March 21, 2023
by Perrie Thompson (author's profile)
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Dear Cubanqueen91,
Hi! I love the fact you view yourself as a queen, but what is your name? LOL Thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate hearing from you again. It's okay if you don't like to write, we can communicate on here. But please be aware your comments as well as mine are public. Anyone can read them.

I love this mission I am on; uplifting and saving lives is my calling. I was once apart on the problem, but now I am a part of the solution. Yes, I have received some hate, but that's a part of life. People are always going to have something negative to say. I don't fear anything! I'm not worried about anyone doing anything to me, "God got me!" Further, I am willing to die trying to break this destructive cycle. If I get killed trying to save our next generations, I am fine with that legacy.

My blog is run by an organization called Between the Bars. When you comment, they print your comments and mail them to me. I then write my reply, mail it back to them, and they post it. They then notify you that I replied.

You said there's a lot of women on my blog. I never really paid attention to that. That's not really my focus. I am on a mission and focus on getting my message out there. While I love meeting new people, trying to find a romance is not my focus.

But you are absolutely aright about men in prison lying, cheating, and using good women. Those are the things I believe are cowardly and unauthentic. I don't understand how a person can use a good woman who is just trying to love him. However, when a woman decides to date a man in prison, she must not forget he's not in prison for being a good person. I don't say that to mean there are no good people in prison, but the truly good people in prison are the minority. And there are many true scumbags. So women need to be very careful when dating a man in prison.

I am currently waiting on the court to rule on my resentencing petition. Things are looking up, and I believe I'll be out soon. I should know something by July. Thank you for asking.

Again, thank you for communicating with me, and I hope to hear from you again. Take care and have a blessed day!



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