Sept. 11, 2016

Missing Love

by Perrie Thompson (author's profile)


[hand filled blue and red corners]
[flower growing along left border. Blue blossom at top, red towards the bottom]

Missing Love

Dedication to the ladies:
Joe: "I Wanna Know"

Today, I woke up pondering about love. It has been several years since I truly felt the feeling of being in love, and I truly miss love!

I believe love is essential to our happiness! I thrive when I am in love. Unfortunately, my incarceration has hindered my ability to find everlasting love. My deep enhanced affection and ability to artfully articulate my love has often been perceived as disingenuous. When really, I am just a hopeless romantic! Never did I think displaying affection could be a bad thing. But I do not believe in holding back. I have not given up on love; I believe I haven't met the right woman yet!

With that said, I am a single, devoted, and loyal person whose heart is open to love! I understand my incarceration presents an unique type of relationship, but love is found in the most unexpected places. Maybe we can be like Rihanna and find love in a hopeless place!

I close wishing all you the best in your love life! I hope my words intrigue one of you beautiful women out there into picking up your pen. Write me, and let's see what happens!

"You can never say it's not for you until you try it!"

Love, Dedication, Loyalty!

[drawing of Snoopy hugging a blue heart with his eyes closed.]


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j.c. Posted 5 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 5 years ago   Favorite
Cute drawings! I don't remember seeing any on your posts before. :)

I wish you success in finding that special person!


Perrie Thompson Posted 4 years, 11 months ago.   Favorite
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