Nov. 2, 2011

My M.O

From Prisoners Praise by Frances Nichole Whitlock (author's profile)


My M.O.

Hey, they say people are known by modus operandi. What's your M.O.? Do you know? Well, I'll share part of mine

It's my M.O. to fall for guys who aren't my level, who don't deserve me, who, in the end, prove I made a mistake for falling in love with them.

It's my M.O. to go out of my way to be 100% with someone only to find out they are 2%. I am a winner and I constantly attract losers who don't know a real woman when they have her, nor can they handle the woman who I am.

It's my M.O. to self-destruct when I feel betrayed and brokenhearted. It's my M.O. to want to do myself harm because I can hurt me and it makes sense. Other people hurting me doesn't make sense.

It's my M.O. to want put it in they face once they lost me. This relationship ain't no different. I can show you better than I can tell you. It's not all about me, and anyone who knows me can tell you when I shine, everyone around me shines too. Oh, but some people will only see it from a distance.

My M.O. is to harden my heart when the pain of a broken heart becomes too much. It's my M.O. to clown around, and all this time I've been sooo good. Hmm... funny how my life is staring back at me and is screaming, "Danger!"

My M.O. and what I know about me would say, "Fuck you!" and do what I do. Because I know I can do it best that way. But prison is not where I'm coming back to. My M.O. knows how to be gutted, and you fucking with a monster—for real.


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