Nov. 7, 2011

Inmate's Menu

by William Goehler (author's profile)


Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation
Printed: Wed, Sep 14, 2011 10:21

Mule Creek State Prison

Standardized Inmate Menu
(Modified - Reflects Ongoing Changes)
Quarter 2, Week 2

Oct 10 2011

Fruit Juice 8 oz
Hot Cereal 6 oz
Pancakes 3 ea
Syrup 2 ea
Margarine 2 ea
Peanut Butter (2oz) 1 ea
Non-Fat Milk, 1/2-Pint 1 ea
Coffee 8 oz

Lunch Meat w/ Cheese 2 oz
Wheat Bread 4 sl
Mustard 2 ea
Almonds 1 pk
Graham Crackers 2 pk
Fresh Fruit 1 ea
Punch 1 ea
Cheese 2 ea

Happy Columbus Day!!
Tossed Green Salad 3/4 cp
Salad Dressing 1 ea
Chicken Ala King 6oz
Steamed Rice 4 oz
Vegetable of the Day 4 oz
Corn Bread 1 pc
Brownie 1 pc
Beverage 8 oz
Halal Chicken Patty 1 ea
Vegetarian Beans 6 oz

Oct 11 2011

Fresh Fruit 8oz
Hot Cereal 6oz
Scrambled Eggs 4oz
Pinto Beans 6oz
Tortillas 2ea
Salsa 2 oz
Non-Fat Milk, 1/2-Pint 1 ea
Coffee 8oz

Peanut Butter 1ea
Jelly 1ea
Wheat Bread 4 sl
Chips 1 ea
Cookies 1pk
Fresh Fruit 1 ea
Punch 1ea

Salad w/Dressing 3/4 cup
Beef Teriyaki (S) 6 oz
Pasta 4 oz
Vegetable of the Day 4 oz
Dinner Roll 1 oz
Margarine 1oz
Cake 1pc
Beverage 8oz

Oct 12 2011

Fruit Juice 8oz
Cold Cereal 4oz
Beef Hash 6oz
Boiled egg 2ea
Toast 2ea
Margarine 2ea
Non-Fat Milk, 1/2-Pint 1ea
Coffee 8oz

Lunch Meat w/Cheese 2oz
Wheat Bread 4 sl
Mustard 2ea
Peanut Butter Crackers 1 pk
Graham Crackers 2ea
Fresh Fruit 1ea
Punch 1ea

Tossed Green Salad 3/4 cp
Salad Dressing 1ea
Bean & Cheese Burrito 2ea
Spanish Rice 4oz
Mexican Beans 6oz
Vegetable of the Day 4oz
Salsa 2oz
Pudding 4oz
Beverage 8oz


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reco128 Posted 8 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
hey its Jeremiah that must suck hot cereal that must be gross well eny way love you by.

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