May 5, 2016

What Do I Have to Lose

by Michael Frimmel (author's profile)


What do I have to Lose

Incarcerated! Not exactly lead my life following the short and narrow, or of moderation either. Admit I have done bad things, made some mistakes, hurting myself and others, one way or another. the decision I made taking on a lifestyle of indulgence. Was I conscious of the side effects? Partied too much, made money, lost money, made friends, lost friends, found love, watched love fade. A huge endless cycle. A lot of good times, met a lot of people, but hurt some people, ending up with many regrets. the lifestyle opened a lot of doors, and it slammed shut even more. Money always nice, women, lots of fun. the party never ended. Where did that get me? What did it cost? More need, more greed. No real friends, only acquaintances. What was I really searching for? If that's all I wanted, I knew exactly where to find it. And if I was searching for something deeper? What? Quality relationships, positive influences? What did I have to lose? What do I have now? Everything? Nothing?

How do I elevate my consciousness void of negativity, loss, imprisonment? What is safe? Positive?

I need to rebuild my values. Stop using, exploiting those around me, open myself up. Something deeper, consciousness through relationships with others. Open myself up, make myself available, work at it, persevere, overcome, be patient.

That old lifestyle has its pro's, so easy to fall back on. It also has cons. A con like me. These days I'm always looking for positive ways for improvement. I've come a long way, setting goals for today and for tomorrow, learning so much about myself and what life has to offer, what I have to offer life. It's all or nothing. What do I have to lose?

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