June 13, 2016

Death Row Journal (June 1-5, 2016)

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


JUNE 1-5, 2016


4:20AM. Didn't get up until 4 am. Washed up had a cup of coffee. Made my bunk, and got my laundry on the door waiting for my laundry exchange. Got in two cards last night. So I'll write those letter's this morning.
5:18am Breakfast just came the tray's are greasy and slimy, probably from the chicken grease on the dinner trays last night. Well I'm going to do some writing.
6:05am Nurse just came through and the sgt. picked up canteen slips. I'm writing a letter.
6:54am Laundry is here. Little bit late. I've been writing.
8:03 am Legal mail man just came by nothing for me.
8:46am Grievance lady is here. I've written one letter and two cards. Need to get ready to exercise. also need to do some work in this GED book.
10:50am Finished exercising. Pooring sweat. Need to walk for awhile to cool down.
12:22pm. Been working in the GED book. lunch just came. tray's were slimy and greasy. I gave it away. I'll eat some oatmeal here in an hour or so or a banana.
2:34pm I've been writing the past two hours. Wrote a reporter on how the courts are squandering tax dollars by the illegal sentence of one inmate who has a 9-3 vote. And how the Fla Supreme Court who agreed these 47 on initial appeals will get reversed yet their still sitting here, the FLA tax payers are paying their attorney fees every day, court fees and death row housing is more expensive. So all the way around the tax payers are losing. It is so hot in here right now. I'm going to lay back down and try to stay cool.

Death Row Journal

3:14pm it is smoking hot in here! I've been listening to the news on 89.1 Public Radio. Time to get back into the GED book.
4:18pm Just finished eating a little pasta and an orange. Some of these guys are scaming Gainesville citizens for alternatives to the death penalty, they are getting them to buy them their fans and TVs although they have money. Barry Davis is one of them. These guys are a real creep! Guys bragging about having over $800 in hid account. The victims family should file a wrongful death suite against him. He claims to have rent money coning from houses he owns. Who knows. I just think if you have the money, you should buy your own tv, fan, etc, and let the organizations take care of people who really need it. Think ill get up and do some walking.
5:25pm just did 200 more pushups and a bunch of crunches now cool down and bath.
6:09pm finished bathing, washed clothes, now im going to lay down and call it a day. Hope to wake up with some mail on my door.
4:39AM got up at 3:53am. washed up made the bunk. was a rough night. around 12:45am. I was woke up with this Barry Davis screaming and cussing at the officers. The dude has serious mental issues. Then at 1am the sgt comes down with Emergency master count. Don't know what brought on either of those events but it took me forever to get back to sleep. Got in several letters last night so im fixing to get to writing them.
5:46am Breakfast is coming around. I just finished a letter to a woman who I haven't heard from in years. We met in the Duval County Jail in Feb 2003. When I left she corresponded with me so it was a real surprise to hear from her.
7:34AM wrote another letter. not going to do some walking and in about an hour- hopefully go to rec.
8:42am Their finally pulling rec.
11:36am just got back in, time to wash clothes wash up make some fish sandwiches for lunch and do some writing.
1:02pm finished eating, those sandwiches were really good. Now need to do some writing. I have one more letter that I need to write.
3:00pm just finished another letter. Kalil called down here and tried to get me into an argument. Instead he got two idiots into an argument that's still going on. Idiots. Well im going to work on a Sudoku, then do some reading.
4:08pm Just got dinner. I gave it away. Trays are greasy. I did both Sudoku puzzles. It is hot in here. I mean smoking hot! I've got to bathe here shortly. Het in that hot water, afterwards cold water. That's going to feel good.
5:39pm clothes are washed, finished bathing. It is very hot in here! I mean hot! hot hot hot! Im going to tie my fan up under the tv stand so its blowing right in my face. This is only June. July and August are our hottest months so its only going to get worse.
6:18pm sgt. just came by taking the phone list for tonight. Our day up here on the 2300 side is the first Thursday of every month I told him no I don't have anyone on my phone list approved. So this is the 2nd time weve gotten to use the phone. At some point ill be able to call. Right now im going to get back unter this fan and try to go to sleep DAMN ITS HOT!!

