March 31, 2015

Dear Readers (March 2015)

by Darrel (Terra) O'Key (author's profile)


Dear Readers,

First and foremost -K-, thank you for your wonderful words and know that you have intrigued me also and I look forward to your letter, you have also inspired me to write more often as I have been slacking for the last two years...

So, I'm not in a very good space right now, everything was going so good for me lately and then last night happened...I'm in what they call an Enhanced programming Prison which just means an honor prison, we get a few extra things the other prisons don't, like photos on the yard, microwave in the common room, more vocational training opportunities like the Cosmetology class I'm in that is not available anywhere else in the entire prison system. However these few extra privileges come at a cost. You are subject to random urinalysis and searches, both cell and person and I was O.K. with it, in theory...last night I was called to the guard station and top to report for a UA, which was fine as I do not do drugs or drink, I get there and there are ten other inmates, we had to strip naked, they did allow us to keep on our shoes (how thoughtful) after you are naked they hand you a pair of gloves to put on and then hand you a little plastic cup to pee in. I'm not normally a shy person but there are two guards watching your every move as there are some inmates who are using and they try and beat the system, now remember that I'm Trans and have breasts, this was the single most humiliating thing that I have had to endure since being incarcerated, It really put me in a mood that I can't seem to shake. Usually I'm always cheerful and smiling but the absolute lack of dignity was beyond belief...I came home and put on some Billie Holiday and tried to forget...I know I have to deal with some infringement of my liberties, I did after all break the law. Just some basic human dignity would be nice in situation like that...N-E Ways how is everyone doing these days (smile).

I will strive to blog more and share some of the funnier things that happen here in the California Department of Corrections. There are some funny things that go on daily. Like in our Cosmetology class we have several lifer inmates who are so called "gangsters", they are here for murder and pride themselves on being bad ass, they assumed Cosmetology was cutting hair with clippers and that was it. Oh how wonderfully wrong they were, now keep in mind that we are in an EPP and you must comply with all the rules here including vocational training. Hair cutting is a small part of Cosmetology (smile). Make-up is a big par but there are no women here so who do they practice on??? :) Each other! These big bad ass gangsters are doing each others make-up, pedicures, acrylic nails, curing irons, etc., etc.,etc. .... They have to complete all curriculum or risk being transferred, it is quite the sight watching them put on mascara and lip stick, hahahahaha. I, of course, have no problem letting them practice on me but there are those who like to whisper behind my back and I hear all of it. So when they ask if they can practice on me, I ever so sweetly decline and then clown them on the yard when the class is over...petty perhaps but oh so satisfying.

It is time for me to close and I already feel better...Thanks for listening.

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-K- Hit Me Up

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