Jan. 26, 2021

Behind the SEEN

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JAN. 2021

"Behind the SEEN"

It is so difficult to be on the look-out, in search of something that you have never seen before. Not knowing what the thing you are looking for, looks like; will cause you to look high and low, far and near, here and there, and everywhere.

It all started with the mirror. The mirror can only give back to us what we place in front of it. If you don't put it there, then the mirror cannot show it to you. and the mirror cannot allow you to hear what it shows you. You cannot smell, taste or touch what the mirror shows you. And if you reach out to the mirror to touch the stuff you see, you will discover that what is being reflected by the mirror is flat and untouchable through the mirror somewhere, in a sad time and space, there was an explosion of people who took over the job of mirrors. But these people had become so disgusted with what they save in the mirror, til they decided that they could do a much better job at telling other people what they looked like and what they were reflecting.

This became a disease far worst than COVID-19. It seemed, and continues to seem, as if everyone is infected.

We started out using the mirror to make adjustments on the simple and obvious things about ourselves. But now, we go back to the mirror only to confirm the horrors that have been told to us. We look in the mirror a see ugly, bad, useless. We see that I am better than them. We hear voices as we look in the mirror that tell us to go away, and come back when you look better. The more we search to please the mirror the worst the infection gets; so bad until we stand in the mirror looking for love, reaching for less power.

The search started for each of us at different times, looking for love. Some searching was passed down from generation to generation. And the infection search continued, we began to create our own definitions of love. After seeking and searching, and finding no love that looked right in the mirror, we became desperate to please what we wanted to see and to satisfy the people all around us who were looking at us, expecting us to make love-ing appear. So not only were we looking for love in all the wrong places. But we were looking and calling for a love that does not look like what we are looking for, nor does it answer to the names we call it. When men create love, so-called, it is the never ending beginning of FRANKENSTEIN. Well, thanks be to the creator, a God above all gods, one who has no beginning and has no end-because at some point, in some of our lives, we begin to recognize that all of the sick lost changes that we have gone through, has shown us what love is not. *We go back to the mirror and see it for what it is, an opposite reflected flat illusion. We can then step away from the painted glass realize that all the time that we spent and spend looking for love-love was looking for us! Love, we have been told, love is everywhere. But if we are looking for the feeling of love, I promise you, the find will let you down, again, again, and again. Because we feel love, but love is not a feeling. Love, for sure, will never resemble anything that has been seen in the mirror, (ended page 3)
Love will never be found, because love is not lost. You can't fall in love, because does not participate in falling. We cannot even grow in love, because is the same as seed, tree, and fruit, and bears no variation in expression. So what is love? What is it that we seek and search and long for unto death? Something that reveals our need for each other;
Love is a power at the core of each one of us that only requires one thing - to be recognized. We keep searching for air, all the while we breathe. Once we begin to recognize that there is only one power, everything will change. Oh it is going to be the most strange, uncomfortable, wonderful process that ever lit-up in your life. Because love is so powerful that it will accept you just the way you are. Love will never play with your feelings, because you are too important for love to lose you. Real love, true love is only LOVE that is POWER. IT is a power that frees us from ourselves and bonds us together - forever.
I am an African classic/X-RAY

[image of a drawn eye]

by: X=Ray
The African Classic

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carlieelpers Posted 3 years, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post! I really appreciated your insight!

TIFFEVANS01 Posted 1 year, 10 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 10 months ago   Favorite
I missed your call call me back

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