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Dear Cavak,
First, let me apologize for typing in all capital letters. The lower case "n" broke in half on my typewriter, and these little plastic daisy wheels cost $30. It's just not in the budget for a new one. Some people consider all caps mad, yelling, but I promise this is not my intentions.

I just received your comments left on my blog, and I just want to say thank you for them. I met Jen through this blog, and in those two years, she has grown to be a big sister to me. I know that I wouldn't have come this far in the last two years without her. She and Ben are a great team, and I am blessed to have them in my life. The creation of Compassion Place was Jen's idea. She and Ben are amazing people who just want to help people.

I want to invite everyone to just go to Compassion Place and learn a little more about it. This non-profit created by Jen and Ben was able to help a family for Christmas this past year. Children who had no beds are now sleeping in them. This is why I sent in the photos. With the help of my friends, look at what was accomplished.

I'm in prison for a horrible crime. I took a man's life and there is absolutely no way for me to justify it. All I can say is that I am sorry. I am remorseful. 21 years later, and I still cry over it. I still wrack my brain over how that night even got that bad. But all I can do is show my remorse and try to do the best that I can in life. Help as many people as possible.

Has anyone heard of the Keystone Scholarship program? It's a program we lifers created within prison, and we raised $6,000 to help two young women in their college educations. We are partnered with Miss Movita who is the director of the Victim Serves Unit for the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office. She is also a huge part of the Charles Foundation in Philadelphia.

In the following photo is Movita's husband and Victoria Hughlett, Bobby Harris (reformed lifer who is home now), Taylor Adams, and Miss Movita herself. Each child was given $3,000 towards their education. Every cent was donated by men in prison who want to help, give back, and try to curb future generations from coming to prison. So I leave you with that. To learn more, please visit www.compassionplace.wixsite.com/info

And google the Charles Foundation. We are also supported by many state reps in Philadelphia. Take care, and Compassion Place looks forward to helping more people in the future.


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