March 12, 2016

Dear Readers

by Raymond Alderman (author's profile)



March 2nd, 2016 - 7:32 p.m.

Dear Readers,
I must offer you all a hugh appology. I have not posted anything for a long long time. I am sorry! Life is and has been a constant thing for me.
I do have a big announcement for you all. This is truely the biggest one I have ever in my life made.
I, Raymond M. Alderman, am now an engaged man. I have met the man of my dreams and his name is Timmy. We have been together now for over 16 months. He asked me and I said yes. Hopefully, with any luck, it will be coming true in October of 2016.
He is the gift that the universe has given to me. He has come into my life and completed me. My belief in love, true and real love is renewed by him. He is my soul mate.
I first saw him in 2014 and without knowing anything about him, I felt this strong attraction to him and I even told a couple of guys I knew that I thought he was cute. A week or so later I am pulled over by another guy who was sitting with timmy and asked if I would pray for timmy because he had just found out that his mother had had a stroke and that half her brain would be removed. They didn't know if she would survive. I told him I would.


The next day when I saw him, I told him about my grandmother having a stroke. I let him know how I had gotten through it and that he should write her a letter and ask for someone to read it to her even if she was in a coma. I gave him a hug and we parted.
A couple of weeks later, it was a warm Saturday night in September. I had just gotten back from a Toastmasters meeting. I went out to the yard to get a breath of some fresh air and I see him lying on the bench. I am looking up at the sky when I hear "So, how do you like OCE Laundry?" I looked over at him and he is looking at me. "Its good!" I say. He then pats an empty spot by his head indicating that he wanted me to sit down. Nervous, I walked over and sat down. We got to talking and I mentioned that I was gay and he told me that he was bi-sexual. I got excited about that. He's cute and he's into guys. Yes! I decided that I was going to write him a letter and officially introduce myself. I put it inside of an Instinct mag and gave it to him. He took it up stairs and put it in his cell. He then came back down outside and we walked for a couple of hours. At 4 p.m. we celled in. For two hours I had a hard time thinking about anything. At 6 p.m. when the yard opened up, I went outside and he handed me the mag back. I looked inside of it and found


that he had found my letter. In its place was a letter from him. I waited until later that night to read it. Oh my heart leapt with joy while reading his letter because he had written that he liked me also. We wrote letter after letter to each other. Eventually, he mentioned that he wanted to be my boyfriend. I had to think about it because many of my relationships ended up where I was only being used.
On October 29th, 2014 my celly was moved to another unit which left an empty bunk in my cell. Timmy then asked me if I would like to be cellies. I said yes. So we wrote out a kyte, turned it in and waited. The next night, Timmy was told that he would be moving into my bunk, the empty one people. I couldn't believe it because I had now begun to actually feel a lot for him. That night at 9 p.m. when our cell door closed, I gave him our first kiss.
We lived together for 8 months or so until he was moved to a minimum institution. He then came to realize how strongly he felt for me and a couple of months later and a few letters, he asked me to marry him. He even wrote me a letter for my aunt and uncle to introduce himself to them because they are like my parents.
So I am getting married everyone, pray for us and wish us luck. I will keep


you all updated with posts on how and when I become timmy's husband. Oh, he wants to take my last name. So he would be called Timothy J. Alderman.
I Love You Timmy, you are my hero. (drawing of heart with "Love" and a date in the middle) Love you always (smiley face)

Again Sorry for to long long pause since my last post.
Thank you for being there.
Good Night!


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