Feb. 18, 2017

Head Games

by Henry West


Head Games

This is how stupid the employees of the New York state prison system is.

We are issued perfectly white underclothes—socks and shirts. When we send them to the prison laundry, they come back a brownish color. After investigating this, I found out the civilians in the prison laundry washes our clothes with the dirty mop heads and don't use the required amount of bleach. There's no way to get them white again, and they won't replace them for another six months. Now we have to walk around for six months looking dirty all the time.

Another one is the medical department here. When we are sick and need medical attention, they won't help us. But when we are not sick, the medical department always calls for us for tests or to see the doctor.

Another one is when we go to eat, we only have ten minutes to eat a full meal. If we don't finish our meal in ten minutes, we get a misbehavior report for not eating all our food.

I didn't know head games was one of the requirements to being a prison employee. I guess it's just another form of abuse.


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Rita Posted 5 years, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 5 years, 4 months ago   Favorite
hello dear Henry,

10 minutes to eat... that's real crazy! Eating with stress is so very bad for the stomach! :o
Yes, it is really strange how doctors act over there. Not normal, to say the least.
How stupid washing laundry and let it get a brownish color.It's such a very dumb thing to do. They can see it for themselves, can't they?! :o

And what exactly are head games, Henry? Doesn't seem good...:((

I learn Swedish now. Love to study other languages! On a site on internet i can practice whatever language. One hears the sound as well. I did classes in the past of Italian and Russian and now I can practice them at my own rhythm. My youngest daughter is a Russian translator and that's why I took lessons in it.:)
Also I spoke the whole time Spanish in Argentina and that's so very close to Italian! :( I've to learn to think in Italian, now.
Swedish is so funny: it's like a mixture between Dutch(my own language) and English. :) George has Swedish blood in his veins, as well as Finnish blood, through his mom. And German, English and Scottish blood through his dad. Quite something!
I know for sure I've French blood, but a person who lived in Mongolia thought to recognize I've roots there!:o Only a DNA test can prove this. It costs a lot!!

Stay healthy, and take care of yourself, Henry. Thanks for the information.
A big hug from Rita!

Do you know yours, Henry?

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