Oct. 28, 2014

Thank you!!

by Michael Winsett (author's profile)



Thank you so much for your comments! Thank you to everyone listed below.

Alex V. Powers

I always enjoy reading all your comments. This blog has given me a positive lifeline to the outside world. I love you guys "computer names". :) Each seems unique.

Joy- sounds like a woman, nice lady.

Avalon - I think this person is a young man, maybe in college

Alex V. Powers - Definitely a guy! :) Heart of Gold!

lovelylady44 - I actually know this person. She knows that I'm always thinking about here, even if I forget to mention her name every in a blog every now and then. :)

bluelotus - Not sure if this male or female person. Definitely someone who likes music. For some reason I think this person is a guy.

rowan2783 - Every time I see this name I always wonder what the "2783" stands for. Could be a birthday or anything.

mandysavage - Sound exactly like "randy savage". :)

ESLER - Said she was a high school teacher. Although her name is "Elaine", I still can't figure out what "ELSER" stands for.:)

meganselby - I think I know who she is. :)

Foltaj - Sounds like a guy, maybe in college, but could even be a gal. Every time I write this name out it seems like I've spelled it wrong but I always spell it right.

Stardust201 - Don't have a clue who this could be. Maybe someone into astronomy or the stars, etc. Or maybe I'm just saying that because of the word "stardust". The number "201" is a New Jersey area code, maybe that has something to do with it. :)

Edzell - Sounds like a guy. Sounds like a mixture of first and last name. But could actually simply be a first name.

Asi9 - At first I thought this read "As is", but I found out that that couldn't be because of the "9" at the end.

Elizabeth S. - I know who this person is. Nice woman. Comment really touched me.

TonyDoylestown - This person thinks he know me from my old ticket scalping days. I don't remember him but it's possible that we may have crossed paths. I have been to Doylestown right by Philly.

CJP - I'm guessing this is an initial of a woman. She leaves really good/sincere comments.

hkibaptiste - Don't have a clue who this is. I asked him or her to be penpals with me about a year ago, still no letter, not even a postcard. :)

Cpadilla - Don't know who this is but they left a very interesting comment. It made me put myself in the others shoes. It's not easy trying to defend numerous people in court. So this was a very interesting comment.

Keep the comments coming. It's really good to see other people's point of view.

Some of the computer/user names I could use:

PhillyMike21871 (my birthday)
twoyearsleft (out of prison in 2 years)
MiracleMike (my alternative violence name)

I don't have access to the internet, but I'm trying my best to learn. :)
Love and Respect (L&R)


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BostonRocks Posted 7¬†years, 8¬†months ago.   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

SAH Posted 7¬†years, 8¬†months ago.   Favorite
SAH: lol figure that one out!

I've read alot of your postings here and elsewhere and think you are a great writer! Keep writing. Fight the fight. You DO have an audience.

AlexVPowers Posted 7¬†years, 7¬†months ago.   Favorite
M. Mike,
We just finished a workshop. Missed you!
Alex V. Powers

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