Nov. 18, 2015

Song: Real Hip-Hop

From Redemption by Ray Jones (author's profile)


"Real Hip-Hop"
Real Hip-Hop
Wrote 2008

I every night be free stylin'
bustin' out and my kixx
doing da worm into 360's
flippin' into headspinz
haulin' ass from da punk ass pigz
tryna find information
callin' out foolz like beat street
who can't funk with my breakin'
going off for da kru I'm from
every week holdin' meetings
on battlin' kruz from da other side
avoidin' chix, always teasin'
swiggin' on yak outta brown bags
hittin' up foolz n McDonald's
breakin' out on marble floorz
takin' out foolz in a battle
jumpin' outta rydez with krylon kanz
x-ing out kruz dat got beef
listen up foolz at da bus stop
takin' you back ta '93
puttin' it down and graffiti bookz
on who da best in my city
sought after by bombin' kruz
not afraid to get fatty
dispensin' flyerz to all da rydaz
as I choke on da budz
I got mo' strippez than my Addidas
breakin' out da cardboard
quick to bust on da microphone
turning up my boombox
playin' hooky to meet with chix
who every day on my jock

System bumpin' and Nissan truxx
as I bust from da head
hittin' up foolz dat ride through
and lowride dancin' bedz
never lettin' no bustaz make it
quick to hit up my tag
doing a peace. Dat so damn clean
it be leavin' foolz mad
as I bolt across freeways
findin' places to bomb
climbin' billboards at three in da morning
hopin' I don't fall off
smashin' foolz on da microphone
And they call me S. Dee
sportin' my bell keep to da back
'coz I'ma forty ounce king
gettin' paint all on my gear
haulin' ass from da pigz
I'm gettin' up like helicopters
doing peaces under a bridge
Music bumpin' and get away carz
going down at da traxx
scammin' with proz who like my flow
puttin' my kru on da map
chokin' on bongs and da tilt chillin'
lookin' at pictures of work
freeways get mobbed week after week
before dey get covered up
we bumpin' jamz on da underground
like Afrika Bambata
tryna make de planet rock
going back where it started

From breakdancin' and jumpsuitz
to doing peaces on wallz
it's every week we doing run-outs
out of some Home Depots
pullin' out crates for da turn tables
when my DJ gets busy
scratchin' up shit like lotto tickets
as I start to get wicked
Givin' shout-outs on da M.I.C.
before I'm kicking a flow
battlin' foolz like a joust match
klowning kruz in my zone
slagnin' buds outside yo' spot
doing concerts all night
hookin' up fooz like stereo systems
plugged up to street lights
stayin' fresh in my G-boy stance
kickin' flowz to get paid
flossin' in limoz to high school proms
jumpin' out in my jays
mobbin' around with a boom box
as I pump up da volume
checkin' out chix with big ol' booties
outside of stoz I be bombin'
system bumpin' and fly ass ridez
as I flow over beatz
it's poppin' off like krylon kanz
before I'm sprayin' graffiti
'Cos da game don't neva change
as I get high on da block
a real playa dats in da game
spittin' dat real hip-hop

Dis is my tribute to da game
so you can peep where I'm from
backpaxx full of krylon kanz
and every night down to bomb
freestylin' about our struggle
as I bust a bebop
makin' dudez start bustin' movez
spittin' dat real hip-hop

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Kylieellis18 Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
This is bada!!

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