May 29, 2018

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Dear Grace,

Howdy! How's my new buddy in Illinois?

Honey, you don't know boring. From 10-18 years old, I lived in Marionville, MO. Just southwest of Springfield. Population: 1,200. It was awful—especially being gay.

I LOVED living in Chicago. You should check out some of the plays, musicals, etc. downtown. I was in plays in high school and my freshman year of college. Since Marionville was so small, the school had cheap plays that no one's ever heard of. I also did a couple of shows with the Aurora Community Theater in the town next door. It's another small town (Pop. 6,000), so it was very amateur. I was in Barefoot in the Park (the old delivery man) and Fiddler on the roof (the Russian who runs off with the third daughter).

I did enjoy it then.

I bet you'll have fun doing the makeup! That sounds like a blast! Let me know how it goes.

And thank you for the quote. It's also going in my new quote book.

Love and blessings,


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Rita Posted 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 6 months ago   Favorite
hello dear Kelly,

I just read all your latest letters a while ago.To say the truth,I missed your writings.Sorry that I was gone for a while!Oh,I got your latest letter too.Always very nice to hear from you.I saw that you have a new friend,Grace.The more friends the better.:)We all can learn from one another,isn't it?I read that you were very busy with typing letters and are able to support yourself.Good. Cool weather in spring? We had such warm and humid weather here in Belgium!One of the warmest months of May so far!And sometimes we get now and then lots of rains,because this kind of weather is already summer weather!Is that due to the climate change?Did you ever heard from Gosh?And i see your best friend Ben is gone now too.Too bad!Yes, we had a GREAT time together George and me!He always writes me at the end of his letters:Tu me manque.He loves to talk and hear French!I ever sent him a Fr.dictionary but if you can't talk it, what's the point?Do you know George loves fashion? Did I tell you that? His main interest is music!He also plays chess with lots of pen pals.He has a newspaper to stay updated about the world problems.And he reads,but never science fiction.When I was visiting I gave him several good books!But I kept the book: Inheritance.How your genes change our lives and how our lives change our genes.I am truly interested myself in that matter!By the way,my results from my DNA!My 2 daughters surprised me with a DNA test on my birthday!I don't feel that age,70 :( and twice people in the dance room thought I was 45.Well,now I imagine I am ;)It's all about how you feel!
I just swam 2 big tours in our swimming pond.Filtered by plants. Normally I do 3, but I had the impression my face burned by the sun and I hadn't put protecting cream.So great to swim in that green water!Now, my ancesters were for 66,..% French/German,22,..% English/Irish and very few from Sweden,Norway and Iceland,and even fewer from Spain/Portugal.Iberic it's called.No,no Mongolean blood.In a way I was a little disappointed.It is what it is.Yesterday Leslie and her family came from America!They all stay at Philip's parents house.I will see her in Ghent,and in Antwerp with the kids!On June 17th mom gives a celebration for the whole family!Tomorrow,June 8th my 2 daughters go together with their 4 kids to a park for children.Leslie never saw Elke's two yr old son of two,Lars.His older sister is Lynn,4.The American kids are Adric,9 and Claire,7.Wonder to see them!Kelly, I recently had an exhibition of 28 paintings!Oils,watercolors,inks and one gouache.Underneath all of them was a text,having a link with the painting itself.I was present when 6 people came over:mom,Elke, My niece Li(e)ana and Jozef and two friends of mine.Liana bought a painting;Tango.The couple dances!Another friend likes to buy one too.Perhaps also my brother Johan?I was happy I could show my art!it's very colorful!I will have a young man from Afghanistan to teach him Dutch.Big hug from Rita!x

Kelly Jones Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago.   Favorite
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