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9/26/16: 12:10pm: Listening To: Strangers In The Night By: Frank Sinatra

Dear Rita,

Hi, how are you? I hope good. I received your last comments that you wrote on 9-12. I got them on 9-19. Been a very hectic week for me, month really. They are not willing to transfer me any closer to my mom so I am done begging. I'll make the best of it. Then I receive some comments that my daughter wrote. Broke my heart to read them. This goes out to everyone that hates me. If you hate me, stop reading what I write and leave me alone. My child reads this and she doesn't deserve to be treated like garbage or hear how you hate me. No one cares if you hate me. Stop trying to hurt me through my family and my daughter. She has a hard enough life and you are only making it harder. If you don't believe that someone can change, then wash your hands of me.

Now back to you Rita. How are you? I hope good. Yes, I know where you are. I had a friend whom I lost touch with a few years ago. Letters just got expensive and she has a life, a busy one. Would you contact her for me online and see if I can have her new address. Her name is Sonja Reijmer. She is in the Netherlands. I hope by now she is married with a baby. Her sister got me for her as a birthday present and we remained friends for about a decade. I would like to write to see how she has been, I do miss my friend. Wow, your new friend Milena speaks 7 languages. My friends in Italy speak a few but not that many. In the Spring, Summer and Fall they have a small outside visit area, made especially for kids. So they can run around, play on monkey bars and sliding boards. The Jaycees Organization paid for this. The jail would never approve paying for this. On 8-30, I asked my unit manager for a hardship transfer to a prison closer to my mom, she responded by moving me to another section of the prison. So by doing that, they took my job, I was elected to be block representative (I was the voice of the block to the administration)and I was no longer allowed to go to the infirmary to volunteer. So I filed a complaint in writing and I asked the Warden to have me moved back. I did nothing wrong, this was very unprofessional. My new counselor called me to her office. She wanted to know why I requested a special visit from me and my mom. I explained everything to her, I showed the paperwork from the Deputy Warden. She cursed me out, told me she doesn't give a f*ck about my, my mom or my visit and she will not allow it. So I wrote to the Warden and told him I could not be on this unit. Please move me back to my former unit, give me my job and status back. If not, I am going to find someone who will help me take this to court. This is BS and I didn't deserve it. Where is George? USA? If so, what state and prison? A lot of people don't know what segregation is. It's the hole. You are locked in a cell with nothing for 23 hours a day, for 1 hour you are lucky. You get out to a small cage the size of a kennel for fresh air. They can keep you in the hole for years if they want. My mom knew I was struggling so she gave my brother $50.00 to send me. She can't afford that. She get's less than $700.00 a month for her disability and she has some very expensive cancer meds that government Medicare won't pay for. But I use that entire $40.00 to write letters to Senators, lawyers, politicians, I explain my story and beg for help. Not one is wiling to help. If I had money they would have helped, if I had family to call them they would have helped. I tried but failed. We will try to get my mom here in October after she comes from the hospital after a blood transfusion. She always has more energy and feels better for a few days after a transfusion. So hopefully this all works out. The Warden said if I stop asking for a transfer he'll let me have a job in the infirmary so I wrote him and asked for the job. Hope he doesn't like to me.

So how did the move for Milena go? Is her art studio nice?

No, I am not an optimistic person. I try and try but nothing good ever seems to happen to me. I have no energy lately. So much writing with no results. Now my child suffers in life, it is draining me. It's hard to re-energized yourself when everything around you seems to always be negative. But I continue to try. Hopefully my daughter will reach out to me more and i'll get an address and phone number for her. She is a good kid, she just needs to be loved, protected and helped until she is ready to do it on her own. Well take care of yourself Rita and I hope you get to see George again soon. I look forward to hearing from you. God Bless, Ciao.


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Rita Posted 4 years, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 6 months ago   Favorite
hi Robert, I see the date you'll receive this note will be on October, 10th.
I noticed you received my previous one exactly one week later.
I hadn't the time to write you any earlier.
I will try to look for this name: Sonia Reijmer. In Holland. Hopefully you can meet her again.
I am not on Facebook, as I don't have time enough to go there.But I'll ask a Dutch friend,Gera, ok? She also writes with a few inmates.I got to know her on internet in Argentina and kept being good friends.

You spoke in your letter from the Jaycees. George used to work for them- he was the chosen president in his younger years.He liked it a lot!!They were very satisfied to have him, as he was very professional!

