Nov. 8, 2016

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The Prison System Wants You!
(Sept. 18, 2016)


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1 Nov. 2016

Letter to Dan Tutka

Dear Dan,

What's up, ya Polish sausage? :) I remember you and everyone I knew when free. Many times I chew on memories about people I knew, how things went right with them, and wrong, how I influenced them and how they influenced me... and how they agreed to a 3-round bout, and I let them tire themselves out pounding on me for two rounds, then they quite before I could punish them in the third!

I'm still pissed at you for that! :)

Anyway, wanting to help me and actually helping me print my autobiography are two different things. It's a big commitment, which is why I offer to pay whoever does so.

Consider if you really want to transcribe (you'd be able to use a script-reading program that turns my handwriting, which is neat, into computer text, then edit it for errors, for most of it) the 250,000 American words. Are you up to that?

Then there's emailing it to agents and/or publishers to get it published. It's so brutally honest about prison life, even parts that make me look bad, including the issue of racism (and Black prisoners' racism towards Whites) that it'll be hard to find a publisher. But when published, it'll sell.

Consider those factors, Dan. Then let me know by mailing me a letter:

Nate A. Lindell #303724
P.O. Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805-0901

I'd love to have you translate it into Polish and get it published in Poland, for which you'd deserve and I'd give you 50% of the royalties for two years.

Try this for starters though. Go to, grab the pdg of my poetry book EM Daer, vol. 2 (I'm going to post vol. 1 in about a month), and transcribe into computer text only the introduction—leave the poems in my handwriting, as is. Photoshop out the crappy photo of my on the cover. Then post the volume on and set its price as FREE so that anyone can read it and people can learn about me as a writer. This will help create an audience who'll be interested in my autobio about my prison experiences. Let me know how you handle that and we'll go from there.

I'd appreciate it too if you'd spread the word in Poland and the European scene about my blog—post my URLs:—on websites and messsaging boards over there.

You're welcome to email and ask her to let you see the first four chapters which I sent her. She seems to have lost interest. Hopefully, she wasn't just playing with me.

Thanks for writing, Dan. Hope you and the chickens are well. :)



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