April 20, 2018

Parole Eligibility...

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SB942 Parole Eligibility for Rehabilitated, Deserving, Pa Lifers
I want to talk about a new website designed by Senator Sharif Streets team, from Philadelphia. This site is Called "www.passsb942.com" This site can help you navigate to writing a letter in support of this legislation in order to help free the rehabilitated and deserving lifers. There are hundreds of men & women sentenced to LWOP (Life With Out Parole) who are over the age of 70, have spent decades in prison, who would never commit another crime again. Most of these men & women have done everything humanly possible in order to be better human beings but Pennsylvania's draconian laws do not allow for 2nd chances. The commutation system in pa is a joke and it is laughed at by even the experts, scholars and people who designed it. Lt. Governor Stack has attempted to fix this problem but without a constitutional amendment, it just isn't possible. So in order to give some deserving lifers the chance to be reviewed by the parole board, this new legislation submitted by Sen. Street is the only way. So I ask you, if you support this bill, follow the instructions below. If you are unsure, then respond to this, ask me questions, or check out his site, learn that there are hundreds of men and women in prison serving life sentences who didn't even take a life. I am not one of those people but as Vice President of the Lifers Organization, I speak on behalf and I represent all lifers in SCI Dallas. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the man who is in charge of the site, Desmond McKinson. Send him an e-mail at joseph.mckinson@pasenate.com or call the office and ask for him, 215-227-6161. Let him convince you as to why some, NOT ALL, lifers deserve a 2nd chance. Read they story of George Trundel. A man who has rotted in prison for 30 years while the killer has gone free for the last 23+ years. How does this happen in our justice system? This is not supposed to. So before you make up your mind & condemn all lifers, read some stories, give some of them a chance at redemption. I thank you for your time & please feel free to respond to this and ask me questions. Your responses take about 2-3 weeks for me to receive.
Sen. Street has developed a platform to garner support for SB942, located on his web page, the directions to navigate this page to spread the word is as follows:
1: go to www.passsb942.com
2: click on the "TAKE ACTION" tab on the top of the page
3: enter your ZIP CODE, NAME & EMAIL address in required areas
4: click on the "NEXT" tab
5: "NEXT" page is a copy of a letter in support of SB942
6: if you agree with the letter and want to support SB942, click the "SEND" tab
7: this letter will be sent to the Senator in the local district of the person who submitted their information while doing this process.

Hope to hear from you. Grazie, Ciao
PS. Spoke to my daughter today. I love talking to her. Only think left that brings me any joy.


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