July 8, 2016

Death Row Journal (June 27-30, 2016)

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Ronald W. Clark
June 27, 2016

JUNE 27 - 30, 2016


Got up at 4AM. I didn't get to sleep until after 9:30. Was waiting on weight and bar check. It was also very hot. The Florida humidity is what makes it so bad down here. I need to get some writing done today. Need to send out a few cards. I'm hoping to see the doctor this week. Only thing the doctor likes about test results is, "they're not his." xD Ha ha ha! This shoulder is causing me a lot of pain. I'm falling apart.

Word is there's a tour group coming through from Tallahasse. So everyone, Sgt., Co.s are on panic mode getting everything straight. Canteen came. Didn't get everything I wanted. Things are kind of messed up around here right now. Financially. Oh well. It'll improve eventually. At least I hope it does. It's so hot in here!

Tour group went downstairs on the 2nd floor. They rarely come up here on the 3rd floor. This building is set up where the first floor is actually the basement. When you walk on the wing through the front door, you're on the 2nd floor. The execution chamber is on the 1st floor. This building is set up weird. It is so hot in here right now. I did fill out another sick call slip. I've got to get something for this pain. Did some push ups today. Not good for the shoulder. :( Well, no mail tonight. Unbelievable not getting any mail. It's never been this bad. Maybe should go back to writing sex letters.

I took a hot bath. I'm going to try to go to sleep. It is hot!


I'll be going to see the doctor this morning. Glad of that. This shoulder woke me up several times last night. DONALD TRUMP for president. Yes— a reality TV star. This country is not in good shape. I can see it collapsing, especially with BREXIT.

Back from seeing the doctor. Got a steroid shot in my left shoulder. Feels like someone hit me with a baseball bat. I just hope it helps. I'm just trying too deal with this soreness.

Went out to recreation and just walked back and forth talking with Saint. I feel sick to my stomach. Probably this steroid. Shoulder is still hurting. Doctor did say it was going to take several days for it to start working.

Got two cards in the mail tonight. Also finally got taken off the vegan tray. Just got back from the shower. It's 8:30 PM, and I'm going to sleep.


Still feeling sick to my stomach. Something caused this guy O in cell 2311 to snap on the Sgt. and co. Now he's down there flooding the hallway. The Sgt. hasn't come down to see it. They're pulling recreation downstairs. I see all hell breaking loose here shortly. He may get gassed. All i know is it's going to get crazy around here soon. These guys on this side are mental cases.

Well, here comes the Sgt. And this Sgt. here is very laid back. He just walked right by the water and didn't say a thing as he walked off the wing. The Co. said, "What's he throwing water out there?" Sgt. said, "Yeah." And O is still throwing water out there. I figure the Lt. or Captain will be up here shortly. I wrote one letter and was washing some clothes. I need to write one more letter.

Ms. Sagle came down and told me the FDOC has denied me of a GED. O was yelling down, calling the officer names. The other Co. came down and had the runners mop up the water. O then went to saying he's going throw some piss and sh--. He's done stupid crap like this over and over again, and yet they don't write him a disciplinary report. I don't understand that.

Nothing ever happened with that incident down the hallway. We have been told that we have to wear long paints and shirt here in this cell. I'm none too happy.


Wrote a 4 page letter to the Warden this morning concerning wearing these paints in these 100° temps. I'll be posting it on the blog. i'm sending it out tonight to have copies made. The letter will be sent form the street. I'm getting copies to be sent to other people to ask for their help.

Went to recreation this morning. I exercised. Pull ups, dips, push ups. Shoulder still hurts. Nurse said the steroid treatment lasts 5 days. So until Monday. I hope it helps. I just don't have a lot of faith because there's a lot of pain there in that shoulder. Hope they bring in a better doctor, or one as good as Doctor Miller who I just seen. No mail last night. Maybe tonight. Need someone to write over this three day weekend. Wish I had a visit for all three days. And with a woman. Yes, that would be nice.

They never wrote a disciplinary report on O. I don't know why or how he gets away with that. At UCI, He would stay on disciplinary confinement. I'm really tired. Been up since 3AM. I'm going to bathe here shortly and get into bed. It's a bit hot, but not as humid as it has been.


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