Feb. 8, 2017

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by Teddy Drake (author's profile)
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How do men deal without the presence of a woman? Being incarcerated we are forced to grin and bare it learning to cope one can come up with. We are all wired differently. Some can cope and others find another outlet.And many are fortunate their woman didn't leave them so they are afforded visits to be able to receive the gentle hug and kiss.able to reach across the table and take her hand to tell her he loves and misses her.they are able to call and hear her lovely voice and be supported financially and morally.to write and receive love letters those individuals don't have to worry about dealing with anything but spending their idle time in ensuring their desire to change and be a better man to them.when they are in want of intimacy they have their beautiful sexy pictures
Others who don't have a woman try and catch the eye of a prison guard or employee tending to make his presence known.they fill the void within in believing there is something there.not knowing hundreds of others are doing the same I sit back and watch it all like a soap opera;)some of the female officers see right through it all going along with the game.all for the attention they aren't getting at home. In a form those individuals'MEN' receive their way of dealing with it all because they recieve the desired effect. Feeling they are wanted they may not get the touch but,its all substituted through interesting someone into liking them and its not just one female they will try to interest.it becomes an addiction.
And of course lets not forget the bisexuals who try and entice.turning them out to seeking the attention of another man.to put it politely, I'm dumbfounded in (THEM) visiting their girlfriends or wives only to leave and seek the sexual desires from another man!substituting the desired affect let me be clear not all men do this!!!but beware...
And there are guys like myself who reach out to you through pen pal programs searching for the right person who will see us through it all,support us and to just be there. I try and form a friendship and if it becomes interesting pursue what can be.. mostly people are unsure of us and grow tired or have too busy of lives to stay in touch or hang in there.so we are easily let down i speak from experience I do believe through incarceration we become better men for women because you truly don't know its to appreciate something until its gone!!!some don't realize the true value of a good woman. Not every guy has issues with this subject but those that do feel inadequate when released,we seek the wrong MATCH instead of going with our hearts.it makes you wonder whats wrong with us?its because we become self conscious and unsure not striving for the best we settle for less than we deserve choosing wrong relationships based on desires alone...
WE don't want to live life alone no one does not being around a woman does change us in many ways for the better Men do become more reserved through the time of incarceration adapting to our release takes time because we have to relearn how to act around women learn the likes and dislikes all over again but its manageable. All isn't lost or obtainable.
you just have to give us time to adjust prison doesn't turn us into monsters if your maybe feeling this way some good does come out of it! I truly hope something I've said helps others to get a better understanding of the incarcerated mind of males. for its my sole purpose to give you the truth to ease the hearts of others and give you a better understanding. AGAIN you are all welcome to inquire whats on your mind!!!

written by TEDDY DRAKE

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