April 13, 2019

Universal Agency

by Michael Lloyd Young (author's profile)


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April 2019

Hey everybody,

I want 2 send forth major respect & appreciation 2 the universal agency that sends down help in due season. Whether we call it "God" - the title, or by an agreed-upon name, it's the thing we all know 2 b beyond our ability 2 comprehend. I'm grateful that even tho we didn't get 2 keep Nipsey Hustle 4 a long time, he did get 'woke'. And he redeemed his time. Now that he's gone - as un4tunate as that is - he has drawn a lot of attention 2 what activism is & should be. He has set a new template 4 the young hip-hop generation. That it's not about "me", it's about "we".

I believe that this young man's assassination speaks 2 the self-repair work that black folk still need 2 do - by & large - 2 heal from the emotional, spiritual & psychological scars the oppression of chattle-slavery, Jim Crow laws & enforced generational poverty have left in their wake. We still need reparations 4 slavery. It would be great as a start.

I'm not going to expound on all the conspiracy theories as 2 the real reason y. It always benefits an oppressor regime when a unifyer is slain. "Divide & conquer" being the rule, all who garner attention & c past the artificial divisions - e.g. red & blue, east & west, gay & straight, etc are anathema 2 those beholden 2 the status quo. I just hope that all who have been touched by this hip-hop giants unselfishness, and all who will be, tilt their hats 2 him by becoming activists themselves in whatever ways they r able. And don't allow this 2 become an excuse 4 more murder.

Peace after revolution




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