May 28, 2016

Death Row Journal(May 17-21, 2016)

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Death Row
May 17, 2016
Another unproductive day. Went to the rec yard, but we weren't out there but maybe an hour before they cancelled it. Thunder and lightning. I got one letter done. I've got to snap up out of this, and get back to exercising, dieting and having more productive days. I got one letter last night that was from my mom. Hope to get some mail in tonight.

Death Row
May 18, 2016
Just finished bathing and about to shut down for today. This was a productive day. I had a really good exercise session. Wrote 4 letters. Made a good meal that I ate around 3:00pm. Hope to get some mail tonight. I'm expecting a new penpal from France. Right now I'm going to set up my fan to blow down on me as I sleep.

Death Row
May 19, 2016
Went outside and had a great workout. Came back in and washed clothes. Cleaned up. Then had to go under the ear buds these morons went to talking about irrelevant idiotic crap. Just aint with listening to it, I've got something cooking. Hope theres something good on the tray that I can use. The warden came this morning. I talked to him about these greasy slimy tray's. Hope he does something. I only received one letter last night and it was from my dad. I need to write him and then drop a couple of notes to get my phone list scheduled.
It's 5:45 pm Finished bathing. Im going to bed!

Death Row
May 20, 2016
I'm sore this morning, from these past two day's of exercising. I got a letter from mom last night, that was it. Maybe i'll get more tonight. Keep hoping. I'm going to read a two old. Try to figure out who I can write, and get in some crunches. Got in a little exercising made a nice meal for my neighbor and I, and not my nutty neighbor. Then bathed, washed clothes, did some writing. Going to do some reading now then go to sleep. Trying to sleep these idiots are arguing about whether or not Queen Latifa is a lesbian. And his crap has been going on for hours. My nutty neighbor says he seen her talk show and and that her husband (man) is the producer. This is the type of stupid unproductive dribble that goes on every single day! Got 3 pieces of mail tonight , one was a media letter about another interview. I need to go to sleep.

Death Row
May 21, 2016
Had several good exercise sessions today. Made a nice meal for lunch. I didn't eat dinner. I wrote a couple of letters a few cards. Did 2 Sudoku puzzles. Cleaned the cell up a couple of times. Was thinking about Charley street earlier., He got stabbed on the recreation yard back in April 95 and died right outside the door here on G-Wing. Mario and Sanchez killed street and some white guy. I met street back in 1991. Why they didn't have that razor wire on the yard. So they could have went over the fence- and at least been out of danger. Who knows.
Tonight is shower night so im going to wait on that before I go to bed. Right now Im going to work on this Sudoku puzzle.
Just got back from the shower. Im going to bed.


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