid giants that would serve to increase the wickedness upon the earth until God decided to blot out all life under the sun and begin anew. "But Noah found favor in the sight of the Lord“ (Gen. 6:7-8).

Not all of the Watchers rebelled. Angelic beings true to their Divine Vocation continued to reside upon the earth as the flood waters began to rise and eliminate the physical creation susceptible to death.


Acting under the orders of God whom they remained loyal to, the Angels of Light waged war upon the fallen ones, bound ninety percent of them along with their leader and cast them into the abyss of Tartarus. Yet upon the challenges and taunts of Satan that His creation would not willingly serve their creator if given a choice, ten percent of the devils were allowed to remain upon the earth under their leader Mastema to tempt mankind. It was these "demons that began to lead astray the sons of Noah and deceive and destroy them.“ (Jubilees 10:1).

It was these evil spirits that continued to push Ham towards insurrection. These devils that divided the forces of Shem and Japheth. These satans that aided the Ethiopian Prince Nimrod in his rebellion as he enslaved the global population and brought it under his totalitarian control at Babylon. At this blackest hour of darkness, the Loyal Angels of Light, led by their Lord, launched a counter Revolution.

For some time, Nimrod and Mastema had been building their power structure from the bottom up, deriving their ultimate authority from the lowest hell of Tartarus in which Lucifer was confined. Constructing the tower at Babel, they threatened to enter the gates of heaven by force and assault the celestial realms of the God who had previously beaten them and cast them to the earth in the first place. Lucifer, like Ham, had a problem with authority.

Addressed directly, and looking down upon the wicked with scorn, the Lord of Hosts and the seventy most powerful Archangels that surrounded Him decided to come down from Heaven to earth and engage their self-appointed enemies directly (Jasher 9:32). For them, power did no derive from the people or the consent of the governed, but from the Lord their God alone. When these two rival power systems collided, again, the force of darkness could not stand in the presence of the Light. Numerous sources, both Hebrew and Pagan, (Jasher 10:2; Appollodorus I,6, I,2; Hyginus Fabulae Proem; Strabo X.5.16; etc) recount that Nimrods forces collapsed and were completely routed and dispersed to the ends of the earth.

Authority having been firmly reestablished from on High and the dispersed tribes of men being pursued to their respective regions, God placed these seventy spirits to rule over their own district populaces. (Jubilees 15:321; Sirach 17:19).


These spirits served as National Archangels and began formulating definite religious laws to preserve men in a semi-state of virtue until the coming of Christ who would grant them the power of Light to overcome the darkness within their souls. The Babylonian Talmud, despite its short comings, describes these as "Noahide Laws“ (Talmud. Sanhedrin 56c-56d), that, while different from those given to the Israelites by Moses through the intermediary of angels, were definitely religious laws. These laws were to preserve a sense of absolute moral righteousness which men could strive towards to halt the spread of corruption and innate, embedded, and inherited vice. These laws were to act as guardians until the Faith would be revealed (Galations 3:23-26).

Later, the chief of these Archangels, St. Michael, would descend and take command of the single nation of Israel (Michael & Strong's #4317 who is like unto God?) (Israel=Strong’s #3478 he will rule as God). This nation, specifically chosen by God to preserve a correct knowledge of Him and through whom late the Messiah would be sent, was providentially chosen to survive until the end of time. Together, those seventy one archangels, deriving their authority from on High, maintained the Post-diluvian social order. Yet due to either men’s faults, or the fault of the angels placed over them to preserve them until the coming of Christ, many of the religions of the nations became corrupted and darkened with the errors of the devils, the peoples fell further from Grace and many of them were irrevocably lost. Vigorously fighting off the insinuations and ideologies of the satans, even the pure religion of Israel suffered corruption, for which the Messiah was later to chastise the Jews.

The Law of Israel was known as the Mosaic Law, and through the handling of corrupt tyrants and unfaithful priests, it was ultimately distorted enough by the ancient rabbis to merit severe rebukations from the Lord. Yet compared with the even further corrupted religious laws of the Goyim („The Laws of the Fenechus [Ireland], The Law of Manu [Aryan], et al), the religion of Israel was a brightly shining star in a world of darkness. After a prolonged assault by the darkness the pagan religions of the nations became satanic, and "their gods were devils“ (PS. 96:5).

Under the authority of the National Archangels, languages were altered and boundaries between one group and the other were established and maintained.


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