George is transferred to Menard, IL. A State prison. He has been there before. There were so many lock downs!But he knew some friends there, and he never liked the prison he was in, in Mt Sterling anyway.The portions of food are a little better too.His time in seg will be till half of January!!He's in since June 17th...
I guess he's always with a second person.He has to choose between a shower or a walk in a 'cage'. :(( So very sad. I told him he needs fresh air, as he would take the daily shower. They are still working at his case, but there isn't a whole lot they can do, I'm afraid... :(
I write many letters, and that's the only way I can contact him.He can't call his old father, 93 for months.That is why I call hm now and then.
Apparently he wrote an article as an activist as some money destinated for the food of inmates was used for something else.(!) They took it against him.Plus then the issue of the activist newsletter he got from the mail room! :( All very unfair.
Is he going to keep alright? I'm very concerned, you know. :((
So ugly, Robert, they transferred you too to another unit. Plus they were rude!... You lost your job and the volunteering at the infirmary.Those men will miss you there!
Too bad to hear you wrote in vain and nobody was helping.You did the effort and took good intentions, Robert. That in itself is remarkable!
Keep trying. A good friend from George, Joshua sent me 8 paintings, as we're two artists!I was very impressed to receive them here!!On one of the backs of them is written:'Keep up the fight'. Nice acrylic painting!:)
I wish your mother could visit in October after having her transfusion.And you having a job in the clinic. As well hearing more from your cherished daughter, Krista.I've a niece with that name.
I should contact Milena again. Yes, she rented a large studio!But I hardly have time in my shedule to paint.Nor to play piano.I was very busy doing other activities. One can't do it all.
Nice to tell you'd like to become a better person, Robert.You are paving the way, you know! :))One should always do the very best. God does the rest. Live with joy; that is our nature of being.Try to live positively, how hard it sometimes seems to be.
I wondered if you have some friends there?
Best! Rita

BostonRocks Posted 4 years, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 6 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

Robert Pezzeca Posted 4 years, 5 months ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 4 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
hello Robert,

How is everything with you? Here it says you should get your mail today, Nov. 7th.News is like a care package, says George, my fiancé. And so it is! One likes to hear what happens with a friend at the other side of the world.And we all have ups and downs, haven't we?
I read you can converse with your daughter and so the two of you can grow towards each other.She knows she has a very dear dad. :)
To put you in a positive mindset I'd like to sum up some very nice sayings, Robert.Wisdom lets you grow.

'A life without love is a waste'

'Experience will give you more wisdom'

'Give yourself to the world, and it will give back to you'

They're nice to reflect on!

Robert, another friend inmate Joshua sent me 8 paintings; he's an artist and together with George (now they're separated) they made a watercolor from my parents, when they married!They surprised me with it for my birthday!I was really very moved; also with 8 artworks!in different mediums: acrylic, pen, wasco, etc
I certainly would have liked to send money on J Pay!Well, I can't... Something with my bank card.My Dutch friend Gera heard about this happening with BE cards. There is another way to send money and I'll try it. I had like to send you some money as well, but you see my problem.

George is still in segregation, but as he says, he's okay.His alternative plate is relatively good.He got an apple and this is scarce!...Do you get fresh food at yours?

I had bad luck on October, 13th; a suitcase in the train (I was going to babysit at my daughter, Elke)fell from the rack on my head! A child could have been dead or injured for life! All by all I'm doing well. No severe headaches, sometimes a slight pain on the top of my head. But it's minor.The neck was stiff and now I'm going twice a week to the therapist.It's becoming slowly better.
On the 7th of December I've the opportunity to travel with a couple;( her fiancé is also an American)-we're in a small group of 5 people- to travel to Indonesia! It was always a wish f mine to see that country!
We're back on December,30th.
How immensely cruel to kill a man for some money!So, you have only three friends at you place; at least you have them.Look at you Robert, you are a good man... and perhaps there are more men such as you.Looking for friendship.I know, George tells me; they're hard to find!He went to a prior prison, and there he had good friends. The past prison was a waste of time; but at least he had met Joshua as a very good friend, like a brother.:))
George helps fellows there; in the other prison there was no demand for his help.He's an intellectual and he can help in ways. he does what he can. These are his small rewards. He's a peaceful person. And has a lot of respect for who he is!In April I will visit him.
Robert, with helping others, you help yourself.Did you join that offer? Did you get the job they promised you?
A hug!Rit

Robert Pezzeca Posted 4 years, 4 months ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 4 years, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 4 months ago   Favorite
dear Robert,

This time you should have my message by November,28th,so it says.I wondered... can't your daughter write a letter to you?Did she do some studies?At 19 I became myself a teacher in primary school.Later they only taught at 21; I seemed like a 16yr old.:)
Even now I seem a few yrs younger than my real age. So does my mother.The genes, eh.
I did write you about the suitcase that fell on my head? On the train, while I was intending to babysit at my daughter Elke.
My head is okay, thank God.But my neck needs therapy.Twice a week!The healing is slowly. A tendon is hurt.The way my neck protected itself from that shock.The payments will be done by the owners of that suitcase.Family insurance it's called.And now I appeal on it.
I had a very strong cold too. All disappears now.

Mold in a sink? Maybe it's in the water that comes out of the faucet?Don't other men complain from it Robert?But I assume you have a glass to take the water, and not having to fill a sink for it?
You're fortunate that you have fruit everyday. He has once and a while a fruit, and since he has a special plate.. he has it now and then,and others not! Illinois is broke!!! They couldn't even pay their water bills.The governor, Rauner, told them he would shut the prison, Menard, and then they feared for all the jobs in prison and they shut up.
George made a cartoon, and he would let it spread through the newspapers through his dad...He was punished for it by two months of segregation!A cartoon mentioning on top that prisoners and the staff should have the same meals,by law.Then you see George sitting on a chair with underneath listed the 5 items they get all over again. Next to him sits a well fed porky like guard and underneath 28 items they get fed.He's an activist and they retaliate!
Look now: he's in seg since June 17th and he still is they brought him to another prison. People in the kitchen- friends from the old days(he was there before)feed him well as they know he's helping them with his activism.
A real shame; they got expensive meals and you all did the jobs and get paid so few:(((
I will help you to get some money, Robert, as I will contact your brother.Jay- Pay I tried for George's friend, Joshua... but it didn't work.So I will try Western union.
Would Justin not be able to help you also in any way, Robert?
So bad of them; they promised you a job in the hospital... and they didn't keep their word.:(
Maybe there is a certain product you can clean your sink with in the commissary? Do pay attention though!!
What happened with your view?No window any more?
Robert, my messages will be shorter as I have to focus now on my trip.
I leave on the 6th of December to Holland.The next day my plane goes up in Schiphol, their airport.

