June 25, 2016

Death Row Journal (June 13-19, 2016)

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Ronald W. Clark, Jr.
June 13, 2016
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Monday, June 13, 2016 5:08 AM. Woke up at 4:30, just made the bunk and cleaned the cell. Waiting on breakfast and laundry. That's some sad stuff, 50 people slaughtered, and 50 others in the hospital. It's a crazy world out there.

5:50 AM Breakfast just showed up, oatmeal and peanut butter. I'll eat later.

6:58 AM. Laundry just came. I'm writing a letter. Also working on a poem. I've got to get a good work out in today. It's going to be very hot today. Last night was rough.

8:09 AM. My back is hurting, been hurting since I woke up. It hasn't hurt like this in over a year. Got my concerns up. I do not want to go back to where I was. Lot of pain in that knee this past week, which maybe linked to this back pain.

11:56 AM. Haven't exercised, nor accomplished what I need to be doing. Lunch is on the other side. Sounds like canteen is out there as well.

3:51 P.M. I did some exercising, not as good as I should have. At least I got something in. My back is still hurting. Mentally not there either. Thinking about those murders in Orlando. That's very depressing. Giesele should be back in Switzerland today, or tonight. Hope she had a nice flight.

4:12 PM. Dinner just came. I ate the fruit and gave the rest away. It is smoking hot in here!

6:33 PM. It's been raining and cooled off some. I just finished bathing. I'm going to lay down and get ready for bed. Got to get out of this mindset that I'm in. Tomorrow I've got to push myself.

TUESDAY JUNE 14, 2016 Page 2 of 7

5:19 AM. Been up since 4:30. Made the bunk. Cleaned the cell. Washed up. Had 3 cups of coffee already. Generator which is located maybe 100 yards from here, it's been running every night for the past two weeks. It's loud and annoying. Someone said it's been running since the lightening strike that sound like it hit right outside here. I never even heard it. I'm under the music so much that I don't hear a lot of the conversations. These guys don't have serious intelligent conversations which is why I'm under the ear buds listening to music so much. I need to have a productive day. Only got one letter in last night. That was a media letter. I'm going to write to him. I need to have a good workout. In here, and on the yard.

5:51 AM. Finished eating grits and sausage. Going to write now.

8:12 AM. Just sent the letter out to the media. Was only a two page letter. Hanif is going to a call out to see his attorney. I've been washing clothes. I'm going to workout here in just a few minutes.

11:30 AM. Had a really good workout! I'm going on the yard to hit that dip and pull up bar. It's already hot in here.

12:06 PM. Lunch is here. I ate the fruit, gave the rest away.

1:18 PM. Waiting on recreation. They've had recount twice today.

4:26 PM. Back from rec. I did some pull ups. Need to eat, and put this chicken zcp for tomorrow morning.

6:00 PM. Washed clothes, washed up, now waiting on the showers.

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8:25 PM. Just got back from the shower. It's so damn hot in here. Officers are covered in sweat. I'm going to get under this fan and lay down.


4:03 AM. Been up since 3:20. Washed up, had a cup of coffee, got this chicken bowl cooking. I received 2 letters last night, so I'll write them today. I got sunburned on the yard. Haven't had a sunburn in quite a while.

5:07 AM. Breakfast came. I gave it away. I'll be eating this chicken.

6:40 AM. Laundry is here. I ate the chicken. Made my bunk, cleaned my cell. I'm getting ready to do some writing.

8:02 AM. Wrote a letter. Two cards. Time to workout.

11:13 AM. Finished exercising, was a good one. I may do some more later. I've got to write another letter.

11:46 AM. Lunch came, I ate the fruit, a couple of potatoes, gave the rest away.

1:31 PM. It's quite hot in here. I'm cooking some sardines for later today. Get my protein and gives me something to eat. I'll be going to sleep early tonight. Was thinking about that little boy's family, the one eaten by the gator at Disney World. They are suffering right now. Their whole world just got turned upside down. Life is so painful. Full of so much heartache. Very depressing. Don't know why I dwell on other people's pain.

3:10 PM. They just served dinner. Haven't seen them feed this early unless there's an execution set.

