Jan. 30, 2017


by Yusef Latee Williams (author's profile)



We may be long distance dads
But our children are close to our hearts
Clearly distinguishable from deadbeat dads
Our love for our kids is off the charts
We cherish and remember them with ease
It's not difficult, a burden or hard
Their existence on this Earth, is truly a blessing from God
Although encaged like a toy ship in a bottle
They still admire and respect us as their role model
Prison didn't define us, who we are, or and what we've become
Many of us have turned our cell, into our church, mosque or synagogue
enriching our soul, and that's the best spiritual income
Many of us are worldly poor
Only making a 2 or 3 rate - I wish it was a 7
We have to ask the warden for a pay raise
if he don't grant it, - it's okay
Because everybody knows,
All long distance dads get to go to heaven
Oh, what a wonderful harvest we shall reap
Watching our seeds grow into productive members of society
Showing them patience, kindness, affection and understanding
Looking into the face of your little princess knowing one day she'll be a Queen
Looking into the face of your little prince knowing one day he'll be a King
There's nothing like looking into the face of a child who looks just like you
There's no sound that could compare to the words of "Daddy I lLove You"
Although, I will admit, hearing the words "Granddaddy I Love You"
Sounded just as cool

"Lil muffin told me this a few months back
Everybody think that their child or grandchild is the cutest
But I brought the pictures here today to prove this fact
Bruce Christianson gave me some excellent tips
On how to connect with my grandbaby, so I thank him for that
Facilitating two programs at Columbia, he's a valued asset
I salute all the fathers,
who participated in this class of long distance dads
Listening to your stories, sharing our triumphs and tribulations
We've become comrades
Let not our aspiration to succeed as men and fathers
ever become a fad
When our story is told
Our children will say with a smile on their face

"That's My Dad" - which means:
Dedicated And Dignified

December 6, 2016

Facilitator: Bruce Christianson
Certificates Presented To:
Aaron Allen
Ron Allen
Timothy Carter
Jeffrey Davis
Gerald Jackson
Demetrius Matticx
Clifton Williams
Yusef Williams

I'm going to make
the rest of my life
the best of my life

Fall Down Seven
Times...Stand Up

Before you say something to
someone, always think
about how you'd feel if
someone told you the same

To become a Father is
not Difficult...
But to be a Father Is...

Don't judge me by
my past
I don't live there

My father gave me the
greatest gift anyone could
give another person:
He believed in me.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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