Take very well care and trust in yourself.No art anymore, maybe you read more or so?Stay well occupied too.

Have a warm hug from Rita :))

Ps. Rita is an Italian name.

Rita Posted 4 years, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 4 months ago   Favorite
hello Robert,

I loved how you described what you made as a fruit salad for your Justine and even enjoyed seeing her eating it. :))
A caring man, I notice.

You turn 40 this 30th of November! I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday! Nice I can wish it to you. May there be a special event that makes your day special!And keep smiling... for everyday is special in its own way.
My daughter Leslie in CA turned 37 on November 23rd and I felt kind of emotional that day, to not to be able to embrace her.:(
I had her on a Sunday on an airforce base.She was the only baby born that day; they told me when I came in.It was the day 'before' Thanksgiving. I saw out of my room in Utah, the Rocky Mountains. And it snowed for the first time!! Her skin was so white too. She had those clear blue eyes! What a lovely baby she was!!! And now she moved to the States...
Right now I'll contact your brother Justin by email. Let's hope you next get the money through him.

Big hug from me!

Robert Pezzeca Posted 4 years, 4 months ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 4 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
hello dear Robert,

I'd like to wish you yet a new year of little 'great' things: calling you daughter, your mom and talking with friends out of prison and maybe here and there nice people at yours.Watching a tv- program that nurtures you, listening to music that gives you a good feeling inside, reading a good book perhaps?Writing to friends who are interested in what you have to tell us.Making an interesting drawing,or writing a good poem.
Robert,I am glad you will get the money soon.And it will be used for a good case. :)Would you know that I sent it on your B-day? I only noticed it later.November 30th Right? Were you able to do something special that particular day?I will send another 20 dollars for this month, ok?
George became free on December 15th; at least he celebrated Christmas out of segregation.:)He was there for six months!... His friends cared to give him some coffee, etc. He's doing good. Bless his soul.:)))
He now looks out to buy himself an PM3 player to download music, he didn't hear for ages.He adores music!I will visit him in April. I hope by then they don't move him another time.(...)
They stole some things.He has a nice cellie: an ex- military.He complained in an article (his dad sent me one as well)about his oval diet tray. Things noted items down, but they never received them.Or all over again and again. :(
I came home from Indonesia on December 30th.Indonesia is a very nice country.People are so nice, always smiling and greeting you with their hands across their breast. Folded together.Such a nice gesture.We've seen Sumatra (very poor!), next the island of Java, ex- colony of the Dutch and with a ship we went to the 3rd island, Bali. Indonesia has 33,000 islands!We were with 8 people in a group; with a Dutch organization, NRV.And had a very busy schedule!Two Dutch couples,two singles, Dagmar(she lives in Portugal) and me and the couple that invited me: Veerle,(read 'Varle') my BE friend and her fiancé, Scott, an American chiropractor. They both live in Holland.She came to ARG when I lived there and we went to Brasil.We also hiked, as pilgrims to Compostela, in Spain.I did in 10 days 200 km, but she did 800 km till Compostela.We saw a lot! And visited many areas. We drove so many miles by bus(a small one).
Also we saw uran utans!The most intelligent monkeys.They were befreed and trained to be into the wild again. They still kept the link with humans.:)
In some restaurants they eat cats or dogs. (!)

Receive a big hug from Rita! All the best,Robert. Ciau!

Rita Posted 4 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
I forgot this:if George would be free, I would consider to move to there. Maybe he never will be able to come to Europe...
Leslie was born in the States (Utah) and their family is happy there (in CA), so, they decided to stay there.They feel better than in Belgium.

Blessings and friendship from Rita :)))

Robert Pezzeca Posted 4 years, 2 months ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 4 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
hello Robert,

Leslie is living now in San Diego, CA. About George; most probably when he would be free one day... he CAN'T leave the States.i cold be wrong dough? Speaking about George; he gave 3 calls to his dad since he was free. But I didn't hear from him since my last letter dated around the 24th of December! I told his dad (we call an hour usually!; Its free for me after my 5 pm and in the weekends with Proximus, my phone company.
So, that is so very strange... if I had not heard from his dad he's okay, I would be very worried! Wonder what's going on?

Tonight, Sunday I'm going with the train to my daughter Elke, to babysit on Monday. Lynn of 3 doesn't have school. It's been a while I saw them. Well, on the 21st of January Lynn turned 3 and Lars got one year old. :)
His birthday is a week later; so, we celebrated it with my mother and me as well.I will write more another time before you get this writing, Robert.

