May 2, 2019


by Michael Lloyd Young (author's profile)



I believe in celebrations! We should celebrate everything. As long as it's not something harmful 2 innocent people. As I've studied more history & esoteric information my beliefs have changed. For example, Easter. I used 2 believe what was the common telling of the story. But now I don't believe in the whole "Good Friday", risen on the 3rd day, Passover motif(s). I think the word Easter comes from Ishtar - the goddess of fertility: ergo, eggs & rabbits.

Eggs are obvious fertility symbols: life emerges from an egg. But, rabbits don't lay eggs, do they? So, why rabbits, u ask? Well, rabbits are prolific. They reproduce quickly. If u put 2 rabbits in a cage & come back in a couple of weeks the cage will be full. LOL! Easter is also spring equinox. Well, the day when there is exactly the same amount of daylight as night usually falls on Easter. And this was already a "holiday" thousands of years before the Jesus story. It was celebrated by people who studied & followed the movements of the sun.

When the Roman Emperor Constantine decriminalized being Christian, he insisted they have the same holidays as everyone else. Therefore Easter has the Christian motif, as does Christmas, which is really Saturnalia, the winter solstice, and the day the days begin 2 lengthen again, after December 21st being the shortest day. So 4 thousands of years December the 25th was known as the "birth of the sun" meaning Sol, the sun in the sky.

So I've decided 2 declare: every day is a holiday and all we do is sacred!

We should use any excuse 2 get together & love each other. Yeah, in all of the good ways. Life is short, party hard.

Peace & love



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