Feb. 10, 2019

Hello there, sis

by William Goehler (author's profile)


BTB #13
2 Feb 19

Hello there, sis.

Wow!! :) A REAL letter from you landed here last night. Thank god for the slow Sundays in Alabama. I appreciate that you spent your spare time with me, and updated me on family members who've become a mystery to me. Wow!! :) Thank god for slow Sundays.

Yup, time flies - when you're busy living it. Nothing much changes in my life though, so time drags on, one day blending into the next seamlessly, month after month for years, for decades! For eternity it seems. Can you imagine living in a world littered with blank calendars? A life without appointments - without social functions - without overdue bills? It's a real hell, being left alone with your thoughts for decades - for eternity! But then, isn't that actually why everyone strives to stay busy? Being left alone with one's thoughts can be hell, for most everyone.

You know my adventurous motto tho: What doesn't kill me makes me stronger! It turns out that "thought" is the common denominator in every equation of life. Life happens to be exactly what our thoughts make of it (or allow other people's thoughts to make of it - right?) Fortunately (or unfortunately?), I've never been socialized to feel congenial in crowds of numb-skull slaves. So naturally I've been damned to hell and left alone with my thoughts (LOL): 13 to 17, 20 to 27, 33 to 56 = a total of 34+ years of this damned life left alone with my thoughts in exile to penal colonies. Wow! More than half my life in exile. And you honestly think that I'm "excited" about the threat of being evicted, some time after I turn 60? Can you imagine?! Haven't you ever watched that movie Shawshank Redemption?

About "reaching out"? My kids are all adults now, raised by others - to conform to other people's thoughts. I've been "reaching out" forever, sis. Desperate to be somebody to someone, granting me some purpose to serve in this life. Life is funny that way, isn't it? It somehow becomes richer in service to others.

Imagine your big brother exiled to penal colonies populated by psychopathic personalities. And then imagine the purpose I found here as a Survivor, making a mockery of prison politics subjugating slaves of conformity. Gawd, I hate slavery! Alas, demagogic politicians who supplant every individual's individuality tend to make me into a bogeyman. Consequently, in this realm of hell where it is necessary/mandatory for two strangers to share a 6' x 12' cell, I happen to enjoy an exemption and live alone - for the past 5 yrs now, after making sport of too many unwelcomed cell-mates passing through my space. To be or not to be... amongst psychopathic personalities dramatizing the codependency games they've been playing all their lives, makes the "sport" thrilling at times. Hence my exemption. A damned man with nothing left to lose, can be quite a liability to live with at times. Do you remember the story of the Brier Rabbit? Others dread what I've grown accustomed to.

So how are you? you ask; Really, how are you? Well sis, no longer needing the enticements to dominate psychopaths, I've been living alone these past five years, clean and sober. I'm as healthy as can be, considering my sedentary life and meager diet. And of course, I found a more ennobling purpose to be in service to others here in my zone of influence. Five years establishing a Scientology Prison Outreach study group, was just the challenge I needed to demonstrate my ability to contribute to rehabilitation opportunities. That sure burned off a lot of thought-dross and tempered my Will-Power with Logic! OMG... restoring Responsibility has been the greatest challenge of my life, insulting as it is to slavery.

What are your plans upon release, you ask? Well sis, to be honest, I never planned on getting out with two consecutive 25 yr to Life sentences. My odyssey these past two decades has been more transcendental than existential. And now I find myself scheduled for scrutiny by Parole Board demigods in 2022. As you may extrapolate from the attached BPH statistics, along with the parole board expectations I posted on my blog site earlier this year, it's easy to see that I'm not the best candidate for release - even for Elderly Release when I reach 60 in 2023, after serving 25 yrs for the Possession of Explosives sentence. Of course if that was my only prison sentence, and if I had maintained a network of friends and family who would help support my reintegration out there, there might be a chance BPH demigods would consider my case seriously. But without a network of support, there's no way I'll qualify to be released before serving out my next 25 yrs for stabbing that court appointed child custody lawyer.

So instead of fostering delusional postulates of a life out there, I've developed my own Spartacist-type of Purpose here, to help habilitate numb-skulls to be Responsible for noosphere influences - by making Scientology material available to revive Thought, with the Logical data therein. Restoring Reason potential, in order to help free the slaves of status quo, is quite contrary to the dumbing-down standard supplanting free Will-Power. So you see sis, my level of success in this endeavor to free the slaves of conformity - who will all be released some day - may just be the key that sets me free too! Haven't you ever noticed how contagious thoughts can be? Once I succeed to introduce the enthusiasm of Scientology's Volunteer Ministers, to deliver tech. skills inside prisons, my crown of thorns will be replaced with a laurel crown, and then, dear sis, I have choices. How many people do you know who thoughtfully wield their Will-Power of choice? I expect that I will be content with my laurel crown, and simply radiate my capacity to be Responsible within my zone of influence. Freedom is for honest people, after all, and requires a certain transcendental understanding.