I sent 20 dollars to your brother; maybe you got it in the meantime? They're good for some extra calls to your loved mom! :))

lots of love, Rita

Rita Posted 4 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
correction: though ;)

Rita Posted 4 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
hi Robert,I can see here that you will receive this note on Monday, 6th; I hope it will!I am home on Monday evening and all went fine! The children are cute and little Lars will almost walk. He's cheerful and was cleaning the window with the chalkboard cleaner from his sister, Lynn. So funny. I told Lynn, Joanna has not to come anymore to clean the house, we've Lars now! :)I did a pretty long walk with Lynn and ate an apple and banana while sitting on a small stone wall. We listened to the birds, saw trains passing by and planes going in the air, as they live near our airport: Zaventem.She was tired and said: my belly says 'yes' and my buttocks say 'no'. I will note her sayings down, to not forget her quotes.;)She loves me reading stories! It's a very clever little girl of 3.Well, she had no school today; I slept at theirs.It takes me about an hour and a half to go and that same time to return home.I take a tram and two trains and I walk a quarter of an hour to reach their house.Not yet a letter from George... For a month and a half almost!I am very worried.I booked my flight to Chicago, on the 21st of April. And will be back on May 8th.Next I have to take the Amtrak; there I still have to reserve my ticket.In Chicago I will book a room in an hotel near the airport.The next day I go by train to Chester.I've done it years ago when George was at Menard prison as well.It's laying very close to the Mississippi.When a long train came by, I was shaking in my bed.:)I guess I will not go this time to a B&B, but instead to a Best Western hotel.I still can do that walk till the prison.It's about as close as that B&B.I read you had problems with your daughter, Robert?I can imagine you worry so much!By now you could have heard from her? I hope so!But you only wish the best for her...:(Yes, ask your mom how she got that monkey as a teenager!?So strange somebody gave that to her!How is your mom doing now?I know of the lady of the organization Inside Outside,Agnes.She visits her friends in Texas on DR twice a year.She's there now.I write with two inmates too there.One is a Mexican; he suffers so much from cancer of the bladder/kidneys(?)!...They didn't help him in the past; it's a shame!On Christmas he hadn't electricity.Only on the second of January they fixed it.When she came for a visit, he was so much in pain!He had a medical bag attached that he had to carry at his feet.They finally gave him some help!But they could have let him carry it in his hands! But no, they had his hands locked on his back!He had a green yellowish color on his face, when she saw him.:(He said he couldn't come the next day; he just suffered too much!Agnes did everything to call his lawyer, she did talk with a friendly helping guard and a nurse who cared for the prisoner.He felt better(he received at least some help!) and maybe she could bring him a visit after all. But he should be treated in a clinic... :(He says he thinks they will let him die from natural causes.All so sad!Rita

Robert Pezzeca Posted 4 years, 1 month ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 4 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
hello Robert,I was a little worried the money got lost; tell your brother next time to tell me it arrived,okay?So,I know for sure. This time you should get the message on February, 27th:TODAY.Just got yours!:)What kind of a dr your mom has!Why doesn't he care?Maybe with chemo there is still a possibility to cure her?These people are not worth to be called drs.My brother Johan is a lung specialist;he is a very thoughtful person.Listens well to patients.He is retired but still works as a MUG doctor for two clinics at our coast.They have to go to urgent cases!Always being available.He likes his job and he has of course a lot of experience!He's 66 now.Johan has a very kind cha-
racter.He's my preferate brother.All his 4 grandchildren are girls.Agnes visits twice a year a few man on DR.Her friends. She visits some inmates here too.She gives massages of the feet to women there.Agnes and her husband were present with the death sentence in Texas from a black man who was innocent, many yrs ago.His lawyers did nothing. He was kept 10 yrs on DR; she wrote an article on it about his case. She promised him to care for all his brothers on DR.She does a lot for them and through her I was put in contact with George, my twin soul.:)On DR I wrote with Robert (I stopped writing him because he wrote ugly things in his letter from George) and Rubi,a Mexican. (I write in Spanish). This man suffered so very much!They don't help him with his cancer(prostate),he had no electricity from Christmas till the 2nd of January,he was bitten by a poisened spider and endured a lot of pain before they did some- thing about it.He couldn't eat as he wasn't able to go go to the toilet for 10 days!When Agnes came to see him he was very yellowish /green and had to drag a pocket of fluid at his leg,as he was cuffed with his hands on his back to the cage to see her.He suffered that much that he almost fell.That same night a nurse brought a medication to have a bowel movement.No dr came yet to him. But Agnes tried to let him see by a nurse and a friendly guard helped too. So, his lawyer by the assis- tanceof Agnes, would have a dr looked for the medical documents.He thus has an outside voice. She keeps the lawyer working at Rubi's case.He's in his sixties.Such a dear sensitive and emotional man. He drew a few drawings for me when he was a little better.If only he could be trans-ferred to a clinic!He has 4 children but nobody looks after him.He says we are his family.:)All he has is two bibles (Sp plus En) and the letters from his friends, all Belgians and Dutch people who write with him.In the past Agnes urged people to write him Birthday cards when she thought he would be executed!People kept writing.I'm the only one who writes in SP.He writes long letters in a very small writing to be able to put more on a page.;)I pray for the pen pal friends who are injails; also for your mom, Robert.Tell her next time.-smile Give her a((warm))kiss from me.What is again her age&her name?x Rita

