Aug. 23, 2014

Special Shout Out To Lynne.....

by Darrel (Terra) O'Key (author's profile)


Dear Readers,

This is a special shout out to Lynne.....
I apologize for it taking so long to get back at you since your last posting but it is a long process as once you post something BTB sends it to me via snail mail and then I have to send a response the same way and it ends up taking a minute. Please don't think that I'm not responding! I will always respond to you!!!!

I'm glad that I was able to make your day, and don't worry every one has days that make us want to cry or give up or question what we are doing, I spend a lot of time trying to turn bad days into good ones. Did you get to rent the apartment? How is Billy these days? And believe me when I tell you, I know all about New Yorkers, my friend that I mentioned before is from there, most people don't like New Yorkers because they always speak their minds, which is why I like them so much. BTW I'm sure your hair looks just fine...I hope things are better for you this week. Listen I know this is the age of technology by California prison is not a fan of any type of email, so I have included my physical address so you can write me directly if you wish...

D. Okey (Terra) V-51327
P.O. Box 92 B2-13-03L
Chowchilla, CA 93610

I just finished my finals for summer semester and I think I did OK and have a busy semester coming up with four classes and that is on top of being in my Cosmetology Vocational Training course keeps me busy which is a good thing I guess. It definitely keeps me out of trouble...I will graduate from college in 2016 which really isn't that far off and I be the first Trans to graduate from where I'm at, in fact I am the only Trans here even in college...I figure it will give me a leg up on becoming an important Trans activist when I get out.

Did you hear Lavern Cox, who plays on Orange is the New Black (a Trans woman) just go nominated for an Emmy? She is the first Trans ever for such an honor, she was recently on the cover of Time magazine's a huge deal in the LGBT community...

Listen dear, I'm going to cut this short as I want this in the mail tonight. I'm so glad that you responded to my blog and that we had a chance to meet. You sound like a fabulous woman and not many people would take on the fight you have, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Keep your head up and know that there are people out there who support what you are doing. Keep up the good fight and tell Billy I said he's a lucky man.

Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon.




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BostonRocks Posted 9 years, 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 6 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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