July 31, 2018

Concerns of Retaliation

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Concerns of Retaliation

If you're following my blog, then you've read my June 26, 2018 letter to Mr. John Palmer, Assistant Regional Director. We don't fear retaliation from him, but from this administration. And it's my friend and family who are gravely concerned because they've been through it with me. Sgt. Stokes, who was a visiting park sergeant here in 2014, even admitted to my mother that the disciplinary report he wrote in April 2012 didn't seem right. It was a straight setup and he admitted it in so many words.

Yes, I've suffered a lot of abuse at the hands of criminal correctional officers who have violated state and federal laws in order to reprise against me all over what I write. They've falsified state documents, lied, put me in unconstitutional strip cells, tortured me in cold cells, assaulted me twice while I was in full restraint handcuffs, shackles, etc. The second assault they said, "Blog about THIS!" Then they beat me down until the Lt. said that's enough.

Most of this was in 2011-2012. But in 2015, they left us on the recreation yard in extremely cold temperatures when it began to rain and the wind picked up. Staff told inmates, "You can blame this on Clark." "We're going to make sure he gets his rec." They were trying to instigate inmates to jump on me. Didn't work.

In July 2017, they came into my cell for a cell search, but the only thing they took was paper, ink, envelopes, and writing materials. Which they had to return a week later. On that, they made a mistake and left a paper trail, which they usually don't do.

This is a system rooted in corruption, and those roots run very deep!

Yes, my family and friends' concerns are very legitimate. But as you can see by the contents of the letter, change is needed. These are some of the most miserable conditions that you could ever imagine! Even the officers who are temporarily back here are miserable. They are covered in sweat, their uniforms soaked!

When people are hot, they get extremely agitated. In that state of mind, it's easy to act out in an irrational manner. When I get agitated, I start writing. Others don't have that same outlet. And staff in that state of mind become very unpredictable and dangerous.

Yes, the concerns of retaliation are rooted in reality of what has taken place. So I very well may need your prayers and assistance if acts of reprisal are taken. Thank you, and may God bless ou.

In peace and love,
Ronald W. Clark Jr.

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