April 4, 2019

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by William Goehler (author's profile)
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(Nov. 26, 2018)


Reply: jj8r
19 Marz 19

Hello Cal,

In reply to your philosophy test cases:

1 - Promise case. 50$ friend/respecting rights.

DO AS THOU WILL, is the whole thing about wholeness, i.e. integrity. Being a champion of integrity - for the love of truth - this 50$ ordeal would present an opportunity to demonstrate responsibility, to a degree worthy of admiration for my friend to emulate.

Do I look like a bank to you?! would be my curt reprise to being assigned this other-determined responsibility - all the while intending my "friend" to consciously self-determine the rules of this 50$ game. I'd have to ask my irresponsible friend, why me? in order to elicit the truth of the matter. It's too easy to withdraw the 50$ from a bank, so I must reach an agreement with my friend, why me?

Then, of course, like any bank in the world knows, the customer is always right to do whatever they wish with their money. So I'd have to reach terms of agreement with my friend, before depositing the money with me, that any early withdraw would cost 50% of the deposit and our friendship. This is how much I value RESPONSIBILITY, for the Love (Philo) of Truth (Sophy).

2 - Compensations case: Retirement Funds:

Dreamboat Anney - through no fault of her own? got hoodwinked? Let's look at problems of comparable magnitude to determine what "compensation" is fare. Let's ask the American Indians if their people were fairly compensated for being evicted from their land by force and deception. Let's ask the offspring of kidnapped Africans sold into slavery, if they're due compensation. Oh, and let's consider lawyers who misrepresent clients in court actions which ruin lives. How is that ever compensated?

The only rational compensation for being duped by predatory schemes is education. Homo sapiens, fortunately or unfortunately, as each life determines for itself, learns from experience.

To answer what the local government should do with rainy day funds, I'd consider how accountable they are to their local constituency, who contributed those funds by paying their taxes and such.

Lady Justice is blindfolded for a reason Cal. No individual is any more deserving than any other individual pleading for justice - in an ideal world. The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics - which you recited in re Question #87 - should be the only counter weight on the scales of justice.

Someday, in an ideal society, Government Officials and Franchise Holders will all be held to the highest level of scrutiny: being held accountable by the public. Imagine if economics alone was the only thing on the opposite scale weighing against the dynamics - and those economics were regularly revealed publicly. Then there would be an ideal society. 'In God We Trust', indeed!

What is the meaning of Survival, you ask? In one word, I'd say: Exchange. Yes, mental and spiritual well-being is all there really is - to Survival - to Ethics - to Integrity. Survival depends upon what an individual produces in exchange for what the individual (expects to) receive. Survival depends upon what a family unit produces in exchange for what family members (expect to) receive. Survival depends upon exchange vectors of the individual contributing to a group - contributing to the individuals of that group. Survival depends upon the exchange vectors of Homo sapiens encouraging homo sapiens TO BE the best they can be.

To flourish and prosper, mentally, spiritually, personally, socially, ecologically, universally, is the meaning of Survival. Survival Goals apply optimum solutions to existing problems, irrespective of arbitrary considerations of authoritarianism. The opposite of survive is succumb, whereas Happiness is the overcoming of not unknowable obstacles toward a known goal!

I realize that you'd queried my intuition about famous test cases, and it rather appears that I've applied Logic. My intuitive answer to these problems you presented would not have been so impressive, I assure you. Nevertheless, intuitively; people get what they deserve, sums it all up.

You'd also queried: Would you say there is a "group" rationality? Yes, as illogical as "group" reasoning often is, there is a rational consensus which establishes the exchange vectors in their group think.

Would that be what you call "suppressive reasonableness" and "double mindedness", you ask? Well Cal, when we were children our rationale was childish, and that's perfectly understandable. Yet group think often rationalizes "reasonableness" of misconduct of an individual - for the sake of the group cohesion. In that case it is "suppressive" (counter-survival) to all involved.

Ah, virtue (L. virtus strength, manliness, virtue, fr. vir man) ie: conformity to a standard of right. Natural law theory, you say? Yes, with its supernatural impetus. I think, therefore (theophanically) I AM! It's all incubated in the noosphere, you see? Sadly that incubator has been supplanted by Babylonian Slaves who think they're able to rule (as) God. Hence the dumbing-down of a mediocre society of consumers, makes that travesty possible.

It's a universal law that we are as alive as we can communicate, so it is understandable - if you dare break the black enchantment. The definitions of BABYLONIAN, TRAVESTY and BABEL are necessary clews to understand, if you wish to go on this voyage with a Hierophant Cal! (or anyone else who is interested in breaking free from the matrix).

I wonder if anyone reading this knows anything about Homer's Odyssey? After a 22 year voyage through the Department of Corruption, I'm closer than I ever hoped to be - eligible for parole in three years once I'm 60 yrs old and have served 25 yrs in exile. It seems like a personal dilemma at this point, in that I've not maintained exchange vectors with family members or groups intent upon Survival Goals, where I fit in outside prison. Navigating through that sphere of unknowable obstacles - does not make me happy. But I do like the adventure of it at least. I'd truly appreciate anyone's input on this 60 yr-old opportunity to return from exile. What do you think you'd Do, Be, Have???

For the love of Truth
Be blessed


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