July 1, 2016


by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Ronald W. Clark, Jr
June 25, 2016


Suicide is the perfect way —yes, I said it!— the perfect way to devastate your loved ones!

Look— I, of all people, understand how very difficult this life is. I've prayed at night to God for that to be my last day. I've thought seriously about suicide over the past 26 1/2 years. I understand the struggles of this life. But look at the positives: if you're reading this, you're obviously free. And nothing we have in this world is more precious than freedom. You don't realize it, unless it's taken away. Yes— suicide, death seems like the easiest way out for us when we're struggling.

But think back 3, 4, 5, 10 years ago. You had something going on that was causing you stress, anxiety, etc. You got through it! Why? Because today's problems don't last forever. Today's problems are fading memories of tomorrow.

You taking your life is a lifetime of guilt and burden to your loved ones. For they are left with would of, should of, could of. I would've done this had I know. I should have done this that or the other. I could've done this had I only known. Suicide is a very selfish act that burdens the ones we love.

If you're thinking about suicide, I encourage you to TEXT HELLO TO 741-741 CRISIS TEXT LINE and talk to someone before you burden your children, mother, father, brother, sister, etc. with this lifelong devastating act of suicide. Please get help. It's not worth it.

Yours truly,
Ronald W. Clark, Jr


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