Feb. 10, 2019

It Was a Sad, But Okay, Monday

From The Novelist Portent by Johnny E. Mahaffey (author's profile)


The Novelist Portent
Johnny E. Mahaffey
January 28, 2019


I had my ups and downs. First and foremost -- the computer kiosks were back on when I got in from work, and I was quite the popular one on www.offenderconnect.com this past weekend. Candice had written in worry, before we'd spoke on the phone -- but, at least she had an idea of what was going on. The kiosks were down because the GTL techs have already began work on setting up the WiFi system for the new tablets we'll be offered.
Jaime wrote, letting me know the email system was giving her problems, and wouldn't even let her buy any new email credits (they cost 0.25 cents each email) -- thinking it was something on her end, unaware that the whole system was down.
It took me a minute to read everything, and I'm only allotted a 15 minute access every hour -- whether that's reading, or typing something to send. So, I didn't have much time to type. You can guess who was responded to … first.
It's amazing how different things are today, compared to just … six or so months ago! It's as if I'm in a completely different world. I did break down at one point, trying to figure out what to do about Jaime being angry with me, and what I was going to do about Emily not answering my attempts at any communication whatsoever -- and she's the one with custody of my son, CJ…. Em's like a sister to me, I still consider her my sister-in-law. I just, don't know what she thinks of me. I have a lot of respect for her, that I know of. That's what I hate about my situation, or … one of the things … the miscommunication that occurs.
I did manage to reconcile with Jaime enough that I don't think she's mad anymore, the whole thing had me in tears. There's a LOT of emotion still between us. She has her court hearing with Junkie Jason tomorrow, and I hope that it goes in her favor -- she definitely needs the Order of Protection. I wrote the judge an affidavit in hope of helping her -- she doesn't like how it portrays her; but, what I wrote is honest and raw, it'll help. I hope.
Maybe she'll talk with her sister, and smooth whatever that is out so I can call CJ. I haven't spoken with him all week … and I miss him like crazy.



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