Rita Posted 4 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
hi Robert, So thoughtful of you to help me with George's mail.I will write to Jessica,his lawyer to tell her that in the month of January 2 letters were missing- I can tell because he numbers his letters; 2 lack!I never received his Valentine card,which he always does!:)I will call his d

Rita Posted 4 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
... dad tonight as well.This morning NO sign of his.:(I've a an urgent message fro his dad too,how to reach Chester;that's the place where I've to visit him.I thought the Amtrak arrived there,but it's in Carbondale and that's many miles from Chester.It would be 150 dollars to bring me and 150 dollars to go back by a taxi.That I'm not spending!So, that's where his dad has to pick me up.There is no other way.I've visited George there,but that's yrs ago!Then an American woman/friend drove me.Actually that must have been my very first visit to George.:)Yesterday I booked my B&B and the hotel B.Western as well.I would have preferred to stay the whole period in the Hospitality House which is only 20d/night.At BW it's almost 100d/night!On my dates there was a group;so bad luck there!I can reside there only three nights; the last ones of my staying.Still to book my Amtrak tickets(coming and going)and twice an hotel in Chicago,where I land and twice an hotel in Carbondale too.If only they don't have a lock down when I'm coming.They do have MANY in Menard!But George has more friends over there then in Hill.I wonder if he got any success with the menu he wrote to a person from the kitchen? Complaining about the repetition of the food!:(On the weekend of 18/19February I hiked twice 20 kilometers!With a group of my youth!When I was in my 20ies I already hiked with that group: the Sippels.(speak out: siepels). Veerle (say: Varle), with who I went to Indonesia asked me.it was tough!I had no training anymore!In a protected high elevated area.In the high wetlands.Very beautiful landscapes!Streams,only birches growing here and there, because of the sour underground that is.We had patches of very wet land,icy roads! and even parts of snow.I fell once; but I was taking my time to not to fall again,because my sciatic (a pinched nerve) would rise again.It appeared when the therapeutic would treat me for my neck.Because of the suitcase that fell on me in the train on October 13th.( I was so very proud I walked the 40 kilometers!Another older lady had a lot of training though.I will buy some good jacket (I was dressed way too hot!)thermo- underwear and two walking sticks.I didn't know anybody in the large group, but Veerle and me made new friends.:)I plan to do more hiking with them.We slept in a big and modern gîte and got good food!I was stiff that evening, but not my legs(never),but both sides of my pelvis.I slept an hour, ate, and took a bath after the nap.The next morning I did babysit at Elke's and when walking towards the train in the evening, it was already much better.BUT I WAS PROUD! :))Robert,take care,call you mom -say hi from me- and keep positive! No, I'm not on Facebook, but I'm sure you enjoyed the puppies!Robert,the Mexican, thought I lied when I told him George kept a kitten for 7 yrs in his cell.He said George lied.He pretended there were no innocent people in jail. And George couldn't look for his daughter, Vanessa. :(He lost his child Vanessa!xR

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Rita Posted 4 years ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years ago   Favorite
hello Robert,

I hope you got the money, even though your brother (John? or Justin?) lost all his addresses. Well, I just sent today another 20 dollars to him.He got again my email address thus.
No Robert, his daughter lives; I looked her up on internet. George sent in the past a letter to her.The most difficult letter he ever had to write!But his ex and his daughter apparently work in the same enterprise and so, his ex perhaps recognized George's handwriting? Or saw it at his envelope, coming from a prison.His daughter never wrote him back.Maybe she doesn't know she was adopted by the husband of his ex, a German man?Maybe she doesn't know George is her dad?We don't know for sure?She has a half brother, I saw on internet.George could always write a new letter, send it to me and than I can put it in a BE envelope and send it to her? At least she will know! But it will be shocking news for her!
George had her when he was at 18 in prison.:o His wife divorced and fled with his daughter.He saw the girl till 2 yrs old and than no more!:( His own child! He missed his baby so very much!Later he had a young kitten, Corry in the prison. He took care of her and gave all his affection to his cat.For 7 years. Than they transferred him, to harm him and so to loose his adored cat.Because of his activism. He couldn't look up the other way, as if nothing happened around him.Injustice, cruelty, corruption, etc Too less people do nothing, they just are apathetic.He has a reputation, because he helps people.He writes to higher instances or to doctors to have the right of a proper treatment, for example.He has a good pen, as he is an intellectual man. I told you he earned a bachelor in prison of science.He was 39 when he finished his university studies.Also under Clinton's regime they took his guitar!He is very musical!We writes a lot about music. Politics, history and he loves fashion! :)
I will try to see your photos on internet. Tell me again where exactly I've to look them up, Robert?Puppies are so adorable!I can imagine how much friendship you get from these dogs, Robert!Leslie bought a black puppy recently. A mixture from a labrador and ? He's so very cool! :) Kona is his name.Like a brand of coffee in Hawaii where they were.
Today was my last babysit at Elke's.I showed some yoga positions to Lynn.She liked that!She cut out of paper some figures.I taught her some ways of drawing too. We walked and had a little picnic in the park, together with Lars, one year.He ALMOST can walk alone.:))
Take care and know that I care! Say hi at your mom from me!My brother Johan works now with urgent cases: MUG.For two clinics.It' s a shame a doctor doesn't do his job, his calling.:((
A hug from Rita! x