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That's not going on, but something is. They've been serving me potatoes 3 times a day for about 4 days. I need some rice. I'll eat some beans and fish.

5:01 PM. I'm filing a grievance to get off this vegan tray. It's so hot in here. The officers come through soaked in sweat complaining about it.

6:44 PM. No mail tonight. I'm tired of this not getting mail. I just finished bathing. I'm going to lay under this fan and try to stay cool. It's still hot in here.


5:45 AM. I didn't wake up until 5 AM. Breakfast came. I took the grits off the tray. I need to make my bunk and clean my cell.

8:13 AM. Waiting to go to recreation. We have a Sgt. on that I've never seen before. I wrote one letter. Need to do some more writing when I come back in.

11:39 AM. Back from recreation. I had a really good workout. This Sgt. just pulled Raphel and Saint out of their cells, placing them in the shower. Which is an unauthorized holding cell.

11:53 AM. Sgt. and a co. is down there tearing the cells up.

12:38 PM. They just put them back in their cells. They took a lot of stuff out. There was a recount. The Sgt. didn't do count or recount. He just told the officer to call it in. Hope the counts not messsed up on this wing, otherwise it won't clear. They just heard the thunder off in the distance.

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1:07 PM. They just brought lunch. Tray lid was covered with black mold. Showed it to the Sgt. He took the tray lid with him. I hope he gets something done. This Sgt. has the wing dead quiet. Wish it would stay that way.

4:20 PM. Dinner came. I gave it away. I'm tired of this vegan tray. I'm enjoying the cool weather. Would like for it to stay like this.

6:41 PM. Finished bathing. I'm going to get in bed, put this fan in my face, and go to sleep.

7:45 PM. Got up, seen a request slip on the door. So once again, no mail. I got up because my shoulder is throbbing in pain. Took some Ibuprofen. I'm going to lay back down.

[drawing of smiling face with eyes closed and tongue sticking out] FRIDAY JUNE 17, 2016

5:22 AM. Breakfast just came. I traded my tray for a regular. I got up at 4 AM. Had a cup of coffee. Washed up. Washed some clothes. It's humid in here already.

6:38 AM. I made the bed, cleaned the floor and I'm sweating. If it's this hot, this early, then it's going to be a very rough day. I'm pouring sweat. My Tshirt is soaked. I'm going to have to wash it, and change shirts.

8:37 AM. I think laundry is out there. They're running really late this morning. Nurse is here and the grievance lady. And here's the laundry as well.

10:01 AM. Saint went out on a medical emergency. His face swollen up. He's just coming back now. It's been a problem he's had for quite a while.

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I'm getting tired of not getting any mail. Got to do something to change this. Was doing push-ups and jumping jacks. I'm going to workout a little more late today. Off and on. I'll do stuff throughout the day. It has cooled down some.

1:08 PM. They just came and pulled 5 guys for rec. I didn't get to go. I'm going to exercise.

3:29 PM. Finished exercising. The guys are coming back in. I'm going to cool down.

4:20 PM. Dinners here. Trays are filthy! I gave it away.

6:45 PM. Finished bathing. Washed clothes. I'm going to sleep. I got a card and letter tonight. And my GED grievance appeal was denied.


It's been humid today. I got up at 3:30. Went through my normal ritual of cleaning. Had a really good AM workout, then did another around 3PM. Should have did some writing. I'm currently waiting on the showers. After that I'll be heading off to bed. We've lost our normal or regular Sgts. I heard one is in the hospital. I hope he's okay. He's a really good guy. He's retiring at the end of this month. He's been going through a lot, and it's a shame. I've asked people to pray for him. We had the Catholic volunteers come through this morning. They come through once a month. Over at UCI they come through more often. Back from the shower, heading for bed. Was a good day.

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SUNDAY JUNE 19, 2016

Got up at about 2:20 AM. Had a good exercise session. Was really late getting out to the visiting park. Mom and Susan came today. We played some cards. Wasn't as hot out there as it normally has been. I didn't get any writing done today. I've got to push some letters out of here tomorrow. Try to reach out and find some friends. Right now I'm waiting for the officers to come around and do our weight. Beat on the bars and walls with their rubber mallets and then I'm heading off to bed.


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