3:50am Been up since 3 am. Washed up. Made the bunk, got the laundry out ready for laundry pickup. didn't get any mail last night. I still have some writing to do today. Ive had a couple of cups of coffee. Im making a breakfast shake, milk banana oatmeal, pineapple, peanut butter all in a bottle and shake it up.
5:49am breakfast just came, trays are greasy. I gave it away. Im cooking something for Hanif and I.
6:52am Finished eating, wiped my cell down with bleech. Need to get more paint in here so I can touch it up. Then again we will be changing cells in a month. Need to walk then do some reading. Im really sore from exercising but I need to get a good workout in today as well. I hear the laundry out there.
7:47am Here's legal mail. I got a letter from chief of programs Kristina J Hartman denying me access to the educational programing at this time. Stating however that tablets maybe an option in the future. Oh well. Ill continue to study and see what else I can do. maybe I can find some financial support to fund one of these correspondence schools.
9:41am been in the GED book, and another book looking over Doubling the Final Consonant before adding ing-ed. I got a little bit better of an understanding. Just a little bit. English is a difficult language. Too many rules. I need to either write or workout.
11:30am Plumbers are here working on sinks and toilets. Just plunged my sink. Its flowing better. Been trying to repair my bucked that I cook with. Its got a crack in it, and leaking. Not good. Ill be eating cold food for a while. Right now I need to get back to this letter.
1:30pm Their pulling recreation on the 2nd floor. Theres so much madness going on around here. At times like this, I wish I was back at UCI.
2:54PM madness going on down here. Cell 2312 is trying to accuss the officers. cell 2306 Davis has told the sgt. you better get the lt down here. He wants that tv and fan that he conned that organization out of. Just madness. And its hot as living hell in here! Which is problably adding to the hot headedness. see is anyone gets and drs behind this mess. Ive been walking I need to exercise.
4:13pm got in a nice exercise session. 200 pushups, crunches and 25 mins of step ups. Pooring sweat. It is hot!
4:27pm heres dinner. Ill give it away. I'm having soup and fish.
4:58pm finished eating, going to wlak for a few minutes. Then bathe and get ready for bed.
5:43pm washed clothes, bathed now im going to bed.

4:38AM I woke up at 4:05 didn't sleep well. woke up several times then had trouble going back to sleep. Anyways washed up made the bunk now having a cup of coffee.
5:20am breakdast just came im having oatmeal this morning. The food trays are just as slimy and greasy as can be. Im making some burritos for a couple of us guys today. Just heard that one of my childhood heros died, Muhammad Ali, I know his family and the whole world will morn his death. Death is coming, its coming for us all, For each passing day brings us one day closed to it. Cant avoid it.
6:50am Been making the burritos I need to work on the cheese next. I got in a card last night in the mail so ill send out a card there figure out someone to write to and get a workout in. Thatll be my day.

8:18am burritos are prepared, wrapped up and cooking. Now ive washed dishes, cleaned the table, Ill do some walking.
8:41am Nurse just cam in. Im walking, pacing in my cage.
11:20am ive had a great exercise session. My whole floor was soaked. Im going to do some walking.
12:02 lunch just came. I kept the pineapples and gave the rest away. ate 2 burritos they came out really good. its hot in there by 4pm itll be smoking hot. That's the hottest part of the day. Im going to do some more exercises maybe in an hour or so. Get some crunches in bicepts and tricepts. Then again im tired.
12:49pm finished writing a letter.
2:28pm been in the GED book for the past hour or so im fore form that earlier workout.
3:53pm nurse just went by. Ive been in this GED book. But im fixing it to workout.
4:48pm got another workout in dinner came 20 minutes ago. I didn't even stop, told the officer to give it to my neighbor. Dang its hot. Ive drank so much water that I feel sick. Need to write a letter.
6:15pm wrote a letter. been sitting here talking to Hanif about life, the past and just things we've experienced. Right now just waiting on the shower. Once I get my shower im going to sleep. Im really tired
7:24PM Just got back from the shower. Going to bed.
4:02AM got up at 3am washed up made the bunk cleaned my cell then got my clothes together for the visit. Im sore from exercising. Not sure if ill do anything this morning I may take today off. Sometimes its good to take a day off to rest. Going to listen to the radio.
5:24am breakfast is here. Im going to eat some grits and give the rest away.
8:07am finished bathing I went straight into my workout. Had a really good one. Officers came through with cleaning supplies. They sent the inmates back who feed us and clean up. They had been over here working for over 24 hours. Right now im going to lay under this fan and try to stay cool until they come get me for visits.
8:13am Nurse is finally here with meds.
8:43am they still have not called me for the visit.
2:59pm came back early. moms got to work at 4pm. Taking care of an older man. I burnt my finger and lip on hot cheese craziest damn thing. Right now I need to write a letter and it is hot!
3:53pm wrote mom , also wrote two notes to guys around here. personal things going on. Heard some thunder a while ago and smelled rain. Heres dinner, Im giving it away.
4:44pm giving people a second change is the core values of democracy. I heard that on the radio. Well I can truly say, giving people a 2nd chance is not the core value of the United States. God forgives. America doesn't. That's the world we live in. Well that rain passed right on by us. Made it even hotter in here. Seems to raise the humidity level. I do not like these summer months. I heard the female prisons all have air conditioning. Well ive got to wait on bar check and weight before I can go to sleep Im going to do some reading in this GED book.
6:05pm im going to sleep they can wake me up for weight and bar check.


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