Rita Posted 4 years ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years ago   Favorite
I forgot to speak about some items you wrote. That is really bad, inmates get serious staph infections.How do they get it, Robert? I will tell George. So, you write your story and plan to write a book for lifers.That is marvelous!Many will be helped by it.Doing things, not only for yourself, but for others, and by way of your own experience. :o Great!!
That too I'll tell George!
Now I am focusing on making my suitcase, thinking ahead of time of all what I need to take with me.I am alone and can't permit not seeing things...

love from Rita! x

Robert Pezzeca Posted 3 years, 11 months ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 3 years, 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 11 months ago   Favorite
hi dear Robert,What exactly happened that you are in the hole!? And why naked? I hope you got out in April instead of May, Robert!And as I already told you; I am not with Facebook.I don't have time enough to also go there.I can imagine how you adore those puppies! I really hope you can keep your job!Now that you had it.:( I will write to your brother and maybe he can tell me why you are in this situation?!So very sorry to hear a brother of yours died!...:o Well, by now you are out for sure? I hope you have a good cell and perhaps a good person with you.I cross fingers you could keep your job, Robert!Today it is May,16th.I see here they print it out on May 22 and then I should add a week, which brings me to the end of this month. It was warm and tomorrow we'll have temperatures way too hot for this time of year.Robert, I hadn't luck with my visit.When his dad and me got there on a Monday to visit, we heard they were on lock down!His father had to go back to Wisconsin without even seeing his son. :(The next day no visits allowed and the 3rd day I called and we were allowed to have 2 hrs instead of 4.I walked like about one hour to go and to walk back the same time.I was sweating a bit, because it was pretty warm by then.When I registered myself,they told me to have 2 identifications instead of only my passport!One item was ALWAYS fine in the past!Also a backpack wasn't admitted nor a cellphone!They gave me the phone number of my hotel to be picked up?When I was sitting on the grass in front of the building, an official told me I couldn't sit there; and did I have a problem?At least I had brought my cellphone!!!The phone number wasn't correct.I decided to walk to the nearest house to ask someone to help me.A friendly lady Joline told me it was printed wrong in their phone book.She gave me the correct number and Cherry came to pick me up from the hotel.Time was running!I took my BE ID (luckily I had it!)and left the rest home.Just in time I was back.Just when I came in, a severe storm broke out!!I had never seen such a hard storm!I had placed already something to eat on our table.George was all wet, coming through that rain.But I saw him!!:)It felt so very good to see his face!Hardly anybody was there.And after 20 minutes or so, the light flashed out. Then they told us to end the visit!But at least I had seen him!The 4 days in a row we could have visits of 2 hrs.We had such a fine time together.He ate decent food this time,like cheese/steak burgers, chocolate milk, etc We laughed,told all our stories and held hands,and we know how much we love each other.I could even give him a short back massage ;)while I was warming up the snack in the microwave.He sat close to it,while I stood next to it.They were more tolerant than in other prisons.Friendly female guards as well.

Rita Posted 3 years, 10 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 10 months ago   Favorite
hello again,

We didn't see each other in the month of May... Because of the floodings! And only half of the time because of the lock down.
A man wrote me a letter four yrs after I contacted him on his blog and wrote him two letters. He was 13 yrs in segregation!!! His name is Donald, 44, and his poetry saved him.:o
He can even mail, now that he is back in population. We have a lot to tell to each other!

I will send you another letter through your brother, Robert.
My pc is not working,so, I've to go to the library now. :(

big warm hug from Rita! xx

Robert Pezzeca Posted 3 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 3 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
dear Robert,

Yesterday it was George's birthday; he turned 68 now. In his honour I turned good music. Since music is his passion!Also I sent a nice card and made a lovely drawing inside! :)You know I am a painter, do you? I took long ago 7yrs of painting and drawing in an Art Academy. I really hope they were off lock down.I recall from the past this place is so violent! Win, my English friend from the UK, and my age, could never visit her husband Les, when he was stationed there.It's so distant from everything and she hadn't a car. I'm lucky John, his dad's driver, could pick me up in Carbondale and bring me to Chester. But now John has health problems.:( Would he be able to drive me in October!?:o
John suffers from a problem in his lower back, but now I heard his hands were numb. Not good!
I am so sorry to hear the sad news of your brothers and your parents, Robert.:(( Also another pen pal Henry lost his grand daughter... he never saw.:( At least the new found son could tell him this. He grieves so very much!.I've just sent 20 dollars to your brother; and it was meant for you. What will now happen with the money!? Would he be so nice to send it back to me?We'll see. You were befriended with him... what happened?
In a while Leslie will skype to me; so, I have to go now. Talk to you later!

