Nov. 18, 2014
by Scot Pinkerton (author's profile)




Hey Bro whats up? It's Sept. 5th and all is well here with me. It's a new month so I want to start it off by getting at you. Today is Friday 9:25 am , it's a relax day for me. I will mail this out on Sun the 7th. Sunday will be my 120 days since we talked. Its went by rather slow. I know thee's a lot of bullshit going on there with you and it kills me to know that your very stressed out. It seems like shit fell apart since I left. I wish it wasn't like that Bro. The situation there needs to improve at all costs or you won't make it here. The 115's are exactly what we don't need. Reck, at this point you must get that 19 pts. taken off for our plan to possibly still happen. If you believe that the point thing can happen let me know ok. I also need to know a few other things. Did you get 30, 60, 90 days on that 3rd tier? Will you be able to visit with mom in October still? Or is it another year? Mom told me the other day that you will be able to call her again soon. If so, that tells me a lot. I'm thinking you got a 30 day on the turd tier but again i'm in the dark and I hate that Reck. Please get at Melissa or mom and answer these couple of questions just so I know what's up ok.

I gather that your rolling solo there or has anyone rolled up that you kick it with? You have always kept to yourself and i'm guessing you had to adjust not having me around. I'm hoping that there's at least 1 good person for you to kick it with. JC works so I don't really know who you fuck with.

Oh, I was denied at the 1st level in Stockton court concerning my sentencing reduction that Dale done for me. I'm positive Dale knew this would happen. I sent mom a copy of my writ and the denial. When you get it, shoot it to Dale so he can get my appeal sent to me. I don't know what's up with the time constraints on that or what. I have this 187 so they hate me in Stockton court but Dale knows all that. I believe there is action to be had but probably not tell the appeal or most likely at the CAC supreme level.

I want you to please hang in there ok. I don't much want to talk about this place due to how bad off you have it there. It pisses me off how bad they treat you there. It's not like that anywhere else Reck. Everything here is on a schedule like clock work. You're not ever treated like dirt here. So far, 4 months of smooth sailing. I keep wondering would it be easier to get endorsed for here quicker from either Corcoran or Delano or do you have to stay there stressed out and just hope that classification allows you to rescind your last classification decision and get you put up fr here. Remember I rescinded mine and Captain Smith put me up for a CMC alternate CMF.

Keep in mind that there is plenty of room here still. There are buses every week, hardly any whites. It stays open for intake, that don't seem to change here. Also, you might want to consider getting rid of you low bunk chrono. You don't need any living restrictions when it comes to being put up for CMF. You can get a lower easy when you get here, there's mass cells open always. Remember that it will be a major adjustment period, when you leave there but after a minute things will be better Reck. I don't know if you will get put up for here in March or put up for somewhere else again. The bottom line is, I truly believe that getting out of there is best for you.

Reck, I miss you Bro. A lot of the time I wish I was there. It was a lot of fun to be around my dawg. As good as it is here I don't have a real good dawg. Things will be good when you get here. I still think you can pull it off regardless of your latest 115. You need to know that it's a blessing to be here but a curse due to I left my dawg behind and it sucks Bro. Them splitting us up seems to be more of a struggle on me but I know that it's a matter of time for us to kick it again. It helps for me to send you letters.

At the end of Sept. I will order my package, I can't wait. Packages last a lot longer here Reck. Everything is so cheap. It's disgusting, the prices there I don't miss that at all Bro.

So I left in May the 7th, it's Sept 7th, the day I mail this out. My 4 months have been very interesting. I do exercise every other day now. Push ups, day off, push ups. I getting in shape here so that's a plus.

I'm gonna let you go for now, it's almost time for afternoon meds.


Good afternoon my brother. Today is Sunday so i'm in my pad watching the Raiders lose the 1st game if the season, imagine that. Today is day 120 and it feels like I've just got here basically. I don't have enough info to know if mom will be coming to visit. It's suppose to be a green light in what? Week 2 of October?

I will call mom and find out. If you only have a 30 day c/stat then everything will be a go next month. If everything is good there as far as visiting in October then I'll know you will only get randoms and life will start improving. Everything depends on that lame 115.

Reck, I will keep focused, I will most likely have a P.I.A. job in a month or so, could be sooner. Keep your temper and stress level down regardless of that crap camp. Just write Melissa so I know what's up.

I miss you a lot Reck.

Get at me soon,

Love you Bro.


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