I do sincerely wish that my prayers would be answered by my progeny reaching in to me though, either via my blog site or directly by mail and/or visits. I'd love to help them flourish and prosper in life. There is a market for Prison Art in cyberspace, which I'd be happy to produce for them as a mutual profit enterprise. All they gotta do is research Prison Art to see for themselves, and then contact me to work out the details. Otherwise I will continue growing older here, left alone with my thoughts - wishing that my prayers would be answered.

Please do me a favor sis and confirm that all the course-work I posted last year has actually been posted. I did all that work intending to develop some sort of interest out there which would optimally elicit a line of communication. But I have yet to see a word from anyone commenting on any of that work.

I'm attaching a collage I call: "A World Away", along with BPH Stats, my Ethics Rpt acknowledging my contribution here, and my most recent achievement which will impact the entire prison system, noted on Jan 28, 2019 memo. I hope and pray that you - my progeny - and old friends and loved ones see that I still refuse to accept life on life's terms, and determined instead of inciting a revolution, I strive to incite evolution - For the Love of Truth.

I love you sis. I may not have been there for you as a big brother is expected to be, but I trust that your thoughts of me have given you strength when you needed me most. I have to believe that of course. I love you.


Your Big Bro.

[collage of photos]

Goehler Clan Reunited

The silence is blinding me.
This penal colony is a world away.
Decades have past, Memories fade.
Early parole when I turn 60?
The silence is blinding me.
I can't see it - I can't imagine.
This penal colony is a world away.

BPH Statistics

(Source: Board's Information Technology System, through September 30, 2018.)

BPH Grant Rates for July 2018

[bar graph]

BPH Grant Rates for August 2018

[bar graph]

BPH Grant Rates for Sept. 2018

[bar graph]

10 March 2017

TO: Ethics Section

FROM: Joe Riley, Sea Org member Pacifica Base

Mr. William Goehler

I have personal knowledge of the following:

Through his actions to help others; Mr. William Goehler, currently residing at Mule Creek State Prison, has helped dozens of inmates to improve their lives through the study and use of the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology. In the past, he was responsible for getting dozens of inmates onto extension courses of Dianetics and Scientology, and thus changing their lives. In the present, he has formed a group and has been getting inmates Dianetics and Scientology; including The Way To Happiness. This has resulted in dozens of success stories and changed lives. Recently, one such individual was released from a California State Prison after being in prison for 22 years and credits Scientology and Mr. Goehler with helping him change his life, get off drugs, get others off drugs and to be released from prison and start to lead a productive life and is currently on lines at an Ideal Organization of the Church of Scientology. Mr. Goehler was responsible for this and started this individual studying Scientology about two years ago.

Another person from Mr. Goehler's group, had been released over a year ago and the first thing he did was to visit a Church of Scientology and was reportedly still doing well.

Mr. Goehler helped to found a Scientology study group in prison which is called Scientology Prison Outreach (SPO); which continues to grow at Mule Creek State Prison.

This is true,

Joe Riley
Sea Organization

State of California
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


Date: January 28, 2019

To: Goehler, William K77832

From: Marco Huerta, Television Specialist MCSP

Subject: Scientology Content in Inmate Network

Mr. Goehler, thank you for your Request for Interview.

Thank you for the information for "The Way to Happiness" provided from the SPO ILTAG Library. This programming will fit nicely into the Rehabilitative area of Programming available to Mule Creek State Prison. As you know, inmates are in need of such programming on television in the correctional setting.

Please forward the following internet link to the LRH representative to open a dialog regarding this opportunity. The link describes the new DRP TV program and the offerings from CDCR Inmates. https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/rehabilitation/DRPTV.html

I am truly impressed with the content and will be forwarding the video to the DRP Content Committee to recommend that it be shown on the DRP TV channels generated at CDCR Headquarters. Please provide the appropriate stakeholder my contact information to me to facilitate acquisition of appropriate permission for organizational broadcasting of the content. If there are other resources available, please let me know.

Have a nice day.

Marco Huerta, Television Specialist,
Mule Creek State Prison, CDCR
4001 Highway 104
Ione, CA 95640

www.thewaytohappiness.org, will relate the rest, sis.


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