Aug. 19, 2016

Dear Readers (8/10/16)

by Raymond Alderman (author's profile)


Wed. August 10, 2016
8:01 am

Dear readers,

Hello to you all. Again, it has been a moment since my last post, my last update. I have been moved to a different place. I only have about 18 months left in here. Sorry for the long absence from you all. The new address is:

Raymond M. Alderman #14244922
3600 13th St.
Baker City, OR. 97814-1346

So please disregard the other address that is posted. This is the right one now.

The facility I am at is called Powder River Correctional Facility, and it is a "minimum" facility which means that I have under 4 years left on my sentence. There are some great and bad points about this place. I will start with the bad, just to get it over with.

I have to shower with other guys, which I have never really done before in my life. At the last place which I spent 14 years and 4 months, the showers are all single. Here, it is a room with six shower heads. So that is a downgrade for me.

The biggest thing though is that I am now even farther away from my family, my home instead of being only 4 hours away is 6 to 7 hours away. I called home when I got here and mentioned that this is the farthest away from the family that I have ever been. My aunt proceeded to tell me that I am not that far away from family. As it turns out, I have a 3rd cousin who lives right here in Baker City. Now, I do not know this lady. She is my grandmother's cousin. And I maybe have only seen her once or twice in my life. I do have a picture of her though, from my grandmother. It is funny: here I am thinking about being so far away from my family and it turns out I have family right outside the gate.

Now, onto the things that I do like. I love the yard because I am not surrounded by concrete walls, only fences. So I have a view of the Blue Mountains right next door, the city life, and some horses. Even at my bunk, I can see life going on. This helps with my mental state.

We also have a library here where I am able to go and check out some books. I love being able to go into a room full of books and check one out. In the library, I can also get onto a computer and begin practicing typing again and make plans for when I get out. I am working on two, no, three different things. One is a company that will help inmate sell their artwork. Because there are a lot of fantastic artists locked up. One is a charity to help pegans, wiccans, witches, and wizards who are locked up and unable to find information on the books for their particular faith of choice. There is not a lot offered in prison for people who are not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. Here at this facility, they don't have a service offered so I can do a Full Moon Ritual. So I want to be a source for inmates to go for that. And the third thing is a book of sayings for people to think about. A great man suggested I write a book because I might be able to help someone. So I am.

So, as in life, there are things I do like and there are things I don't like about this place. That's life.

My fiancé Timmy and I are still strong and making plans for our future together. He is about 4 hours away from me and I miss him tremendously. He is at a minimum facility also and only has 21 months to go. We are almost done and close to beginning a life outside of prison.

Again, I am sorry for the long absence from you all. I am still battling with my depression somewhat. I hope all is well and that you all are doing as well as can be. Take care. Bye-bye!

With love and peace,
Raymond Alderman

P.S. Go USA in the Olympics. Gold, gold, gold, gold.


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