Rita Posted 3 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
I had my daughter's voice, not her face; the battery was charged low.Soon friends come to visit them; later other good friends with 2 small children come to see her as well.Hopefully I can see them in October.I met two new friends lately. I came out of a movie theater, and saw the life and dead of Michelangelo!Il divino!And on the tram I asked my neighbor if she had also seen the film? She hadn't,she came from her work and we had a nice chat.It was extremely hot (we had a hot wave!)here and we drank something as we had the same stop. I told her the story of George. Of course she was impressed. :(Her husband, Bert is a poet. Both are Dutch, who live with pleasure in Antwerp(en).She doesn't like to be in crowds, but she thought it was fun to meet each other another time.Last Sunday there was a movie about Martin Luther King in Ciné Pistolé (= a small bread); means you've a film and a breakfast together.Only for €5 or €4, if you register in time.She came to see the film. Afterwards she invited me to her apartment to have a lunch.We have both a white skin and wear sun hats.:)Her hubby has a big moustache.(a very French word). He has a blog with black/white photography, is in a Flemish Literature group, writes poetry and much more!He is a houseman (means he cooks,cleans, irons, etc, and she has her job, in a home for elderly people.He made the lunch.Served tea and nuts and they insisted I even took dinner! Bert even gave me a poem book!I was so touched by their hospitality!At he train station I met Marcus;he had been to a festival called graspop.I helped him with his ticket. He was a Swede.And I happen to study Swedish!We sat together in the train for a while. he gave me his email. I was welcome in Sweden, if I ever traveled there!In the Amtrak train towards Chicago, I met Aromi, a young Indian woman. She is a civil engineer and studied in the States.Now she lives in Mumbai; I ever was there.We stay in touch.
Robert, I can think it isn't easy for you to coop with a cellmate.I hope you get another job.
Do you have another address for me to send money in the future?Too bad this happened with your brother... :(

I enjoyed your new blog!It's really cool. You look good in it with that dog. ;)) Do you hear from your daughter?
Stay well, strong and energetic. Keep your faith in people. But also be careful at the same time. A kind hug from Rita! xxx

Robert Pezzeca Posted 3 years, 9 months ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 3 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
dear Robert,Always good to hear from my friend!I found really good people in prisons,and therefore I am truly thankful!Out of prison I have female friends,but only one man:Robert,Reda. I met him when I was in an hotel in the Ardennes.He is from Algeria and he is poor, without the necessary papers.:(. But such a kind soul.All my'male' friends are pen pals in prisons. Strong men,because you have to be tough! They became very dear to me,Robert.I was so happy to hear from Donald after 4 yrs!; he had me on his blog, could even email me, and,... suddenly I don't hear a word from him! I feel something is very wrong! He told me he got my letter;it dates from May, 16.I will write him soon yet another letter!So sad to hear about your mom. And the rupture with your brother. I sent him 20 dollars though. Could I ask him to return me this?Honesty above all.:o Your daughter will eventually take up contact, you'll see. have patience.Robert,working outside would be something George would love to do!Accept it, even no having to eat the vegetables,it is good for your mind and body.:)George sees no nature at all. The food is ugly and he writes about it, but to no avail.:(Henry, in NY sees a lot of animals outside- he loves them!- as there are no walls he wrote me. That's the only plus side of this prison, he tells me... but SO much abuse and corruption!... We are part of nature and it soothes our soul. Remember that.I will do a course in September: Nature as our personnel coach.Ilse was on another painting course in the past too.We go towards trees that attract us, and they give us an answer on an issue in our life.We can get answers, the others help and Ilse fills in even more.The camp takes 5 days. We sleep there and get bio food.It's in Orval,in the woods,in the Ardennes again.I registered myself yesterday.Later on, I will visit Leslie in CA and then fly to George.(IL)You heard about all the bad luck we had... hopefully it will be a 'normal' visit this time!He is so very soothed with his MP3 player,as he is so fond of music !!His only joys in life are music and me.He meets people liking music this way. To me this partly saved his life, Robert.Sports as well.50 yrs in prisons!:o.Lately he turned 68 and I sent him a marvelous card, plus a lovely drawing in it.:)I just sent him two interesting books:'On writing'- he adores to write! and 'Evicted'(he knows what it means to be poor; he saw it with his own eyes..., plus a chess magazine as well. Now I sustain him as best I can; we're there for one another.:)When you find that soul, you know it is a huge present in life!I found out that Swedish is the closest language with our own: Dutch!It's amazing to me!I will notify Marcus about it.:)Ah, he became another NEW male friend,yes.I met him lately on a platform, prior to babysit at Elke's.I helped him with the ticket.Helping people opens doors. I've seen it so many times.;)You don't do with that purpose, yet you are rewarded with small deeds.Be good to people.x Rita

