Jan. 25, 2017

You Aesthetic Woman

by Yusef Latee Williams (author's profile)


"You Aesthetic Woman"

It is said that beauty is only skin deep
Which is why, I try to look at what's beneath
Like Pinocchio should've done—I cannot tell a lie
That your exoticness, caramel skin and lovely face
is pleasing to the eye
And to the taste—How sweet would it be, if your
caramel and my chocolate mixed?
In reality,—How wonderful would it be, if you truly
felt the depths of this?
Sunpraire, Madison and Wisconsin period, is far from Utopia,
So how is it possible that such perfection can come within
its midst??
Was it ordained by God?—Or did it just so happen to
be a coincidence?
Recollection of you pulchritude, O' Lady of intellect
Like Michael Angelo, I vividly paint a mental portrait of you,
And let the world behold,—It's 1st ghetto Rembrandt!
Thursday morning is the best part of my day
Listening intently on the knowledge you display
Although very much elated
A 5 minute segment seems to come and go like the wind
Sadden when the segment briefly comes to an end
The anticipation of waiting through a whole week
makes it all worthwhile
Surely as the sun rises
You illuminate the world, with your beautiful smile
Undoubtedly compassionate—understanding, loving and kind
Like a black widow or caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly
She spins her web throughout the world
Not entangling it—but benefiting mankind
Sentient and spiritually clairvoyant
Her web vibrates the raw unfettered feelings of others
Which is why
She has chosen a field to medically help others
How illustrious is the silk she weaves?
How wonderful of a super heroine indeed?
You're the daughter of Aphrodite
Oh, you primordial Asiatic woman
Olive-colored, tinged with a mix of honey gold
Shakyamuni Buddha in his noble teachings
Foretold of your reincarnations
And how they would bless humanity and the earth
We ruled Ancient Kemet
When we were Amen-Hotep III and Queen Tiye
I met you again when I was King Solomon—and you
The Queen of Sheba had visited me
Plato and Aristotle tried to explain and tell your story
After seeing how beautiful you are—early in the morning
A botanist named a flower after you—morning glory
You were mentioned in an ayat of the Qur'an
And written a Talmud's verse
You clearly could've graced the runways of Paris and Milan
You clearly could've been Miss Wisconsin, Miss America, or Miss Universe!
Like Mary, your mother gave birth to an extraordinary girl
I built the Taj Mahal for you
Because you're the eighth wonder of the world
I didn't know if I could build any better
So for you—
I built the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Ka'bbah
At the holy city of Mecca
The ancient Persians built an empire named after you
And before Zoroastrianism—it was Mandiraism
The oracle of the Goddess Mandira gave knowledge and wisdom
To her subjects—which is why the ancient Greeks
Built a temple named after you
America will name its 51st state after you
The Chinese named their language after you
The Hindus named a dance after you
The Armenians named a dance after you
The Jews built and named a synagogue after you
The Turks named a rare jewel after you
The Japanese named a beautiful mystic queen dragon after you
The Arabs named the 39th constellation after you
Columbus sailed with a fourth ship named after you
India changed its capital of New Delhi to be named after you
The Italians named a delicious dish after you
The Cherokee named a herbal spice after you
There will come a time when all the medical centers will
Be named Dean and St. Mandira's after you
Beethoven wrote the unpublished 33rd symphony for you
Cezanne and Botticeeli painted you
Rumi wrote a poem about you
Imam Ghazali dedicated a book to you
Hermes spoke well of you
Chekov wrote a play about you
Titled Mandira: Magnificent, Majestic and Magnanimus
Allah's perfect creation
He told the angels and the Jinn to prostrate themselves to you
Shaitan didn't want to do it at first
But even he ultimately submitted to you
Upon gazing—I was froze like Medusa
Caught in her web of intelligence and beauty
I couldn't remember—maybe a past life
I'm gone speak it into existence—in this rhyme
Unlike Erykah Badu, I will see you in this lifetime
I know it was time that I knew her
Maybe Chronos dedicated that we shall meet again in this way
And I look forward to hearing what you got to say
Our destinies were written with that heavenly pen
I pray that the most high
Will ordain us to become friends
If that magical genie could grant me just one wish
I'd wish that you—with an open mind
Look at the heart, mind, spirit, and maturity of the man
Who would like to gain your acquaintance
And not just a more prisoner
For greatness and Godlike men
Do sometimes catch a bad break and fall
Don't forget Jesus, Joseph, Ghandi
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Paul
Were at one point in time a mere prisoner
You're definitely in a class of one—without any ambiguity
Your grace, elegance, poise, and breeding dates back to antiquity
Anointed with the holy ashes of Pujah and oil of Somali Rose
Out of the ashes like the phoenix—you so majestically rose
So clairvoyantly, I look into a brighter future
That I know will be worthwhile
And maybe—just maybe, one day in person—for me
i'll see that beautiful smile

You Aesthetic Woman


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