Feb. 10, 2019

John Mahaffey Says: “Comments are Great, But...”

From The Novelist Portent by Johnny E. Mahaffey (author's profile)


The Novelist Portent

"Comments Are Great, But..."


Recently, there has been an increase of comments on this blog, and I am EXTREMELY grateful for them, and thank each and every reader. Especially those of you who have marked some posts as FAVORITE, and even linked a few on your FaceBook pages by posting them for YOUR friends to see -- that's really cool, and drives me to write even more. This interaction, has driven me to post more frequently, as you can see. I've yet to miss a day in January.

I might even consider writing something on Valentine's Day...

The only thing I ask, is that Yoko, you be a little nicer towards Jaime Shirley -- Osaka is a great distance from little Anderson, South Carolina, it's not like you have to see her or anything. So, let her be; and yes, I know you've only been looking out for me this past decade, but Jaime is trying to heal, and improve her life. Whatever hurts she wishes to inflict upon me are irrelevant: I knew the day I got all of the court info on her charges back in August, that it was NOT going to be an easy, or short, road -- accepting her back into my life, and trying to help her overcome these demons that torment her (in both body, and spirit). I don't know what your handle is, but I'm asking that you either reveal yourself to her, or unfriend her -- either way, stop collecting info on her. If she wants me to know something, she'll tell me.

And, Candice, I know you don't like me being hurt in any way, or used, or manipulated -- but, I assure you, there is NOTHING Jaime can do to hurt me. I'm safe. I know you got mad at her for appearing to defend Junky Jason, and for how she does me; but, keep in mind what she's been through. No woman should have experienced any of the things she has. I thank God that YOU haven't, and that you are safe, happy, and have a good life. You deserved it! I just wish that Jaime could have found it too. Even at this point, if I got out of prison today, I wouldn't want her to come back to me -- but, I would still be her friend, and help her out when I could, however I could. Just as I would you, or any of the others from my list. Just as YOU do for ME now, by being my constant, my friend that I can vent to.

I am a writer, so ... I guess, I need everyone that speaks to me to start using the phrase, "This is off the record ..." -- when you DON'T want me to write about it -- otherwise, I'll probably write about it, it's just what I do, I'm a writer. Don't take offense, because it's not personal. Writing is how I cope. Plus, I feel that it's essential to record as much of life's experience as possible. Especially in situations such as mine, with me in prison, and what I go through. But, even MORE importantly -- Jaime needs to write -- recording, and sharing all of her experience(s) in all of this, so to serve as an example to younger girls, or future girls, that may encounter some of the same types of sexual, and emotional, predators, as she has. Let them learn the red flags that Jaime missed, or, when she seen them, and realized, the truth of the situation ... this is an experience that should be shared.

Yes, victims need anonymity, but if they ALL plead the 5th: then no one will truly know of their plight. That's why I feel, that when it's time, Jaime Beth, you need to write a memoir, some essays, poems, etc. Express your anger, hurt, and turmoil. The feelings of betrayal. At exactly what point, did you realize that the man you loved, the Brandon Partain, was the Homeland Park Pedo?

To realize that you were not his only victim?

Express this, so that other girls can know what to look for. Not all victims have the gift of being a writer. But, you do possess the talent needed. Right now, it's hard to focus, you still have a lot going on -- but, when it all settles down, try it. For now, take notes, any little detail of anything, write it down ... and you can sort it all out later when you're ready. Once the emotional impact of it has lessened enough for you to tackle the project objectively.

I told you on the phone Wednesday that you would "probably not be hearing from me anymore." And, when I said it, I WAS seriously considering never speaking to (or of) you ever again. But, I know now that I don't have it in me to do that. Others may call me weak, pathetic, desperate, a glutton for punishment, or whatever. I don't care.

What I do care for, is that you don't go to prison, you don't fall victim again, and that you don't end up dead. I don't want anything else bad to happen to you -- you and the kids have been through enough. And, truthfully, at the end of the day, everyone has to admit, you have come a long way since August! You are in a lot better position now, than you were when we first seen each other in August, and started to talk again. So, where will you be in, say ... June?

I think you'll keep getting stronger, and with more time between you and the events that led up to this, maybe it'll get easier. But, don't be angry at Candice, or Yoko -- they have my best interests at heart. You used to want to look out for me like that too, reach back, remember that -- and cut them some slack. We could all use a little understanding from time to time. Look at it from their point-of-view. That's why I think you need to embrace your literary skills, show us all who you really are. Tell your story, so others don't have to assume, filling in blanks that no one but you could possibly understand.

I'm sorry Candice, and I'm sorry Yoko -- I have to see this through. My son deserves his mother, If I can help -- I need to try. Let's all just try to be cordial about it. I know you got my back, and I need you. You've already helped me beyond belief...

Any of my readers are welcome to weigh in on this.



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