Robert Pezzeca Posted 3 years, 8 months ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 3 years, 8 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Robert,In exactly ten days after your wrote I got your mail.I always enjoy what you write me.There are always in life ups and downs,for sure.I sent your site to a few friends who are interested in it.I read a few articles of it as well.It's nice to see what you are busy with!I will send an email to Melanie.Good that the fight with your brother cleared up a little bit.Yes, hopefully your daughter will wake up in time to see who her grandparents are and to know better her dad who cares!Have faith,Robert,I am glad you still could keep the job and see the dogs.Me too I love animals!:)My youngest daughter Leslie in CA lately bought a puppy half labrador:Kona,he is totally black.I noticed on their pictures he grew already a lot!I had two courses not too long ago:Modern Dance and Poetry.Both were given very well!The dance course took 4 days in a row.They were very intense!With calmer parts as well.You fall softly, glide or crawl on the thick black plastic on the floor.Dance very freely, but Annelies also taught us some moves,steps,like choreography parts sort of like.At the end a young man played the guitar and we moved on it.I liked the ground floor exercises like a salamander,staying close to the floor. Mainly sliding and low moves.We had some yoga too.I made a new friend,Goedele. Read the 'oe' as a 'u'.Very Flemish name.As for the poetry, we learned new methods of putting original and moving sentences on paper.What would you identify with if you should be a furniture item?I said: a lamp, who sheds light on things,or have a bright idea.Peter also let us write a comic poem. About a person; I took myself. ;)Also a poem about something that had a high impact on our lives.I wrote about my French friend Marjolaine,who committed suicide!:((I've two friends who did it: also Joke(=Yoke), a youth friend.Greet(read 'Great')had euthanasia, two years ago. She was my friend in boarding school when we were 16 yrs.Yes, I already lost three great friends.:(( In September I will follow a music workshop for two days: our voice.Could George jr have an article on your site? Or Joshua, his friend,have one about art?He is a very great artist!Both people are in prisons in Illinois though.I will tell George about your site; if only people could read his articles!

It's very late here, but at noon time I had a long siesta! I practice Italian, Russian ans Swedish,as a totally new language. On internet.It's free and one can hear the specific sounds. From the 2 prior ones I had classes in the past.

Ciau and surprise yourself at times! ;)) Big hug from your friend Rita!
1000 Folies Road,Dallas, could I write you a letter there perhaps?

Robert Pezzeca Posted 3 years, 8 months ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 3 years, 8 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 7 months ago   Favorite
dear Robert,I heard the sad news today, August 25 by Melanie of your mom dying... I sent her a message for you.You will get it soon.I feel so enormously sad because the hospital let her die...How is that possible!While a hospital has to "save" lives.Here people do everything to rescue people in need!Your brother was responsible for her well being, you were powerless, and yet he did nothing to ease her pain and help his own mom!Unbelievable.:o Couldn't your dad do nothing to avoid all of this, I ask myself? How can your brother live with this on his conscious?Robert,I wish you so much strength for the time to come and may the good memories live forever deep in your heart.She was there for you and you were there for her as best as you possibly could.I am glad you could at least give her some calls when she still was here.People,who left us are still among us. They are only at the other side; we can talk to them and grieve and they hear us, Robert.Be sure of this. She now is in a better world.She will give you the necessary strength to go further in life.You are a worthful creature and you made already in the past the important turning point in your life to be a good human.People around you will benefit from it.:)) Giving love creates love.I read that people survive and see nothing besides money.George tells me the same. I had sent him a book: 'Evicted'.He told me he knows that part of life. His family was one of them: poor.George as you do,does small changes;it's his world for so very long and he can't look the other way.:o Some are courageous men.They do what has to be done.Whatever it takes! Don't have regrets, Robert;all happens for a reason,and when we do our very best,we know we can't do more.It should be enough.Make of everyday the best.Which I know you do.:)I stay at your side and I know Melanie is there for you too. Good you gave her address.May God bless you in many ways.-smile I was at the coast lately,caring for my grandchild Lynn,of 3 and a half.Mom stayed a short week, while I stayed 10 days.The weather was nice.Lynn and me did lots of activities!She jumped twice on a inflated sand castle.My sister Joke(=Yoke)came to visit us, when mom was still there. Also my friend, Kathleen came a full day and we went out dining for lunch.She had to drive an hour and a half to see me.We had a picnic on our big towels, built a sand castle, decorated it, had some food and later saw children fish with their nets crabs and shrimps. They threw it back in the sea afterwards.:)Just plain fun!I drew with a shell a big sand girl in the wet sand for Lynn; she had to hold a bucket in one hand and an ice cream she brought to her mouth as well. ;)Lynn talks very well.We played high up in our bunk bed shadow puppets with our hands and told stories.The night light at the wall made that possible. She loved it!
Each single morning.Thanks for praying for a good visit this time with George.He now is placed with older inmates; the young are rough!x Rita

Rita Posted 3 years, 8 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 7 months ago   Favorite
I will go a little further.;)He has a window!And sees trains go by.A pot of flowers at the front door.A life in prison is so sterile and he appreciates therefore small things.He now is in a 'room' with Bulldog, one yr younger than him: 67.He had 2 strokes in the past,and since the prison doesn't spend any money to rehabilitate him; Illinois is broke!,George will help him to let him to read and to write again.Noble goal,I would say.;)He wrote:'I am not a fighter,but a lover'.Although he's an activist.For a long time.In a sense I see a lot of common things with you, Robert.Helping people.You two would go along very well,I guess.I'll write to him your words. George is still in contact with two of his friends who were transferred.There is always a way to do that.I am pleased to hear you still see the dogs.They give so much joy.Do you still work in the vegetable garden?Can I send a book to you?In a package?In paper?A book I have or should it be by a company?What kind of books you like ,Robert?Every other prison has particular rules,I know!Glad to hear you can watch television and listen to your music player!Music soothes the soul.:))

Should go to sleep now. Stay well, I wish you all the best and a big hug from Rita!x

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