Oct. 12, 2015

Presumptuous Sashays in Reverse-Sexism

From The Novelist Portent by Johnny E. Mahaffey (author's profile)


Johnny E. Mahaffey
The Novelist Portent
July 12, 2015


The general rules of society are completely and utterly incompatible within the confines of a top level men's prison!

Those people who rape women, and little children? They're here, along with the ones that kill them, chop them up into little pieces and eat them--they're all here. Those that go into homes, kill people for a one dollar item; and then molest the corpses? They’re here as well. Crack-heads, meth heads, thieves, hard-core gang members, Black (and White) supremacist reign in superciliousness and self-importance.

[They come here, find a god, and are thus saved.
Yet, it's unwise to forget who these men really are.]

A female entering the prison with sultry (and slinky) thoughts of sedition in the name of attention, to build self-worth; can be a very dangerous thing. Thankfully though, not all women who take jobs within a men's prison, are the loose type--some genuinely want to help, and could care less of what wants (and needs) the men have in here otherwise. And it's easy to tell which are which; because women stand out, and look ridiculous trying to be alluring here--wearing tight fitting, thin material, and sashaying about. It's dangerous, and extremely stupid.

It marks them. Because only a certain type of woman acts such a way--and to do it here, in a place like this when there's a whole world out there for them--leaves one to wonder; can they not find a man in the free world? Was daddy some criminal (or thug) that they search to replace?
It saddens me…

My respect for women is better than this place.
Yet women come here, and claim sexism? That's odd. Because it's the equivalent to walking through a starving third-world village with a bag of Wendy's burgers! You'll be followed, ogled, and if you're not careful--attacked. The very word "sexism" has no context here to these guys.

Seriously! It means absolutely nothing. They're pushed by imprisonment into the basic forms of men (and boy, in most cases, many still virgins to females)...

As Benjamin Percy puts it in April 2015 issue of Esquire (page 101 "How to Raise a Daughter"), we are: "...not that far away from clubs and caves, the rule of tooth and claw. Men were meant to kill and to screw. that was our purpose. Think about how many millennia it takes other organism to evolve, fins to feet, gills to lungs. Slowly, through societal, legal, parental programming, men will change. But in a very real way, we're still wolves ranging the woods"

I quote it because there's no better way to say it. We men are dogs.

And if that's true in society—what do you seriously expect of the imprisoned? Society does not place much value on failure. It's certainly not for us to valorize and being in prison is about the lowest form of failure a man can claim to endure—besides death. Some take the mark of failure with grace, learn from it, grow. Others ignore it and continue on the same path, just in a different place. I see it all around me, every day.

Prison brings out the worst of the worst, and the best of the best. When one of the worst gets better, it's only because it was in them to do so all along—but those are few. Those who come in here good just caught up in some mess bloom into something even better, as long as we don't become bitter. Those sex criminals I spoke of earlier, came here under near inhuman psychological condition, and the evirons of prison seem to be where they fester—they get into a sate of existence that only Dante can described.

And they're mixed in with the lot of us. Here, to flirt, is to dance with the Devil.

In the realm of GED, we sometimes get female teachers. We just lost one really great one to retirement. She was a no-nonsense lady. And we'll miss her.

In most cases, a female teacher mainly distracts the students. Each guy wants to talk, flirt, get attention. Be acknowledged as men. All in lieu of doing any actual work. Hours will pass, and nothing but a blank page will sit on their desk—the hours spent... talking, complaining of their circumstances. Lusting.

It's hard to find a woman that keeps the prisoners in their place, not allowing them to squander away the time and "act a fool". There's nothing sexist about it, prisoners just don't know how to act around women in most cases. Not much DNA has changed since men chased women across the plains. Imprisonment leads to mental transgressions. Compounding upon the roots of our psychology. Societal rules have little reign over such men.

They're evolving though, slowly.



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lethalxlove Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 5 months, 3 weeks ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post.

I've only been able to transcribe the first page but I read all the pages and liked what you wrote a lot. Thanks for sending in a piece of you that's put on a page.
I hope to finish this whole piece myself over the next few weeks. Lol unless someone beats me to it.

Take care and keep on writing. You are quite articulate.

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