June 24, 2017

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From Prison Dad by Robert Pezzeca (author's profile)
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(Oct. 1, 2016)


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Hi, how are you? I hope good. I am sorry that I have been out of touch for so long. Life has been extremely tough for the last 2 months. But I was happy & saddened with your last response. It was great you got to finally go to see George & spend some time with your man but saddened that you had so many troubles getting in & having something as simple as a visit. Those problems would not happen in my state so it's a shame that they do happen in other states. I do not have a "reply Id" for this so I am hoping you still receive this. I went to the hole because in the same day I found out one of my brothers had died, though we did not know each other very well & hadn't spoken in many years, he's dead now, his name was Robert Sliney, & later that same day they took my single cell. I have lived alone for 15 years & then they just take it in 1 day. I was put in the hole for 30 days. They made me stay in a cell with nothing, no clothes, no sheets, no mattress, nothing, for almost 1 week. Now I am out & I have a cellie. It is not easy, but I will make it work for my parents sake. When I got out of the hole my mom informed me that my dad is also dying of cancer, he had stomach cancer that spread to his brain. There is nothing they can do. My dad is a good man who does not deserve this. My mom's leukemia is getting so much worse. The doctors say they will not live to see Christmas.
I do not speak to my brother anymore. He said he no longer wishes to have a brother in prison so we are done speaking to each other. If you ever need to get in touch with me you can send an e-mail to my friend Melanie,, she monitor my e-mail so if it's important, send an e-mail to:
Don't bother to contact my brother anymore. We haven't spoken in over a month & after the way he has treated me & spoken to me, we are done. he said he will never bring our dying parents to see me again. But he gets to see them every single day. I am very angry & bitter over this. No, they didn't let me keep my job. I tried. Very hard to get a job in a prison with just 1,300 jobs & 2,200 people. I have a asked for my job back so maybe in a month or so they will allow me another chance. I am so sorry you had such a tough time with your visit. You travelled from so far for this & I hate knowing that it wasn't perfect for you. I am glad that you sound like you had a happy visit. These are rare in here.
In late April, another of my brothers, he is a half brother but brother nonetheless, his name was Jesse Baker. He died of drugs. Not an easy time. I would like you to check out the website called:
My friend made this website & I would like to know what you think, Go to the section on it called "Goodness Behind Bars" & you will see me. I am the first person on it. I have a busy day today. I have to shave, clean everything, type for the lifers organization that I am the Vice President of, & I have to wash my own laundry. It is not easy doing all of this with another person in the little cell but I am not willing to go to the hole again unless I have no choice. Well my friend, I really must go. I have to start my day. Take very good care & I hope you are having a happy time returning home. Enjoy the babies & I'm sure I will hear from you soon. God Bless, Ciao.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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