May 15, 2018

Growing From Experiences!!

by Teddy Drake (author's profile)



Dear readers,

Hello once again and yes I'm still here! Though I mostly write of experiences and uplifting situations. The topic I'd like to share with you is one of trials and tribulations and of growth in all of lifes many struggles inside these prison walls. Since I last wrote I no longer work in the administration part of the unit I now work in a big warehouse freezer something I did not want to do I started off in another part of the warehouse but my efficiency to work stood out too much and I was taken advantage of and moved all of my hard work and effort to stay where I was did not matter so I was moved in the one place nobody wants to go... I wanted to refuse but was told I couldn't and I didn't want to get into trouble. Then I was forced to operate a faulty pallet jack only to hurt myself. And written up for it funny thing is we are forced to work and operate the equipment in an unsafe manner then written up.... go figure.... then I had another incident with the same machine and was written up again!!! After several months now I finally came to terms with my situation. I'm locked up and only seen as a tool and the supervisors don't even care for our safety. All that's cared about is getting the job done. I used to believe that our hard work doesn't go unnoticed but it doesn't it's seen as an opportunity to get as much work done out of the mule you can, my growth comes from dealing with what is expected of me and accepting I have no choices in here and one day when I am out I may not have choices either. From every situation I try to see the good. My first day in the freezer I wanted to turn around and walk out. Now I'm ok with it and don't care to even change any more the tuff part is not having the proper clothing for 17 degrees. All in all the moral is learning to adapt I've used this experience to learn as much as I can because who knows I may just have to work in this type of conditions when I am out. And I'm using it to learn all I can about how to operate highlift equipment and forklifts a skill I didn't know until I started working out there. Long story short it's taught me how to be more careful under these conditions. It's taught me to accept punishment even though it may not be my fault and that's a hard pill to swallow. I even grieved the situation to no result and contacted UMBUDSMIN because eventually some else will get hurt a lot worse and I wanted it to be documented. The sad thing is under policy TDC has to do a proper investigation when OMBUDSMIN is contacted and they didn't even do that! They did an uninformal investigation and didn't even contact ME the complaint so I've learned TDC does a lot of paper pushing! Well I just waned to share this situation with all of you and encourage you in believing some good does come out of it all no matter how bad it looks if you only look for it!

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Mel Posted 5 years, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 5 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
Hi Teddy!

I found you through your awesome art, but really enjoyed reading all your posts.

Reading your stories, I sympathize with you and how unfairly treated things can be in your justice system.

I come from a tiny country called New Zealand (some maps don’t even have them) and I can’t say we do much for helping prisoners back into society but would never allow for health and safety to be compromised. Basic human rights should NEVER be compromised and I’m sorry you have to experience it!

But your constant positivity and kindness must be a refreshing for those around you. Never underestimate the power of it!

I hope you’ve had no more troubles with equipment.

Keep drawing, writing, expressing.


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