April 21, 2021

My Easter Monday

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Date: 4/6/2021 1:31:33 AM
Subject: My Easter Monday!!!

God Amazing!!!

Here's what happened...
(on April 5,2021 - Monday)

Was minding my own business in the math class I tutor in. As I make my way from the front of the class 2 the back, so I could work on a poster bout Common Equivalents 2 Memorize, when the % comes through the back door n nods the phone he holding towards. "U got a 1:30(pm) appointment 4 Release photos!"

While he scurried off my heart sank n something happened 2 my eyes, that only the 2 witnesses can describe! A shock of some sort! Proved by the question, "U alright?... Look like U gonna faint!"

I wanted but don't know how!
My heart beat less rapidly n more at a steady pace! Like a minute between beats! (am I dead? or dying?)
My hands trembled, my legs grew jello-e! My steps grew heavier! My mind grew spacious. Lost. (where am I? Y am I?)
"R U OK?"

My teacher further inquired, "how much time between release photos n Ur release?"
"I don't know!!! I didn't get my papers yet!!!"

Roaming round my interior existence all I could do was praise

No way!!
This the prayer I asked 4
2 b caught off guard with my release like Big Ski was, when out of the blue he got called 4 Release
Photos. Amen.
Now I know the feeling!!!
No way!!!
its officially official!!!
Could b Wednesday the 7th after all...
Thanks 4 inspiring me 2 tap out of the computer class n let her know (at 9am) that I got paroled n just waiting on the paperwork.
Preciate the luck she wished me though I hold the belief that
Destiny doesn't believe in luck.
N its no odds that are 7:30 this morning U answered my prayer bout "God I need some encouragement, what verse should I write on my hand?"
U responded by having me flip through Ecclesiastes. Chapter 4 verse 14 spoke 2 me
God U released me from prison, now help me 2 reign, righteously

got this lingering pit in my stomach

thinking if I'm gonna b able 2 get a hold of my daughter...
if not guess I'm gone surprise her
like I been praying 4 since 2015
time bout 2 tell...

12:45pm reminded me of
2 Chronicles 29:36
"...N the thing was done suddenly!..."
what a feelin
talk bout not wanting 2 sleep or eat
its not a depression
its like this lightning Luke warm burst of energy! excitement! humbling peace. a healthy fear. a AWE.

A nervousness
a "its time 2 make good on Ur Word"
U got this
thinking on the 1st day out n all I have 2 do

"Murphy did U go 2 property?"
No!?! Nobody told me 2!!!
"Well they called U like 3 times but U were gone! Head down there now."
Once there my items were searches 4 n then found, as he put the box on the table, he enquired, "U Gert Ur (exact) date yet?"
"No. But I got release photos in like 5 minutes. Maybe U can call em n see when it is!"
(said this 4 his benefit n mines!)
"Well if U got release photos..."
From there he let me try on one of the white low top Nike Air Max a friend sent.
"They fit?"
"Its all good, not like I can return em" I smiled
"the pant R 34x34! Don't 4get 2 write me 1-2 days b4 ur date so I can get this 2 the gate house."
"I got U!!!"
Felt like cloud 9! nothing like so e real clothes 2 uplift me!!!

Took my release photos
n they made sure my finger prints were in the data base
(as the saying goes... Once a criminal - Always a suspect!)
After the 2 minute ordeal I just had 2 ask
"Excuse me! Do U know when I'm leaving?"
"No! I just got an email saying take Ur photo immediately! So -"
"Yeah I was just wondering cause I still don't know when I'm going home! Or what's going on! Maybe I'll Get the paper in the mail..."

I'm listed as having mail
Just knew what it was,
it wasn't!
But it was some other uplifting news
Packet of sermons n other words of encouragement n an Easter card
then 3 cards from the Chapel
good I can send Greg a b-day card!
Other thing was a slip from the business office telling me the % had 2 send an email 2 them 2 verify I never got the canteen I ordered...

I won't b discouraged
decided 2 write property n send the rest of my property 2 my auntie crib

Lord knows
I may get released in the blink of an eye

N the thing was done suddenly...



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