April 9, 2011

First Blog

by Robert Hartman (author's profile)


First blog

This is my first time writing a blog and I'm unsure what to write.
So please forgive me if I don't get this right.

Today is 3/30/11. My name is Bobby and I pass my time in prison
by writing poems and doing paintings, I also read alot of fantasy
books and love to work out,I bench 185 Dead lift 314 and curl 105p.
I'm not a big guy but over the years I've become very strong. Since
being locked up I've went to college and have started towards a
degree but they have started cutting classes which has made it even
harder to better oneself. One of the hardest things about being
locked up is not being able to earn a living. I loved working when
I was free and now we work for hardly anything 30.00 bucks a month
and they expect you to live off that,it's not right and there's
nothing I can do to change it.

5.00 P.M

I just came back from dinner eggs,gravy,bread,cake with water to
drink. It's one of the better meals. Some of the food we get isn't
the best to say the least,I miss cooking out on the grill.

Well as of now I have no clue if anyone at all will take the time
to read this or write back in a letter or through the blog. So I'm
kind of at a loss,but I truely hope someone will and I would love
a pen-pal,I'm going to leave you with a poem I wrote a very long
time ago.

Beneath this smile

Beneath this smile there hurt and pain,
its all my fault I'm the only one to blaim.

My problems are stacking my self-esteem
is low, you say I look happy but I say
it's all a show. So I act like a rebel
so wild and free but if you would
take the time to care you would see
thats not me, so I guess I'll stay in
denial and hide all my pain beneath
this smile. :)

P.S. Sorry for the handwriting!


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Bks Posted 11 years, 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 11 months ago   Favorite
Hey! First of all im sorry because my english is not very good (but im trying to improve it) so i may commit some mistakes.
So nice the fact that you like reading (i love it too), painting and writing poems; i also write sometimes.
I imagine that it's really not easy to be locked up in there; do you have any contact with your family or friends "outside"?
Well im really drowsy now so i cannot think about something better to write, im sorry. But tell me more about you, tell me anything you'd like to, i'd really like to read anything you have to say.
Best regards! :)

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