March 9, 2017

impressive depression

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February 2017

Impressive depression
by X-Ray Robinson

Intentionally purposed, loved me

Love. The Greeks have broken it down into agape; diving love, Eros, erotic love, and philao, brotherly love. I am sure that the real expression of love may apply itself to many different kinds of relationships with all kinds of people, drugs, and other attachments that humans have opened ourselves up to develop.

But just for a moment, I would like for us to consider most power and unique kind of love of any kind: intentional love.

Intentional love is an eyes open process that creates, establishes, and develops opportunities and portals for the source of love to flow freely "through us", not just to us. Intentional love is unaware of selfish possibilities and receptive to no concepts that grasp, cling, and hinder. Intentional love sees what the eyes cannot. There is no greater act than to love, care, and consider intentionally on purpose.

It is my conclusion and position that just as light does not hesitate to shine nor pause to consider darkness, so it is with intentional love. It has no space, room, nor awareness about any situation that is not an element of motivation and stimulation dedicated to love absolutely and unanimously. I wonder how many of us are loving the people around us intentionally. Are you? Are you in relationships that provide a grand platform for you to just love so clearly it is understood, accepted, digested, and absorbed so quickly that second servings are ongoing?

I mean, well, are you? Am I? Being loved with intention and purpose? Are we secure in our daily living that today I am going to be loved?

Maybe not.

But there is a starting place that always bears fruit. Love yo self first! Loving yourself first, furious and open, will show and teach others how you are to be loved. But there is some very small print. Not everyone will be giving their attention, nor will all be willing. But I encourage you to do the most difficult work: lay the most important foundation and build the most significant structure by purposefully, intentionally, loving yourself—above and beyond the call of any other duty.

I am an African classic,


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