Jan. 4, 2015

A Betta Life

From Redemption by Ray Jones (author's profile)


Wrote: 2013
Song: A Betta Life
Album: Kaddyz, Penthousez & Yachtz

[[1st column]]
Fittn da description, of a hustla,
n da hood,gettn money,
kuz everytime, i come out da tilt,
im not tryna,look bummy....
Tell da hommyz,about da shyt,
where everyday,dey pass laws,
jus 2 harrass us,n da hood,
maken us get, against wallz...
Stayn down,4 da ghetto kause,
tryna help out,my people,
brought over here,2 be som slavez,
until we fought,4 our freedom...
Hopen 2 educate,my sistaz,
not tryna get,off welfare,
quik 2 snitch,2 da punk police,
2 throw a playa,n jail....
Hearn about,my people starven,
needn curez,4 diseases,
bekuz dey dying,from common coldz,
like chiken pox & da measels.....
As people come,outta poverty,
jus 2 make'em,som fundz....
Sp dey can live,a betta life,
over here,n amerikkka....
Mad as hell,dat Dr. King,
got whoopd,during marches,
n i dont care,about Rev. Jackson,
or da fool,Al Sharpton...
Wantn us blaxx,2 not say nathan,
about dis racist,ass kountry,
wishn 2 still,pickn cotton....

Dis a kountry,where everybody,
wanna run too,n live,
2 get away, from poverty,
tryna own,dey own cribb...
Lookn 4 dem, a betta life,
n away, from da killingz,
bekuz da system, sofull of shyt,
is why a gee,dope dealn...

[[2nd column]]
Seeing how women,play all deze foolz,
maken it rain,n da klubz,
sayn dey want,a betta life,
strippin on ploez,2 get buxx...
Wondern why,femalez be frontn,
instead of stayn,n skool,
dey wana scream,dey independent,
but dey really,prostitutez...
Raised up,n da ghetto streetz,
not haven nathan 2 eat,
nslangn drugz,4 dope kartelz,
jus 2 escape poverty....
Is da struggle, i represent,
kuz im down,4 da kause,
2 tie a flag,around my face,
chuckn roxx,at da laws....
Dey be sayn,im 2 extreme,
like dey know,what i mean,
2 be called,all type of namez,
n harrassd,by police....
N femalez,be forced 2 marry,
older dudez,4 dey money,
haven 2 work, at da age of ten,
n som rugged,ass kountryz.....
Datz all ran,by dictatorz,
not tryna give,people shyt,
4 speakn out,against da system,
tryna starve dem,2 death....
Trippn out,how little kidz,
go 2 skool,n be hungry,
walkn thru war zones,n Afrika,
steppn over,dead bodyz.....

[[3rd column]]
Telln myself,i couldnt live,
n poverty,wit no buxx,
bekuz i still,be seeing kidz,
play soccer,n flip-flopz....
Who all be wantn,a betta life,
n 2 play,n da statez,
denouncen placez,from everywhere
2 represent,U.S.A.....
Now everybody,dat use 2 diss,
us blak folx,gettn lenchd,
love da way,we got da world,
steady bumpn our shyt....
Not wantn blax,n dey naborhood,
befo dey call,da police,
haten da fakt,dat we da first,
2 put it down,on da scene....
As deze women,from overseaz,
roll 2 klubz,2 be strippaz,
so dey can twerk,, UnitedStatez
payn dey college, tuition....
N without,Natural Disasterz,
going on, n other kountryz,
nobody would give a damn,
about donaten,dey money....
Wantn 2 visit,da Motherland,
2 help out,all my people,
n 2 buy'em,all Jordan sneax,
n a pure,water system....
Lookn at foolz,n da rap game,
braggn about,all da money,
n couldnt roll,thru my krazyset
bekuz i know,dey all phony....


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xxi_james Posted 3 years, 4 months ago.   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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