July 1, 2016

Death Row Journal (June 20-26, 2016)

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Ronald W. Clark Jr.
June 30, 2016

[drawing of smiling face sticking tongue out]
[drawing of a sharp looking graphic]

JUNE 20 - 26, 2016
MONDAY JUNE 20, 2016

Been a long day. Went to medical this morning for a pneumonia shot. Had I known that, I would not have went. I got stuck down there in the shower for almost an hour. Tha tis not an authorized holding cell. So I'll be filing on that to make sure that doesn't happen again. Got to the holding cells up front. Some idiotic inmate from A-Wing housed in 1202 pulled his penis out and was masturbating in the holding cell on a female officer. She screamed about him having his penis out. A Sgt. came up, threatening to jump on him. Was straight chaos! I got stuck in that holding cell for over an hour and a half.

Finally got back to my cage about 10:45. We heard there was a senator walking around with the Warden and the Regional Director. They never made it up here.

Canteen came today. I didn't exercise. I ate way too much. Bad day! Wrote one card, started one letter. Hope to get some mail tonight. Somethings got to change with that.

It's noisy in here today, and we have the Sgt. who snapped Thursday about all this noise. I'm ready to go to sleep. Once again no mail tonight.

[drawing of sad face crying]

Got a little AM workout in. I'll go out this afternoon and do some dips and pull-ups. I filed three grievances this morning. One on how they placed me in the shower for almost an hour yesterday waiting to go to medical. Showers are not authorized holding cells. So I want to ensure that they are no longer used as holding cells. The second grievance was dealing with having to wear hot paints these cells all day. We should be able to wear shorts. It's 100 plus degrees in these hot cages. Guys in population can go to recreation every day. They're not stuck sitting around in hot cages wearing hot paints.

I finished up a letter that I started yesterday. Wrote several cards. People just aren't writing these days. Most everyone's into online stuff. Can't blame them. I would be too. I've never used a computer or typed.

Just seen the nurse. I had put in a sick call slip yesterday. So I should see the doctor this week or next week.

Went to recreation. Barry Davis was called out to see the ICT. Someone wrote and said his life was in danger. Maybe it was someone that read the blog. Now if something happens to him, the FDOC will be liable in a lawsuit. That's the one good thing about it.

I'm getting ready to bath and go to bed.


I've spent the day writing letters. I got a couple of letters last night. I didn't exercise today. My shoulder and elbow on my left arm is causing me severe pain. The heat has been pretty bad today.

Property room Sgt. did bring the books around. I've started reading one about brain exercises. Also got a Beyond Sudoku. Never seen puzzles like this before. I did one, messed two of them up. I like good old fashion Sudoku puzzles. Maybe I can get the hang of these as I keep trying them.

Mail came. I didn't get anything but a magazine. Need to have a more productive day tomorrow.


Got up at 6 AM. Slept in late. I couldn't get to sleep last night due to the heat. I was up until 9:50 watching Big Brother. I got a TV. Breakfast didn't come until 6:40. Nurse didn't show up until after 7 AM. I'm getting ready to go to morning recreation.

I'm hearing rumors about an inmate on B-Wing being gased and dying, and another inmate being jumped on. Don't know how true any of it is. I'll be asking around to see what I can find out.

It is smoking hot in here!! I'm miserable! I didn't workout today. I didn't do any writing. I'm writing on the showers. I've been reading an exercise book and a book called Keep Your Brain Alive.

FRIDAY June 24, 2016

It's so hot in here. We were just told that the Warden and his cronies are coming around.

It's 1:30 PM. I was in the middle of exercising. Now I'm sweaty and have these hot paints on. There's a bunch of Christian volunteers on the wing. I mean a bunch! 20 or 30. I don't like engaging them on faith. They're Protestants, and they spend a lot of time attacking the Catholic faith.

Wish this Warden would come through. I got a Q-tip that has that black mold off the food tray. I want him to address that.

I know I don't like sitting here in these hot paints. I didn't get to sleep until 10 PM or later. It was hot! I got up at 3:40. Hope to get some sleep tonight. Would be a nice day to be on a motorcycle riding down the coastline. Be nice to be anywhere other than here in this cage. Oh well. It is what it is. Warden and them never did come through.

It's so damn hot in here! This is ridiculously hot! I'm waiting until after 7 PM to bathe. Again no mail. Wasn't a great workout today, but at least I got something in. Did some reading, several Sudoku puzzles, and some work in a GED book. Also wrote a letter.


The heat has been brutal today! God, I hate this Florida heat.

I got in a workout. My shoulder and left elbow are killing me, so I'm having to watch what I do. I'm hoping to see the doctor this coming week. I did write a letter. Getting ready to bathe and then try to go to sleep.

SUNDAY JUNE 26, 2016

Went to visit for a few hours. Mom couldn't stay the whole time. Came back, wrote my half-sister who I haven't seen since 1995.

It's so hot in here. I was miserable last night. It's so hot in here. Can't wait to see this summer come to an end. Stuck in these hot cages, no way to escape this heat.


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