Dec. 3, 2017

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis

by William Goehler (author's profile)



Note: To fully comprehend the following iconoclastic exorcism, dare consult Websters Dictionary and the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

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Yes, the Phinehas Priesthood doesn't use a literal spear, I've learned. Here's more for you to consider now:

You of course know the Pentateuch was not written by some literal Moses character adopted by an Egyptian Princess, right? No doubt some merchant rabbi discovered Akkadian tablets from yet a more ancient Summerian civilization matrix, which Egypt represents with their pyramid scheme of zeit-geist.
Those tablets conveyed the first lesson of Logos manifesting Cosmos (Divine Expression of an Orderly Universe), In The Beginning: Genesis 1 2/3 per factors 1-2-3, you see? And the serpent Nachash, at the proverbial tree of knowledge, deciphered simply means: to diligently observe and learn from experience. Alas, trapping the immortal into mortal forms, made more solid (mass) by impingements.
Let's move on to consider other arcane paradigms. For instance, the allegorical Cain and Abel, and Cain's archetype civilization named Enoch. Deciphered; Abel means: worthless/transitory, vis-à-vis; Cain means: spear/strike fast - a cultivator by profession. Enoch of course, the first born - civilization, means: initiated/disciplined. Ergo, another Divine Expression of Orderly Arrangements.
Now come along to consider Father Abraham, and that ones progeny: The firstborn Ishmael (God will hear - discern desires), who was robbed by Isaac (laughter-mockery), very much like Jacob stole the birth right of Esau, his twin - and also the name of Isaac's firstborn, but the way, deciphered: to do or make, vis-à-vis Jacob is a heelcatcher who supplants - and hence becomes Israel: to rule as (with) God. You see, Jacob's treachery is much like Cain's spear! Civilizations are formed and reformed by this matrix. Alas, Creators who "manifest desires" (Ishmael) must dare be a warrior to maintain (Esau) that creation, against the supplanters (Jacob) treachery, to rule.
Zeit geist matrix of government: Legislative/Judicial/Executive branches of creation/formation/actualization, from primal mind/force/matter.
If you desire to find and to gain admission to the sanctuary, read/study/reflect.

I'll be frank. This is not a blog that will be easy for some people to read. But it's a blog I believe every follower of Jesus should read - even if you have to force yourself to press on. It's about something we all wish was not true. It's about the way the Bible has throughout history been used to justify and motivate violence - in Jesus name. I've also included some of my research in the footnotes, because I'll be discussing material that is typically edited out of public education curriculum, and even more so by Christian curriculums. Hence it's material that most know little about, so I encourage readers to dig deeper.

If you're a follower of Jesus, please read on.

In Numbers 25 the Lord tells Moses to gather together and execute in broad daylight all the ringleaders of a group of guys who had defiled themselves by having sex with Moabite women and worshipping their idols (vs. 1-4). While the whole congregation of Israel was assembled before Moses, a man and his recently wed Moabite wife came before them weeping, apparently out of fear, hoping for mercy (v 6). Suddenly a guy named Phinehas went out, grabbed a spear, and bludgeoned both of them, apparently with one thrust (vs 8). The Lord praised the "zeal" of Phineas and this lifted a plague that had already killed 24,000 (vs.8-11. cf. Ps 106:29-31).

A follower of Jesus can't help but notice the radical contrast between the portrait of God commending Phinehas for his use of the sword, on the one hand, and Jesus' rebuke of Peter for using the sword, on the other (Mt 26:51-52). Unfortunately, it's an undeniable truth that throughout history the example of Phinehas has exercised more influence on Christian attitudes toward violence than Jesus'. As J.J. Collin's has demonstrated, the "zeal of Phinehas" has served as a paradigmatic slogan for religious motivated violence in the Judeo-Christian tradition throughout history.[1]

My research for The Crucifixion of the Warrior God uncovered a wealth of scholarly research demonstrating the manner in which violent stories in the Bible and in other literature that is considered sacred has justified and motivated religious violence in all the world's religions. The brutally violent history of the Christian Church from the fifth century on, massacring heretics, Muslims, witches, and even other Christians, all carried out with the presumed biblical authority and in the name of God, bears witness to this sad truth.[2] Referring to the story of Yahweh telling the Israelites to "show no mercy" as they slaughter "everything that breathes" in Canaan (Deut. 7:2; 20:16), Kenton Sparks notes that throughout history, "Jewish and Christian readers of the Bible have used these texts to justify wholesale, violent, exterminations of their enemies."[3] Speaking specifically of the crusades in the medieval period. Joseph Lynch reminds us that these religious massacres are simply "not comprehensible without factoring in the Old Testament, which permeated not just the language but also the self-view and behaviour of the warriors."[4]


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