Jan. 31, 2019

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thankful thursday
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Date: 1/15/2019 9:32:40 AM
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top of the mornin
it's 8am in earthly time where im located

thanks bunches 4 ur thoughtful correspondence.
what r the odds that were both on a journey of thankfulness. don't u love how GOD does things like that? 4 me it's proof he hasn't left me nor 4saken me. what I mean is GOD specializes in given us the right person/people 2 talk 2 at the right time in our lives. ever went thru something n somebody else who went thru/going thru the same thing pops up? look at GOD:) sometimes 4 me that person might b a brother in Christ but at other times GOD might send a person I been judging in my heart or just a plain enemy. one way 2 get me 2 grow in Christ!

I know exactly what u mean bout comin up 4 air only 2 feel like ur drowning in sorrow. my life can b viewed as from my perspective as a place on the runaway that's clear 4 take off but soon I start 2 ascend n tuck my wheels in control tells me 2 land... I obey - try 2 - then start the process all over again 2 b told the same thing over n over again...
I must overcome the weather!
hopeful that 1 day my life will consist of highs that out number my lows, right now it's consistently been the opposite
but no time 4 woe is me, well sometimes


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