Dec. 27, 2018

Love Note

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)
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Personal Journal
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Love Note

17 December 2018

My dearest love:
Sitting here with you in my heart watching the sunrise over the distant hills, my life becomes brighter as the sun lights up the morning sky. You bring the warmth to my body as the sun brings warmth to the earth. I wait here, my love, for your sweet embrace, waiting for permission to feel the softness of your lips against my own in a long passionate kiss to forever feel yours warm body against mine, to always know that our hearts beat as one within one another's chests in one another's dreams.

Without you, my love, there would be no sunrise, no moon or stars in the sky. You are what makes my world. Before you, there was nothing. I didn't know what love was, but your heart has shown me the moon next to the noon sun, and I have learned why you are always called the better half. You are the half that can always fine something to smile about, the half that looks forward to starting another day. You are the half in me that always wants to make you happy in the same way you fill my heart with the joy of your heart. I miss you every day we're apart, even more at night, more so on rainy days and nights.

Now I will close with a smile in my heart for you. A million kisses, a billion I love yous.

I'll love you always
Forever and ever

Your Steve


I wait for you
like a drunk in a doorway
telling dirty jokes
to an illiterate mailman
a dog forts on the sidewalk
standing next to a panhandler
waiting for the traffic light
to turn green, to say go
looking ahead my eyes switch
needing a signal to get over
I have memorized every line
in our old faces
lost in a cracked mirror
shoes tight on my feet
wearing clear underwear
I wonder out into noise
like a blindman without a cane
looking for a place to warm me
crossing over the jammed street
others are hurrying away in time
I wait for you

Steve Burkett


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